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Inactive Messiah – Your “Sinful Nation”

For several years now, I have complained about the “invisible walls” surrounding Greece and the multitude of talent hidden behind them. Had it not been for MySpace, I would never have had the opportunity to taste the various flavors the music industry has kept shrouded in darkness while only thrusting bouzoukis and pop acts into my field of vision.

But thanks to MySpace I have discovered a whole new world to stimulate every corner and nook of my soul. And now I, along with others, relish every genre Hellas has to offer that couldn’t reach across that great ocean of separation.

One such band that I have followed for a few years now is Inactive Messiah, a heavier version of what I would normally listen to, but definitely a band who has grasped hold of my senses and swirled me into a new dimension. They are classified as Black Metal/Death Metal, but don’t let that intimidate you if you usually shy away from the raspiness of the stereotyped classification. 

Inactive Messiah

Inactive Messiah

Originally formed back in 2001 under the name “Womb Of Maggots”, they released one album titled “Life Odium”. They then renamed themselves Inactive Messiah and in December, 2004, released their self-titled album with Black Lotus Records.

Inactive Messiah - ALBUM - bE mY dRug (2006) (Cover Design by Seth Siro Anton)A few lineup changes and the passage of time brought them back into the studio to begin the composition of their third album, “bE mY dRug” (the second release under the Inactive Messiah name). Recording through Devilworx Studio in Athens, Greece, and Finnvox Studio in Helsinki, Finland, their new material brought about a more melodic, aggressive, and dark side to the band.

More punch was added to this CD creation with the participation by the Hellenic National ERT Choir and the Symphonic Orchestra of Slovakia, which was comprised of 80 musicians. The choir and orchestral selections were arranged by Chris A. (Chaostar/Septic Flesh/The Devilworx). An equally impressive selection of guest musicians also participated in the CD: JP Leppäluoto (Charon/ex-Poisonblack) sang in the song “Be My Drug”, Emppu Vuorinen (Nightwish) recorded the guitar solo for the song “Beat It” (cover – Michael Jackson) and Arto Tuunela (Major Label) performed Finnish vocals on the song “Before The End”. 

Inactive Messiah - Live

In the summer of 2006, Inactive Messiah signed a deal with Holy Records of France and released “bE mY dRug” in December, 2006. A whirlwind of international reviews ensued with articles written in Album Of The Trimester (6/6), Metallian Magazine (FR), Scream Magazine (NO), Legacy Magazine (DE), Album No. 3 of the month in Rock Hard Magazine (GR), and Metal Hammer Magazine (GR).

Tracklist – “bE mY dRug”:

01. Inactive Messiah (Intro.)
02. Sing
03. All Your Dreams
04. Be My Drug
05. Synthetic Snow
06. Beat It
07. Pain
08. Hear Me Tonight
09. Before The End
10. Lord Of Lies

Preview and/or purchase HERE

Inactive Messiah - Live

Inactive Messiah hit the road and performed in various tours, festivals, and gigs, including 32 shows in the the “Blitzkrieg 4” and “The Domination Tour 2007” throughout central and western Europe, as well as a 13-show “Balkans Assassination Tour 2007”.

Inactive Messiah - ALBUM - Sinful Nation (2008) (Cover by Natalie Shau)In January and February, 2008, they were back in the recording studio, this time with Devasoundz Studios, to begin work on their next CD. An even more aggressive, dark, and atmospheric release, “Sinful Nation” was again signed with Holy Records, and was released in April, 2008. Once more, they hit the road with Vader, Septic Flesh, and Devian on the 42-show “XXV Anniversary Tour” performing in almost all the European countries.

Tracklist – “Sinful Nation”:

01. Satyricus
02. Soulless
03. Chosen One
04. Failure
05. Theatrical World
06. Sinful Nation
07. Showdown
08. Eat My Flesh And Drink My Blood
09. Forged In Flames
10. From Birth To Death
11. Like An Endless Lament

Preview and/or purchase HERE.

After the tour, Sotiris (guitars) and Michalis (drums) left the band and Inactive Messiah continues to tour with Xristos (vocals), Thanos (guitars, soft vocals), and Lefteris (bass).

You can catch them live as they sweep through Greece and Turkey on the “Sinful Jesus 2009 Tour” beginning this Friday (20 March, 2009), along with Web, Sad Dolls, and sorrowfulangels at Texas Necropolis in Athens, Greece. Doors open at 19:30, gig starts at 20:00.

