Rob Coffinshaker – Live in Athens-Greece @ GhosΤown (06-07. 03. 2015)


(By Fondas SumerSon)

When I heard that Ashes from Azrael had booked Mr. Rob Coffinshaker for two live shows in Athens , I was quite surprised in any aspect! Rob is one of the few non-goth artists that I really love, as well as his full band, The Coffinshakers. He is combining many different elements in his sound, from dark Americana to Horror Rock and from Gothabilly to Country… but all these under a GOTH veil!
By the way, Rob is a multi talented musician and also participates in a Swedish Thrash metal cult band called Gehennah.

Day I

So, the long awaited Friday night came and all the Greek creatures of the night gathered at GhosTown bar. Around 23:00 o’clock REMI opened the gig, playing a similar style to Rob’s tunes, I would say. He gained the audience playing his own songs and of course some really good covers of classics like “Jolene”, “Hurt” and “Personal Jesus “.He has a really strong and touching voice. I guess he gained a lot of new fans that night. Great performance… No doubt about it!

At the stroke of midnight hour, Mr. Rob Coffinshaker opened his guitar casket and started the haunting… He stayed on stage for about an hour or a little more and performed many of his tunes (In the Pines, Dark and Rolling Skies, Darkness fell quickly) including some Coffinshakers’ classics (No rest for the wicked, Black Sunday, Last night down the grave) and of course many covers including Johnny Cash‘s “13”, Misfits‘ “Skulls”, Neil Diamond‘s “Solitary Man” and many more, without forgetting to play “Ghost Riders in the Sky” which thrilled everyone!
He hadn’t prepared a set list… He communicated with the audience and asked for requests and suggestions on the set list, something that made the gig more vivid I would say!
After the gig, he stayed at the bar and discussed with the fans, took plenty of pics with them, signed cds…. and of course he drunk with us at the after show party! A really down to earth guy!

Day II

Saturday night and GhosTown was the meeting point of all the dark souls of Athens once again. Kostas Pantelios from The Thriller was the opening act for this night. Rockabilly tunes performed in an acoustic way… Interesting!

This time Rob came on stage a few moments before midnight. Along with some great tunes that he had also played the night before (In the pines, Dark and rolling skies, etc), he performed different songs like “Henry Green” and “A night before”. He also played 2 new, unreleased songs from his upcoming full length album. Especially “darkness fell quickly” is an outstanding tune!

This time he tried to play some different covers from last night’s gig, like Ramones‘ “poison heart”, or Lefty Frizzell‘s “Long black veil” among others… Some classic tunes from The Coffinshakers were present once again (No rest for the wicked, Black Sunday, Last night down the grave, etc), but this time after many people’s requests from last night, he performed “Walpugris Night” although he hadn’t played it for a long time. What a great show indeed!

I would like to congratulate Ashes from Azrael for taking the risk to organise such a concert in Athens! It was one really unique experience for all who attended and we will remember these gigs for a long time…… I do hope sometime Rob plays here again, until then….. Evil Never Sleeps!

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For The Bats Vol. 1 & 2

FOR THE BATS – Volume 2 has just gone on sale online (3.03.15). The dark music community in the USA is pulling together to help raise money for bat rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation. Tolga Bat Hospital, Australia, is the benefactor of this second album.

Tolga Bat Hospital works for the conservation of bats and their habitat.
2• the rescue, rehabilitation and release of hundreds of bats each year
• the provision of lifetime sanctuary for many bats that are too injured to return to the wild or have been retired from zoos
• education about bats through schools and the onsite Visitor Centre
• habitat restoration work at 2 colonies, Tolga Scrub and Lakeside
• facilitating research into bats
• advocating for bats
• providing a rich volunteering experience at the hospital

They are a not-for-profit community group, a Landcare group and a registered charity that aims to improve the public’s perception and understanding of bats. The group takes its name from the nearby Tolga Scrub, a fragment of critically endangered Mabi rainforest that is home to up to a million fruit bats at some times of the year.

The 25 bands got together for the compilation FOR THE BATS VOL. 2 are the following:

Tenderlash, In Isolation, Peeling Grey, New Zero God, The Danse Society, The Daughters of Bristol, Vidi Aquam, Sounds Like Winter, Pretentious, Moi?, (((S))), Dance Naked, Cliff and Ivy, Hyena Motorcade, My Pierrot Dolls, The Spiritual Bat, Delphine Coma, L’ordre d’Héloïse, Exit, Koma Koma, Kommunity FK, KALT, Emerson Dracon, Remain In Light, Black Roses, Poetry & Death, Her Vanished Grace.

