Siiiii – “Ancient” and “Modern”

Siiiii ancient coverI’ve heard lots of people saying “you were lucky to experience the 80’s…

I crack a smile cause they believe that living in the 80’s was fun. For sure it was an experience but mostly in a nostalgic sense. Certainly not as fun as they believe…Like many other people of my age, the 80’s carry a blurry reality of my youth.  Faces of people that you can’t fully describe, shadows, black and white photos…I am sure this last one could be “multi-colored photos of people in kitsch dresses” but… I’ve chosen the side that I always consider to be closer to reality.

A music scene of a black and white reality.

There is something so characteristic of this scene, no matter which country the artist comes from: there is a reverb effect to those recordings.  This effect gives you the feeling that anything the artist creates belongs to the past at once. It becomes a memory from the moment it is done.

Ok, I know that I just described the obvious but I can’t find any other effect doing that in music…

When I first played the Siiiii album “Ancient”, memories from the 80’s filled the room.  My memories have nothing to do with Sheffield where the band comes from though… But they were formed in 1983 and this CD is a collection of 13 unreleased tracks recorded between 1983-1986.

Most of them were recorded “in a leaky and damp rehearsal space on a 4 track Tascam Portastudio 144…the soundproofing and insulation consisted of old carpets nailed to the wall and cobwebs festooning the rafters”.

I closed the booklet of the CD thinking that I just read a description of one of the studios where my band used to rehearse…

They supported a number of well known bands of the scene in the 80’s, The March Violets, Inca Babies, Skeletal Family, The Chameleons (which was actually their first gig).

20 years after following their own separate ways, Ange Holmes (Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Violin), Wayne Furniss (Drums, Percussion), Mark Holmes (Guitar, Drums, Tape) and Paul Devine (Vocals, Drums, Harmonica) got together and compiled “Ancient” as a kind of historical archive of the time.  That same year, they played live in New York as well as a number of European cities…

Now, Siiiii return with a new album in 2014 and a live performance at Sacrosanct Festival.

The album is titled “Modern” and holds 16 songs.

“Ancient” had a black cover, “Modern” has a white cover.
So, do the differences begin even from the cover?

If “Ancient” was haunted by the blurry images of the past, in “Modern” Siiiii manage to leave aside the innocence of youth.  The band members grew up and know very well what they are doing.  In the 80’s they were just experimenting. Today they are sure of their sound.  So this is not a different band. It is a modern one…

On this album the band revisits four old songs to give them this “modern” touch…
The titles of these tracks: “Conception”, “Statue”, “Springheel’d Jack”, and “Dust”.

MODERN COVERThere are 12 more tracks here, aiming to satisfy those who were waiting for a new Siiiii release for all these years.

Their guitar sound became more mature and dreamy, the singer sounds more melodic and assured of himself (his voice reminds me sometimes of the turns of Brendan Perry’s), while the bass still provides a concrete spine for the rest of the band to play around it…

I left Wayne Furniss last cause he seems to be a very interesting drummer. He is either focused on playing some tribal rhythm or is being very minimal giving something very special to each tune…

After listening to both albums, I think I came up with the exact word I should use to characterize “Modern”: Mature.  I could also use the words: stable, sure, safe, atmospheric, artistic, sweet, bitter or whole.

You can order your copy of Ancient HERE and that of Modern HERE

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The Blackout Radio Show

This Thursday 16/10/2014 on the Blackout Radio: A mini interview with Piers Sixx about the new Arcane Winter single and their forthcoming tour, as well as tracks from the latest releases of: Sex Gang Children, UK Decay, New Model Army, Martin Stewart, Terminal Gods and lots more…

Time zones:
BST (GMT+1) – 7-9PM
Eastern Time (US) – 2-4PM
Pacific Time (US) – 11AM-1PM

the show !!!

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A Remixed SSiCk

SSiCk - Shift, TheRemixes (Cover 2014)


London-based Italian producer SSiCk, a.k.a. Angelo Russo, known for his collaboration with Academy Award nominee Virgil Widrich, reveals a NEW song from his upcoming remix-album SHIFT: THE REMIXES.

After the apocalyptic Video-single READY TO GO and “Love Is Not A Sin“, remixed by noise-rock band A MODERN WAY TO DIE, it’s time for THE END IS THE SAME, remixed by synth-wave producer CLONES THEORY!


Clones Theory

Lucio Leonardi, a.k.a. CLONES THEORY, is a synthesizers and goth-music addict; he had shown his talent at GOTHIC ROOM EUROPA 2013, and by sharing stages with TYING TIFFANY and FROZEN AUTUMN. His version of “The End Is The Same” is minimalist and mysterious; like his author. CLONES THEORY accepted the challenge of – industrial music Godfather – SSiCk and the result is… astonishing! SSiCk – The End Is The Same (CLONES THEORY remix).
Stridente Recs.


Formed on Christmas Day in 2003 by Sicilian singer, songwriter, and electronic music producer Angelo Russo, synth-rock band SSiCk has returned with a forthcoming release of remixes off their 2013 album, “Shift” (Zorch Factory Records, France).

