New Zero God: Their newest album Circus of Tortured Melodies available now worldwide

It’s 15 March 2019 and the album Circus of Tortured Melodies that New Zero God were working on for the past two years is now available worldwide through Bandcamp.

It is a self-released 13 track album that came out in transparent vinyl but also as a digital download, for those that don’t have a turntable.

With Andi Sex Gang (of legendary Sex Gang Children) to welcome us to the Circus of Tortured Melodies, the tour begins in the 13th Tent of the Circus. Each one of these tents hides a different story which, most of the time, opens the way to the next one. Other times, however, it is completely independent.

These are songs about our unfulfilled dreams, the emotional insecurities of modern man, political developments, the manipulation of the family environment, role models of our society, over-consumption, the compromises that we make, and the destruction of our planet.

In a nutshell, Circus of Tortured Melodies presents the complexity of modern life by tracing the sources of modern neurosis.

The vinyl edition of the album became available through Greek record stores on 14 February.

As Yiannis Alexiou wrote on his review for

“…New Zero God is at their best, more mature and more competitive in the myth of Flowers Of Romance that did not swallow Michael Pougounas, who was and remains an unease musician and singer. He is one of the few singers who have evolved through time by working his voice. I think now he does whatever he pleases with his voice.”

“…He also works the lyrics, making good use of his brain, imagination and realism. He is the dark shadow that you can see in the light, not having his hands in his pockets but working on a paper, with his ears open to the society.”

“…From the first funk piece of Circus Of Tortured Melodies titled “What’Cha Gonna Do?“, to the punk tune “Hell Bet On Me The Lose” and the Zappa influenced “Rock’n’Roll Puppet” and the “Busking” that closes the first side of the vinyl album, you rush to the second side that ends with the melodic “Carry On” and you feel the need to play again the first funk track. Things are finally happening in Greece, apartment condos, that look over avenues of madness and communicating with another universe…”

Click HERE to read the review by our Thanos Athanasopoulos.

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News (10 March 2019)


The sound of muet has been described as, sonically defiant art rock sung under the shadow of a long brim hat about tales of the tragic, the romantic, and the bizarre. The band features vocalist Steven Seibold (Hate Dept.), Daniel Evans on guitar and bass (Dead on TV), and drummer Vince McAley (Die Warzau, Chemlab, GoFight, Dead on TV). Based out of Chicago, the trio is set to release their debut eponymous full-length album on Metropolis Records on March 22nd, 2019 on both CD, vinyl and through all digital formats.

Bandcamp Facebook Metropolis Records

Aftermath I is the first annual Post-Apocalyptic Music Fest in Toronto featuring the finest of Toronto’s dark underground music scene that includes A Primitive Evolution, Hot Lips, SQUID LID, Phantom High and Dirty Wizardz who will all take to the stage to punish your eardrums and ignite your soul! The desolation and darkness of the event was designed by local artists Stu Dead of playdead cult and James Fisher of Zirco Fisher Art x Music. Post-Apocalyptic and/or Cyber-punk and/or Industrial Goth dress encouraged but not required.

Facebook event page

Of all the bands to emerge out of the European shoegaze movement of the last decade, Italian four-piece Rev Rev Rev have been the most formidable and commanding; their reverberating walls of fuzz drifting into crushing noise-rock territory at times. With a penchant for the dark, heavy and noisy, it was clearly only a matter of time until the band worked with the London-based label Fuzz Club.

To celebrate their inevitable signing, as well as their upcoming trip to the States for this year’s SXSW, Rev Rev Rev are sharing the new single ‘Clutching The Blade’ taken from their forthcoming third LP Kykeon, due for release later this year.
The new cut offers a no-holds-barred intro into what’s to come. Talking about the track, they explain “’Clutching The Blade’ is a good snapshot of our sonic virulence. Among the new songs, it’s the one that truly conveys the energy of our live show, whilst keeping a mechanic feel that contributes to the ominous atmosphere. The song itself is about being trapped in the quicksand of a certain situation, or what can feel like destiny, and the appalling feeling that the more you struggle, the faster you sink.”
Since their 2013 self-titled debut album, followed by 2016’s Des Fleurs Magiques Bourdonnaient LP, the Modena outfit has picked up rave reviews, consistently been hailed as one of the finest proponents of the modern shoegaze revival, clocked up considerable BBC6 airtime and brought their notoriously all-consuming live show across the UK and mainland Europe, sharing the stage with the likes of The Telescopes, Ringo Deathstarr and Gonjasufi.
SXSW shows schedule runs as follows:
Mar 13 5.15-5.45 pm Spider House 
Mar 13 11.00-11.40 pm The Velveeta Room
Mar 14 3.05-3.25 pm The Catherine
Mar 15 4.00-4.30 pm (tbc) Kitty Cohen’s 
Mar 15 10.45-11.25 pm 720 Club Patio
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Kenny Roby and 6 String Drag -The Jag Sessions: Rare & Unreleased 1996-1998 (Schoolkids Records 13 April 2019)