Sinful Jesus Tour - March 2009

Although I won’t be able to be there, (that ocean of separation imprisoning me again), I do hope you make it a point to drop by and check out a most amazing band who has won over my heart, not only by bedazzling me with talent, but also because they are amazing men in general, and I thank them for letting me fall under their wings from time to time.

For more upcoming tour dates and international locations, including France and The Netherlands, click HERE.

Official MySpace Profile – click HERE.

Official YouTube Profile – click HERE.

Official Facebook Profile – click HERE.  (Must be logged in to view.)

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Greek riots – second student was shot

A second high school student, has been shot last night in the Peristeri district of Athens.
Kostas Paplomatas, age 16, was shot 200 meters away from his school while talking with his fellow students.
The boy was shot in the hand and police initialy stated that an air pistol was used.

Later it was stated that doctors removed a 22 mm caliber shell from the boy’s hand, whose father is member of the
teachers’ union and member of the Greek communist party.

As situation is not clear yet, there is also the posibility that the shell is of a 38 mm caliber.

Police stated that there were no police officers in the area and investigations were turned to neighbors.

Kostas Paplomatas is currently recovering after the operation.

Riots in Athens continued today when protesters attacked riot police squads at 15:00.

Extensive use of tear gas made the atmosphere very dangerous.

A second group of protesters tried to set on fire the second Christmas tree in the center of Athens (the first was burned during the first days).

It was saved by riot police squads that protected it.

Same scenery was carried on in most of the central Athenian roads.

Protesters captured the tv station “Nea Kriti” last night in Chania-Crete. They asked for permision to broadcast an 18 minutes  message of protest which was broadcasted in full.

After that, they left the building.

More to come, tomorrow, Friday the 19th.

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Greek riots – Acropolis

Acropolis december 17 2008

Acropolis december 17 2008

Acropolis today.

The word “Resistance” in several languages.

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Greek Riots, Part III

A group of young people stopped the evening news broadcast today at 3 o’clock by invading the studios of the Greek national television.  They brought up a sign clearly stating: “Stop watching, get out in the streets”. They also demanded that the people who were arrested during the incidents of the last days to be set free.

They remained on air for a few minutes until the commercials started.  After the commercials, the news carried on without any comments from the news presenters.

The revolution will not be televised

A very interesting BBC article about the Greek police brutality is

In the central square of Thessaloniki, young people replaced “Baby Jesus” in his basket, with a television.

On another level, the Prime Minister of Greece, Kostantinos Karamanlis, announced today that he wasn’t well-informed about the Vatopedio Monastery scandal.  He said that “the goverment should have better reflexes…”

Regarding the riots he said that “violence has no place in democracy”.

Today, the HQ of the riot police in Kesariani – Athens – was attacked by 50 people throwing molotov bombs and stones.  Two police officers were injured and four patrol cars were burned.  Students are squatting in several schools (more than 100).

Since the 6th of December more than 155 people were arrested, 57 of them are already in prison (50 of which are immigrants without translators).

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French May / Greek December

“The vast majority of the protesters espoused left-wing causes, but the established leftist political institutions and labor unions distanced themselves from the movement.  Many saw the events as an opportunity to shake up the ‘old society’ and traditional morality, focusing especially on the education system and employment.”

This snip is taken from the Wikipedia site.
Its not written about Greece.  Its written about May 1968 in France.

May 1968

May 1968

We are not talking about spoiled brats.  We are talking about school kids who grew up seeing their parents on their knees because of bank loans, mortgages and political scandals.

Guilty people remain unpunished in Greece for years.  Guilty politicians, guilty police officers, and lately, even guilty priests.

Police brutality ?
No sorries?
You name it!

This is taken from “The Economist”- December 11 2008:

“…The government is also facing mounting criticism over a string of financial scandals.  Even as protesters rampaged, a parliamentary committee was taking evidence in a scandal over an illegal government land swap carried out with Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos.  Senior ministers are said to have diddled taxpayers out of some €100m while handsomely lining their own pockets.  Two have resigned already:  George Voulgarakis, the merchant-marine minister, whose wife acted as a
notary for the deal, and Theodoros Roussopoulos, the government’s spokesman.”


“…The feel-good factor allowed the conservatives to ignore the pressing case for social reform, particularly in education, health, and policing.  But as the global slowdown takes effect, young Greeks see their parents struggling to pay the bills. 

If they cannot afford to study abroad, they get lousy tuition at a Greek university and, unless their family can pull strings, few chances of a good job.  The unemployment rate for young graduates is 21%, compared with 8% for the population as a whole.”