If you haven’t picked up FOR THE BATS VOL. I benefitting Bat World Sanctuary you can do so now!

In a world where so many look away, Bat World Sanctuary is on the front line to end the abuse and destruction of bats. They are recognized as the world’s leader in bat care standards and rehabilitation treatments.

1Each year they rescue hundreds of bats who might otherwise die. Lifetime sanctuary is given to non-releasable bats, including those that are orphaned, injured, confiscated from the illegal pet trade and retired from zoos and research facilities. Bat World Sanctuary was founded in 1994 and is a 501c3 non-profit, volunteer based organization. Donations allow them to continue their rescue efforts for bats. You can help them save bats by educating others about their plight, and by donating to Bat World Sanctuary. Click here to read their mission. Please join them on Facebook and You Tube.

The 25 bands and artists that donated their songs for the compilation FOR THE BATS VOL. 1 are the following ones:

Tenderlash, Contre Jour, Monica Richards, Cliff and Ivy, Feeding Fingers, Scarlet and The Spooky Spiders, The March Violets, Former Humans, The Last Dance, Escarlatina Obsessiva, The Cemetery Girlz, Christ Vs. Warhol, Double Echo, Yabanci, The Silence Kit, Estetica Noir, Steve Morell & The Science of Doubt, The Secret Post, Ewian, ACTORS, Other Voices, The Guests, Exit, Temple of Venus, The Death of Analog.

You can download for $9 each of the above mentioned compilations. If you love bats, please consider changing your purchase price to $15 or $20 or more. Your download includes a 24 page .pdf booklet that contains bat related art, information about each of the songs and artists, and some information about the charity.

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The Last Cry – Chance / Truth and Lies (single) 2015

last cry

 (by Fondas SumerSon)

The Last Cry, one of the finest bands in the UK goth/wave scene (being around for 30 years now), are back with a new 2-track single, called “Chance / Truth and Lies“. One year after their brilliant “This Future has no Face – life of Lies“ single, they return with another masterpiece!
Let’s have a short preview of the songs featured on the single:

“Chance” is a high class new wave song in which all the typical The Last Cry elements are present. Great melody, beautiful chorus, powerful rhythm section, catchy lyrics and above all the magnificent vocals of Andrew Birch.

In “Truth and Lies” they speed up a little more. According to my opinion, this one is a mega hit. The song features a killer refrain and it’s made for the dance floor. This one is quite reminiscent of the good old days of The Chameleons, without coping them of course. The band is adding its personal touch to the great New Wave sound of the 80’s. Splendid!

Concluding, I can easily say that the guys are back with a great release, which will definitely meet the expectations of their followers as well as all the fans of good wave /goth music. Can’t wait for their first live gig in Athens-Greece on the 8th of May 2015.

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Hapax – Stream of Conciousness


With a voice that can lead legions of troops to war, synths that have not changed settings since 1986,and a guitar always discreet and switched to the ethereal mode, you’re in the halfway to the goth awareness. Hapax continue the central European tradition which does not allow any major digressions off the minimal dark style that reigned in the mid 80’s.

Hapax are coming from Italy and “Stream of Consciousness” is their debut album released by SwissDarkNights two days before the dawn of 2014. Dotted with nostalgic electronic bass lines, extensive orchestral backgrounds and under the sleepless eye of a strict rhythm box this album performs well on the composition section but it seems to meet the needs of a forward-looking effort. Nevertheless, we are talking about a debut and this band has all the credentials to climb higher until they feel the breath of the Editors.

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King Pest by This Gentle Flow featuring Mike Pougounas

King Pest” is a song by Australian group This Gentle Flow. It was produced and written by Valerios Calocerinos (former member of Ikon, Lemon Avenue, and Meridian). Lyrics by New Zero God singer, Mike Pougounas. It will be available in about 2 weeks but for now, here’s the clip. Enjoy

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New Zero God on the road

New Zero God announced their first Italian show that will take place at Grotesque Modena, on April 18 2015.

The band will announce more European dates soon.

