The Mission – At War With The Gods

The Mission - At War With The Gods (Cover)UPDATE:

Author Alex Daniele has announced that his recent release, “THE MISSION – At War With The Gods (26 May 2014) will soon be available for purchase through The Mission’s Official Store.

Distribution will also be made in Greece through Ars Nocturna – Gothic Books.

Supplies should be stocked within the coming two weeks.

This hand-numbered limited-to-1000-copies edition is 350 pages and filled with more than 200 rare and exclusive photographs.  Pre-orders filled quickly and took a good portion of books off the market before it even hit the market.

More:  Original tribe4mian article | 21 May 2014


THE MISSION - At War With The Gods - Official Website

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Black Volition – Rivers

Black Volition

A teaser trailer has been posted for Black Volition‘s video and single, “Rivers“.

The following was taken from their Facebook page.  It seems like such a perfect introduction for this newly formed project that I see no reason to poke my fingers into it.

We’ll bring you more on Black Volition at a later date.  For now, here’s a peek into their world:

Brand new music project by Reza Udhin, with Guitars by Will Crewdson


Take a trip through the Sleepy towns, Lonesome woods and Dark Cabaret of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.. then transport yourself to the back streets and gloomy swamps of a Vampire ridden Louisiana in True Blood via a desert valley of Spaghetti Westerns. Combine these Worlds and you will reach the perfect soundtrack to this Melancholy Universe BLACK VOLITION.

BLACK VOLITION is the new musical project from Reza Udhin from Inertia / Killing Joke, together with Guitarist Will Crewdson from Rachel Stamp / Adam Ant / Flesh For Lulu.

Think Dirgy Blues, Dark Cabaret, Twisted Electronics, Dusty Jazz, Spaghetti Westerns and a sorrowful song and you are on track to creating the sound of BLACK VOLITION in your imagination.


Read tribe4mian’s interview with Will Crewdson – The Thirteen Questions.

Black Volition - Official Website

Black Volition – Official Website


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Unida _26_6 @An Club, Athens


There is no doubt that stoner and sludge are the only metal subforms that can attract people outside the heavy metal barriers. That is well understood by Johnny Garcia, singer of the stoner legends Kyuss who has formed three side projects (Slo Burn, Unida, Hermano), has provided vocals for numerous bands and he is ready to release a personal debut with songs written throughout his 25-year singing career.

Unida is a band that released an one an only album “Coping with the Urban Coyote” back in 1999 and dissapeared in the middle of the 00’s mostly because of issues with the record industry that spawned a ghost album “The Great Divide” which can be found as a bootleg only. Nevertheless, the band is back together since 2012 and plays around the world. The Athens gig was Garcia’s personal wish as he mentioned somewhere in the middle of the show, since it was the fourth time in town. An club is not a huge venue but it was nearly packed for the sake of desert rock.


The band lavishly offered their bigger than life riffs by the hands of Arthur Seay who also plays the role of the frontman and the communicator. Their rhythm section stands on a professional level and Garcia’s voice is as fresh as it was two decades earlier. “Wet Pussycat” was the ideal intro, followed by the heavy and steady tunes of “Thorn“. The 10-minute jamming was something we could leave without, but they put things back in place very quickly, epecially with “Black Woman” for the encore that left nobody without moving a piece of their bodies.

No matter Idio,CA is so far away from Athens, Unida embody the whole desert attitude, and the audience happily enjoy.

[photos by Alexandros Sevastos]

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DeathBlack Flowers – The Trail of Your Blood in the Snow


The Trail of Your Blood in the Snow” is the title of the third release of indie band DeathBlack Flowers from Wichita, Kansas USA.

Christopher Flores, Eric Harrison and Todd Wooland released the mini albums “Killing the Divine Animal” and “V.V.V.V.V.” in 2013 giving us a first idea of their style. (Κeyboard player Jedediah Ghouled is their fourth on and off member who also has a track named after him on their latest 8 track album).

DeathBlack Flowers seem to be very active in the local Wichita scene, and they perform live almost every month.

Their sound is dreamy deeped-in-reverb effects with a very melancholic twist to it.

The album opens with the uplifting tempo of “You Among Dreams” and continues with the tribal beat and the distorted bass of the track “The Trance of Golden Eyes”, which, in a strange way, has a touch of U2 to it.

With “From Me to Your Blood”, the band lowers their pace. Things turn more gloomy as the guitar sound merges with the keyboard carrying the listener to a slow, hypnotic dance.

The “Invisible Ghost” takes up the pace again. This is dream pop.

The Flame, the Fall” sounds like the other side of the band. Yes, still in the same dreamy mood but with powerful guitars and a nightmarish atmosphere.

Serpent My Son” and “Long Mistaken Past” are flirting with post rock while the album closes with “The Song of Jedediah”.

Although DeathBlack Flowers are still a local band, I believe the time that their fame will cross the borders of Kansas is not far.

You should check them out on the following links:



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Sub 7 and The Undead – Sneak Peek

It has been a long time since I’ve been brought to my knees… A mighty long time.