What Greek media are talking about, such as “anarchists” and “kids with covered faces”…come on…take another look.

December 2008 (Photo from The Guardian).jpg

December 2008 (Photo from The Guardian).jpg

Do you realy believe there would be hundreds of thousands of anarchists in Greece ?

Oh, and look closer…the protesters are not covering their faces this time.

Technology is something the kids of the new generation are very well aware of. 
And they use it.
Who are we to damn these kids?
Look at their future by any point of view.
Does it look good to you?
Would you like to be 17 right now?
Check all the given opportunities and think again.

1968 or 2008?

1968 or 2008?

The future is theirs.
The creation of misery is ours.

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Greek Riots, Part II — An Outsider’s Perspective

alexandros-grigoropoulosFor many days now I’ve held my silence over the senseless killing of a child and the events which have encompassed all of us in global proportions.  This is certainly not an event I ever imagined being witness to, nor one which I thought would take place when I visited my beloved land of the gods.

As a mother, it’s so hard to imagine the pain and anguish young Alexi’s mother felt while making her journey to the hospital.  A million questions overpowering her very being as she wondered what happened to her son.  A million more questions will remain for not one soul bothered to contact her to inform her of the tragedy at the hands of the very people protecting us. 

Why wasn’t there a police escort to the hospital?

Can one country be so different from another when it comes to compassion for the victim’s family?

I know there have been years of turmoil in Greece — that the civilian population abhors the political structure and infrastructure of the nation — that there is corruption on every level and lots of dirty deeds going unpunished.  This overwhelming final straw that has brought children to the streets in the hopes of change.

But I see no change in sight.

The blame from the guilty being counterthrust onto a child whose actions could not have commanded a death sentence without judge nor jury.  A child whose only apprant crime was to be out with his friends in a neighborhood I have frequently visited during my short stay here. 

He wasn’t the first to fall silently, but the cries of his brothers and sisters as they unite will echo for generations to come. 

I’m a peaceful person by nature .., and I weigh my decisions carefully as I try to find a balance between two sides of any issue. 

But this time there is no fair balance.  Greece is in shambles.  I’m ashamed by the actions of those in power.  I’m downright humiliated that this once great land has been overtaken by potholes which are not only on the city streets, but are also in the very core of humanity.

I bow my head in sorrow as I watch all these actions on tv.  I stood proudly along the sidelines as I watched the children amassing on the streets while respectfully demonstrating their hatred and fears of what tomorrow will bring if no one stands up and shouts.

I’m amazed that the police stand in unison and do nothing as rocks are hurled and buildings are destroyed.  I’m brokenhearted that they do nothing to try to ease the pain and anguish, but rather, hurl teargas at the crowds.  Instead of working to find a solution, the adults (the politicians, the special forces, the “whatever you want to call them”) just draw their pistols and batons.

Photo by Kostas Tsironis - who was then fired by The Eleftheros Typos for "unauthorized publication" of his photo. (Special thanks to tapes gone loose for an interesting read:

Like senseless children … all of them.

So what do you do to rectify a terrible situation when the grown ups act just like children and the children act like the protectors of our future …

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Greek riots

If you are not a Greek native, then you don’t get the clear picture of why the riots in Greece started.  This is because you probably don’t know some details about modern Greek history.

The whole thing started when the 37 year old police officer, Epaminondas Korkoneas, shot and killed 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos in the area of Exarchia, in downtown Athens on Saturday, December 6 2008.

Initialy it was stated that the police officer had fired 3 warning shots and that the kid was killed by accident.

Witnesses stated that he aimed and fired.

  • This takes us back to the 17th of November of 1985 when another 15 year old kid, Michalis Kaltezas, was shot in the back of his head by police officer Thanasis Melistas.  Melistas was sentenced for two and a half years and he got out in 8-1/2 months.
  • On the 16th of November 1980, 20 year old Stamatina Kanelopoulou and 26 year old Iakovos Koumis were beaten to death by police.  None were charged and the killers were never found.
  • During August 1985, 22 year old American citizen Kathrin John Bull was shot dead after her denial to the cops to search her car.
  • In March 1990 another 15 year old student was shot in the city of Preveza. He was killed cause he was trying to break into a video club.
  • In April 1993 police officer Elias Stamatopoulos shot dead 25 year old Giannis Tzitzis in a bar.
  • The musician Theodor Giakas was shot dead in January 1994.
  • In January 1996 police killed an immigrant.
  • In June 1996 police killed 20 year old immigrant Fantil Nambuzi, who tried to steal two watermelons.
  • 45 year old Tasos Mouratis was shot dead by a police officer in front of his kids during November 1996.
  • 26 years old Elias Mexis didn’t stop for a police control in August 1998. He was shot dead.
  • Police killed 17 year old Yugoslavian Marco Bulatovic in Thessaloniki in October 1998.
  • In March 2000, 18 year old Giorgos Atmatzidis didn’t stop for a police control, he was shot dead.
  • Police shot in the head 21 year old Marinos Christopoulos.  He didn’t stop for a control.  It was October 2001.
  • 22 years old Iraklis Maragakis didn’t stop for a police control in December 2003, he was shot in the head.
  • The cops beat up and injured Cypriot student Augoustinos Dimitriou in Thessaloniki during the polytechnic demonstration in 2006.
  • During August 2007, Greek police clashed with African immigrants protesting the death of a Nigerian man in the city of Thessaloniki.