For that reason you can keep your eyes on the band’s Official Web Site or their Facebook page.

New Zero God will play live in Athens on Thursday 29 January at After Dark.

For details about this gig, you can follow this link to the Facebook event page.

afissa final

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Rhombus live in Greece – 28th of September 2013

10933740_849576158433764_1206825945480612098_n (1)

(by Fondas SumerSon)

Rhombus & Opened Paradise live in Athens-Greece !!

Saturday September 28th @ Death Disco
Sunday September 29th @ Ghost House

This was one of my best GOTH weekends ever…. Rhombus LIVE IN GREECE at last and nothing better than Opened Paradise together as a special guest !!!
First of all I want to thank Ashes From Azrael team for making it happen and for organizing these 2 successful gigs !

I am a very big fan of Rhombus and I was trying for many years to get them in contact with the Greek gig organizers in order to book them to play here…. I know that this TRAD GOTH kind of sound they have appeals more to the older guys (the youngsters prefer more metal or industrial stuff) so the organizers didn’t want to take the risk and bring them to play here…… Well not all of them…. Manos & George had the balls to give it a try…. And it turned out so successful !! They booked them to play in Athens 2 times in a row. One at Death Disco (28th of September) and the next day at GHOST HOUSE (29th of September).

Let’s start with one of my favorite Greek goth rock acts that i am addicted to their music for many years. the mighty Opened Paradise!! Their performance exceeded our expectations. The guys conquered the stage for about an hour and they performed their occult tunes in a perfect way ! They captured the audience and all people enjoyed it very much. They played songs from both of their releases plus a brilliant cover version of GARDEN OF DELIGHT‘s classic “Opened Paradise”. The new guitarist fits perfect in the band. Elias drumming was excellent, Kostas and Alex amazing….. and of course Periklis. He is the absolute frontman for a band like this. A big THANK YOU to the guys for dedicating my favourite Opened Paradise song (Prayers for the Damned) to me.
I am so glad that these guys are back and can’t wait to see them on stage again soon….

Their exact setlist:

Dancing with Shadows
Hopes on Crystal
Deep Waters
Terra Incognita
Distnant Walks Through Shifting Light
Prayers for the Damned
Opened Paradise (Garden of Delight cover)

After a small break, Rhombus came on stage! I was so delighted that i was going to see them live after so many efforts that i made through the years. Their sound was brilliant. Very strong and clear. Both Ian & Rob were playing the “Goths riffs” that we all loved so much, in a perfect way. Mya‘s vocals outstanding and Edward was just an excellent frontman besides a brilliant bass player. He was jocking all the time and he had a very good communication with the audience. They were on stage for about an hour and 15 min and they played all of their hits from all of their albums dedicating “love you till closing time” to me and Maria. We were jupming and singing during all of their show and we enjoyed it so much. btw the after show party was great too and we turned up home so drunk but yet with a big smile on our faces !

Their exact setlist:

One Day More
Lightning Strikes Twice
Staying Under
Leave you to Burn
Love you till Closing Time
Here be Dragons
Remembrance Day
New Temperance
What you Wanted
Almost Everything
Timeless and Elegant
Open the Sky
Into the Rain

The next day the guys decided that since they would be in Greece for one more day, they could play live again… but without any money or anything. They wanted to play just for friends and for having fun…. The Rhombus “make a better party” way !! So Ghost House was the place this time with FREE ENTRANCE ! Of cource there were about 20 people there since the next day was a “working day”, but everyone who chose to be there instead of resting at his sofa, enjoyed it more than last night’s gig (including me). The guys played some different songs from yesterday show, including one of my all time favorites “You only want me when you’re drunk” which they dedicated to Maria and me. This time they played a bigger set of one hour and 30 min and I was jumping all around in almost every song !
What a lovely night grin emoticon !!

Their exact setlist:

Opened the Sky
Staying Under
Remembrance Day
Shove it Up Sideways
Lightning Strikes Twice
Leave you to Burn
Love you till Closing Time
Here be Dragons
New Temperance
What you Wanted
One Day More
Almost Everything
You Only Want me When you’re Drunk
Into the Rain
Timeless and Elegant

btw you can watch the whole concert right here :

…. and the encore Here:

Until the next time…. WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU TILL CLOSING TIME guys !!
Cheers and LONG LIVE RHOMBUS !!!

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