Americana Pioneers Kenny Roby & 6 String Drag to Release LP for Record Store Day
The Jag Sessions: Rare & Unreleased 1996-1998 to be issued on vinyl

Schoolkids Records has anounced the new 6 String Drag album ‘The Jag Sessions: Rare & Unreleased 1996-1998’, which will be released especially for Record Store Day. This will be issued on limited edition 12” red vinyl with just 500 copies to be made available.

In the mid to late ‘90s, Kenny Roby and 6 String Drag stood out as pioneers of the nascent alt-country movement. After a leaving a mark on this, as well as the Americana / No Depression scene, the Carolinas quartet essentially broke up.

The band’s second record ‘High Hat’ was produced by Steve Earleand Ray Kennedy and was released in 1997 on Earle’s Warner Brothers imprint label E-Squared Record. This album remains an undisputed classic of its era.

In early 2014, 6 String Drag reformed with the ‘High Hat’ line-up and recorded their 2015 comeback record ‘Roots Rock & Roll’ to much fan excitement and critical acclaim.

In January 2018, the band reissued a 20th anniversary reissue of ‘High Hat’ on CD, vinyl and digitally, following up with their fourth full-length studio record ‘Top of The World’ in March 2018. This album features 6 String Drag founding members and frontmen Kenny Roby and Rob Keller, along with new members Dan Davis and Luis Rodriguez. Both releases are available through Schoolkids Records through Redeye Worldwide Distribution.

‘The Jag Sessions’ album is a collection of unreleased rarities and record quality demos recorded by Byron McCay at Jag Studios in Raleigh, NC between 1996 and 1998. Previously, these recordings have only been circulated among fans and digitally as low flying CD releases for sale at shows.

This album represents the first time any versions of this collection and the songs found here are available on vinyl. Some of the collection are songs originally recorded for Columbia Records in 1996 for a demo deal with this label, but that ultimately never came to fruition. The songs from 1998 were recorded as pro demos and were intended for release as a new EP following ‘High Hat’.

Outside of the four 6 String Drag albums, Kenny Roby has released four critically acclaimed solo LPs – ‘Mercury’s Blues’ (1999), ‘Rather Not Know’ (2003), ‘The Mercy Filter’ (2006), and ‘Memories & Birds’ (2013), in addition to various compilations.

The album will be available from RSD-participating record stores on April 13 as an official Record Store Day release. The 12″ red vinyl edition of ‘The Jag Sessions’ also comes with download card featuring two bonus tracks not included on vinyl.

01 Brasstown
02 Cry Cry Cry
03 Just a Shame
04 Elaine
05 Red
06 Just Another Thing
07 Mercury’s Blues
08 The Changeup
09 Murder-Go-Round (Bonus track – download only)
10 Gasoline Maybelline
11 Bottle of Blues
12 Blues Too Blue to Mention
13 No One’s Arms
14 Trouble on the Jackson Farm (Bonus track – download only)

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Alice Tambourine Lover – Down Below (Go Down Records, 20th March 2019)

Wandering between lazy Mazzy Star/Cowboy Junkies atmospheres and more gritty moments reminiscent of Mark Lanegan, the comeback of Bologna-based duo Alice Tambourine Lover lingers on their stripped down psych blues signature sound, this time plunging more on the psychedelic side, still keeping a folk-like authenticity.

In their fourth LP Down Below, out via heavy psych rock label Go Down Records (IT), dreamy vocals by Alice Albertazzi intertwine with Gianfranco Romanelli‘s guitar textures, while occasional e-bow, leslie and harmonica phrases gently take the edge off.