Now, what we have here is police brutality.
The killers remain unpunished.
Alexandros Grigoropoulos’s mother received a phone call by some unknown person that told her to go to the hospital because her son was hurt and she better take a friend with her.
Police never contacted her nor did they go to her door to bring her to the hospital.

As young kids see their parents struggling to make ends meet and they see no justice administrated for criminal activity brought on by people who are committed to “serving and protecting”, the riots started.  All this follows on the heels of ultimate corruption within the church and political inactivity in the massive destruction of fires in 2007.

In Greece money begets power.
The average working citizen, regardless of outcries and demands for justice, reached a boiling point with the ensuing result.

Today, December 10 2008, there is a general strike in Greece.

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All Hallows Eve

Laurie Cabot - Official Witch of Salem, Massachusetts

Laurie Cabot – Official Witch of Salem, Massachusetts

The moon on this All Hallows Eve will most certainly appear a different hue as I reflect on the sights and sounds I have tasted over the past month.

Normally, this would be the night little goblins and fairies appeared on my doorstep in the hopes of gathering forbidden treats which are limitless on Halloween.  Instead, I shall have 13 cats and kittens sitting on my stoop in the hopes of acquiring a bellyful of leftovers.

I will miss the festivities of living next door to Salem, Massachusetts … the chill of the autumn air … the leaves falling into massive heaps of gold, red, and orange … and the moon … I’ll miss the chill quivering up my spine as I search for the moon in the sky above.

A full moon on this evening has always brought a little more drama to the flavor of the festivity.  Quick flashes of childhood fears with false images of witches beckoning spirits while hovering over a boiling cauldron of magic.

For the first time ever I won’t be “next door to Salem, home of the witches”.  I’ll be sitting in the land of the gods, gazing at the sky which covers my heritage with the Parthenon only steps away.

Instead of witches and thoughts of the hysteria which swept through the town three hundred years ago, I’ll be wondering how many great-minded philosophers, poets, statesmen, scientists, and mathematicians wandered these exact streets thousands of years ago.

Salem, Massachusetts - Witch Trial

Salem, Massachusetts – Witch Trial

It has been an amazing journey for me, thus far.  I saw not one but TWO shooting stars.  I saw a bat commit suicide as it dove into the sea.  I experienced the “thrill” of a hospital after getting stung by a bee (more on this in my next posting cuz I do have an ax to grind). I’ve also had the opportunity to experience things never imagined.  Within a time span of five days I:

  • attended the 10th International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers in Patras, where Vlad the Demon (directed by Michael Pougounas) won the top award in the short-film category.
Vlad the Demon (Directed by Mike Pougounas)

Vlad the Demon (Directed by Mike Pougounas)

  • sat in a recording studio watching the process involved in making a CD (a most amazing event for me — where I also managed to resist the temptation to touch the buttons on the console).
  • witnessed the creativity of much-adored artists as they tweaked and fine-tuned songs during rehearsals for an upcoming gig.

And most amazing of all has been the opportunity to finally meet with people I’ve grown to love from afar.  Each soul a true reflection of what I imagined … warmth and smiles overpowering me.

I guess this a good place to end this posting, for if I keep thinking back upon the past month’s events I’ll never get back out into the real world and will continue writing till the end of time.  (I’m beginning to miss my computer and reflections just a tad bit too much right now.)

Sending my wishes for a spectacular weekend to all … and if you happen to be in the neighborhood of Piraeus, be sure to stop in for a sizzling pizza at my favorite restaurant of all:


Further information:

Vlad the Demon:

10th International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers in Patras:

Laurie Cabot – Official Site:

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