Sub 7 and The Undead - Symphony In Blood

This was just passed over to me.  I would normally take a day or two before posting something to properly digest and fairly give my opinion on a piece that took time to put together.

Today, I feel no need to digest.  It’s that good.  It’s that powerful.

I’ll let the track speak for itself.  Jump here to Soundcloud and judge “She Cried Like The Moon” for yourself.

Sub 7 and The Undead (2)Sub 7 and The Undead hail from the mystical town of Salem, Massachusetts. The very same town that conjures illusions of dark swirling clouds with a crisp air billowing behind it.  A town where hysteria grabbed hold of her residents and innocent souls were sent to the gallows in the hopes of eradicating the devil’s handiwork.  Accusing pointed fingers and damnation without validation.  You can’t help but feel a shiver run down your spine as you walk the cobblestones of time.

And out of the shadows emerges Alistar Ian Darkwater, a dark and alluring being whose mere presence brings you back to the days of the Witch Trials.  His aura beckons both the bold and the unsure.  With his faithful coven surrounding him they transport you into their realm as you journey through the eons of time to another dimension where your darkest fantasies are brought to life.  Where you yourself are unsure of your next footstep.  Seductive vocals enticing you to journey further than you would normally dare…

Kayla Breton, aka... Guenivier Cul de Luf

Kayla Breton, aka… Guenivier Cul de Luf

We are now just footsteps away from the band’s forthcoming release, “Symphony In Blood“.  And on this unusually perfect-weather day, we are transported in time as we allow ourselves to melt into the melody, vocals beckoning, ‘just one more footstep’…

The newest addition of female vocalist, Kayla Breton, aka Guenivier Cul de Luf, harkens the soul’s passions over the edge of reality and into a cult-like state of being.

The album will be released within the next two months. Trust that we will be posting more as the date comes closer.

For more on Sub 7 and The Undead, go HERE to read our previous posting on tribe4mian.

Click HERE for the official website of Sub 7 and The Undead.

Sub 7 and The Undead

Sub 7 and The Undead – Official Site

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Cliff and Ivy – Springtide of Pure Reason


Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, Cliff and Ivy is a 6 piece act that currently released a new 6 track EP titled “Springtide of Pure Reason”.

This is their second release after their debut album “Equilux” that was recorded in L.A. and came out in 2012 through All Ears Music.

I must point out here that all tracks of “Springtide of Pure Reason” were produced by Mark Kramer (who’s known for playing with Butthole Surfers, John Zorn, Shockabilly) producer of bands such as White Zombie, Urge Overkill, GWAR and many others.

Cliff and Ivy’s recording and tour lineup includes Don Bolles – (drummer, 45 Grave, The Germs, and author) featured on drums, Cliff Monk - bass/vocals, Ivy - lead vocals, Stephanie Feris (Stephinfection) – backing vocals, Scott Feris (Alaska Thunderfunk) – guitar, John Erving Scott - keyboards (LA/Cali tour dates), and Unfinished Symphonies - keyboards (East Coast tour dates).

The EP opens with a clean and explicit version of the post punk track “Get Up”, a song with a very smart keyboard line that lifts it to a higher level.

Lost Your Soul”, that follows, takes the band into dark waters. Well crafted guitar, spooky keyboards, mesmerizing vocals… A great track.

A minimalistic piano line opens “Superclass” creating a contrast between the easy-going chorus and the almost industrial attack of the verse.

As “Transplant” begins, the piano moves back, creating a soundscape while Cliff Monks’ distorted bass takes over.

Ivy is mostly doing a spoken word thing like spitting out the words of a manifesto. She sings on the low notes in the choruses while Stephanie is doubling her by doing the higher notes with a lot of reverb…

Add the keyboards to this and you have a great combination. It is not so obvious on tracks like “Get Up” that opens the EP or “Radiant” that closes it, probably because both songs are fast, punkish, and guitar driven.

Although “Lost Your Soul”, “Superclass”, and “Transplant” present us with a Goth band of a unique style, “Get Up” could possibly become a dance-floor hit.

Cool huh ?

You can buy their album HERE.
Click HERE to get in touch.

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Kommunity FK – Rescheduled Show

This just in via Patrik Mata of Kommunity FK:

tribe4mian - Kommunity FK - Live 2014-0720We are postponing our performance event that was supposed to be THIS Sunday, June 29th at Club Obscure.

We have confirmed to reschedule it for Sunday, July 20th at Club Obscure, 624 Social Club, 624 Whittier Boulevard, Whittier, California.

All Tickets purchased will be honoured.

All Advance Tickets will be honoured as V.I.P. PLACEMENT for the upcoming CLAN OF “XYMOX / KOMMUNITY FK – THE RETURN US” tour event.

All apologies but this rescheduled event will kick your ass.

So, there you have it, folks!  Be there on the 20th of July.  If you’ve already pre-purchased your ticket, you’ll get the VIP treatment!

For more on Kommunity Fk, visit them at:

To see the original posting with detailed information on the rescheduled show, driving directions, and venue details, go HERE.  (REMINDER:  The date of the show listed on this link has been rescheduled to JULY 20!)

Kommunity FK Official Website

Kommunity FK Official Website

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