Looking for even more SSiCk?  Go here:
Official  |  Facebook  |  ReverbNation  |  Bandcamp  |  YouTube


SSiCk is a member of the Deadfall Artist/Band Management roster.  Further inquiries can be sent to Damian Gibbs at:

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A Special Blackout Radio Show

the mission show

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Malaise live @ Death Disco – 12.9.2014

malaise live @ Deathdisco 12.9.2014

(By Fondas SumerSon)

Malaise has always been one of my all time favorite gothic rock bands. They are the very first Scandinavian band that I ever listened to over 15 years ago and I instantly became addicted to their tunes for. I , as part of the Malaise Greek Street Team, had the pleasure of watching them perform live in Gothenburg (2009) and Malmo (2013), so I had witnessed the Malaise live-experience, first hand. That’s why I had been trying for a long time, to get the guys in contact with the concert organizers in Athens, so that Greek Goths would get the chance to see them perform live.

Finally, Leo Skiadas decided to give it a try and booked them for their first ever gig in Greece. The addition of Come with Reverse as the opening act, made this event even more special in every aspect.

So the most anticipated Goth Rock gig of the last years, finally took place at Death Disco, last Friday. Without any exaggeration, it was the first time that I saw Death Disco so full of people in a Goth Rock gig. Over 130 people had gathered to witness this big music event and they were all in for a treat!

At 22:00 o’clock, Come With Reverse came on stage. This was their third appearance in front of the Athenian audience, since their first gig with Inkubus Sukkubus back in 2012 and their own gig next year. People really waited for their return impatiently, looking forward to the band’s new songs.
The crowd’s reaction after each song, made them feel like they were not just an opening act. The guys were in high spirits, performing in a very intense and passionate way that left a lot of people speechless. I will never stop saying that the band’s singer is one of the most charismatic vocalists of the current goth/dark wave scene. They played a 50 min. show, including mainly songs from their forthcoming album, without neglecting hits like “Mandolism” or “Evolution of Broken minds” from their debut ep.

Their new album, “Composing Serenity” will be out next year, so be alert.

Their exact setlist:

A living moment
Sullen look
Lust pace
Retour an dich
All that love
My way (Frank Sinatra cover)
Crawling in a wire
Waiting for the sunsets

After a small break, the lights went out and a symphonic melody and a lot of smoke filled the club. Juho, Fredrik and Martin, one by one, appeared on stage and the whole club started shouting enthusiastically. The “goth-rock-panic” was about to begin. “Bitter Waters” was the opening track and the fans were quickly driven into a moshing frenzy!

The band was performing so vividly, that Juho broke the strings of his guitar, after the very first song they played. After a 10 min break because of this technical problem, Malaise returned on stage and “Walking through the Wonderland” from their legendary “52 Ways to Die” album was the follow up: powerful electronic beats mixed with heavy guitars made the entire club dance like hell once again.

Martin’s voice is exactly the same after all these years. He is such a great singer and frontman and he is one of the main reasons Malaise are such a unique band. Juho and Fredrik are an amazing guitar duo too. Their energy on stage, as well as their flawless playing, lead Malaise to a higher level. The guys played for 1 hour and 10 min., performing songs from all of their excellent releases, reminding everyone why this band is the greatest electro-goth act of all times.

Special mention needs to be made to the performance of their mega hit “Wait for the Ghost”, during which The Malaise Greek street team raised a tower. The band seemed to enjoy this as much as the fans. This was definitely one of the best and most intense goth gigs ever. It was worth the wait, no doubt.

Their exact setlist:

Bitter Waters
Walking Through the Wonderland
Something Else
Gods of War
No Confusion
Wait for the Ghost
Hollow Dream
We are Colliders
Assimilate (Skinny Puppy cover)

After the gig, Malaise stayed at the aftershow party, talked with their fans, signed cds and even danced with us until the early morning light… Many thanks to the daring Leo Skiadas for making one of our everlasting dreams come true, by bringing Malaise in Athens.
Until the next time…. WE ARE COLLIDERS !

Photos used in this review courtesy of Asklipios Barbakos
Videos by Eirini Lixivium & Maria Delg (Eos Designs)

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Double Eyelid – Seven Years

double eyelid

Toronto based act Double Eyelid recently released their album “Seven Years”. 10 beautiful tracks by singer Ian Revell, guitarist Karl Mohr, and keyboardist Benjamin Mueller-Heaslip that carry the atmosphere of an industrial goth cabaret.

Influenced by David Bowie, Bauhaus, Marilyn Manson and many others, Double Eyelid managed to write an album that is made to impress.

And impressing it is…

Well balanced parts of glam rock (“John”,” Dead Is Better”) gothic mystery (“Black Box”,  “She’s Falling”, “The Hanged Woman” ) and industrial goth (“Diamond Cutter”, “The Stranger”) make this album a must…

You can place your order HERE

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Bored Teenagers Vol.7 28 Great British Punk Originals ’77-’82 – Compilation


Being bored back in the 70’s, could turn you into a punk rock hero. Or not? Anyway, after six series of well documented british punk we come to the seventh volume. Safety pins on and down the road then.

First we’ve got The Singles with their single “Adolf Hitler/Mercy“, a nice starter of urban british punk. In The Gym happily follow to kick your heads off and then Katz with a satisfying combo of six songs.

Being a band from Portishead, does not necessarily means that you’ll be named Portishead, to the contary Chaos UK is fine. The hardcore veterans offer their single “Summer of Hate/I Wanna Be Left Alone” in the name of alive and pacey punk. Then The Hobbs arrive for a couple of rounds at the local but only when The What and The Vendettas are in town.

The compilation closes with Skidmarx, a nervous quartet from the east, and the straight punk by North Londoners System X.

Rather than searching around for lost and forgotten singles of this particular bristish punk period, the Bored Teenagers series puts a disordered era in order and a nostalgic smile in your face.


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