Dust and honey mix together in a dark homage to lysergic Nineties, a moody landscape where the hallucinated desert of Meat Puppets fades into Mojave 3’s desolated moorland.

Alice Tambourine Lover were founded in 2011 as a side-project of psych band Alix, with five albums released among which Ground, recorded by David Lenci and Good One, recorded by Steve Albini.

In 2012 they played All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival, headlined by Neurosis, Shellac, Red Fang, Uzeda. They have released, all on Go Down Records, Naked Songs (2012), Star Rovers (2013) and Like A Rose (2015), which features two songs by Dandy Brown (Hermano, Orquesta Del Desierto) and John Garcia (Kyuss, Unida, Hermano).

Their dense, yet essential sound has also caught the attention of film directors Iris Elezi and Thomas Logoreci, who chose “Hungry
Thieves” (Alice Tambourine Lover) and “The Sweet SmellingRoads” (Alix) for the soundtrack of the film “Bota Cafè“.

You can pre-order the album HERE


06/04 La Fabbrica di Apollo – Anzola Emilia (BO)
19/04 Provo Cult Club – San Giovanni Rotondo (FG)
21/04 La Mancha – Ruvo (BA)
23/04 Cabaret Voltaire – Bari
25/04 Palmares Pub – Santa Sabina (BR)
26/04 Coopera – Putignano (BA)

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David J – Thoughts and Prayers (Schoolkids Records 13 April 2019)

David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets) announces ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ 7″ as Record Store Day exclusive

The Schoolkids Records label has announced the new ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ 7″ single from David J, which will be released for Record Store Day. This will be issued on limited edition vinyl in a run of only 500 copies. This is the first great protest song of the year, exclusively for RSD 2019.

David J Haskins, an achieved solo artist in his own right, is also co-founder of both Bauhaus and Love and Rockets and the man responsible for the lyrics of the Bauhaus classic ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’.

“Thoughts and Prayers’ is a scathing rebuke of the United States for it’s inability to stop the senseless mass school shootings that are killing our nation’s children,” says David J, who bemoans the futility of “sending thoughts and prayers” to solve this tragic issue and also the inherent hypocrisy of the present government.

This 7″ single comes packaged in a sleeve with a striking picture of a rifle with a bloody red circle around it and a line drawn through it.  The complete lyrics of ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ are printed on the back so the nation does not miss a word of this powerful call to action.

The B-Side is a haunting cover of Emily Jane White ‘Hole in the Middle’. While origially written in response to the Bush administration, this powerful political song is just as relevant in today’s political environment.

David J also expresses his support for Record Store Day: “I first discovered music on vinyl, so whenever I’m flipping through albums in an indie store it harkens back to the magic and excitement of discovery of those early days. To my ears, vinyl still sounds better than any other format and Record Store Day has done a great job of reviving enthusiasm for it. The magic continues!”

David J has been touring the US and Europe, South America and Australia before that for the massively successful Ruby World Tourwith Peter Murphy, celebrating 40 years of the music of Bauhaus. RSD 2019 is the perfect time for him to raise his voice against America’s shameful tragedy with this newest release.

“Big thanks to Rick Johnson and everyone at Record Store Day, Schoolkids Records, Darwin Meiners, Chris Lawrence, Mike Berg, Damon Robertson, Paul Wallfisch, Heather Paauwe, Emily Jane White, Tony Green, Sean Eden, Scott Saw, and Cassette Studio,” says David J.

As of Saturday, April 13, ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ can be found at RSD-participating record stores, but it is expected to sell out quickly, so if you are eager to obtain this, put in a request early with your local independent record store.

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Fred Abong – Pulsing (8 March 2019)

Fred Abong (Throwing Muses, Belly) Announces ‘Pulsing’ EP, UK Tour with Kristin Hersh

Fred Abong has announced his new solo release – the ‘Pulsing’ EP. This six-track offering will release on March 8, the same day that his UK tour with Kristin Hersh kicks off. As a solo artist Abong will be supporting Hersh on this tour. But he will also be playing bass in Kristin Hersh’s live electric trio, together with Rob Ahlers, drummer in the Hersh-led power trio 50FOOTWAVE.

This follows Abong’s 2018 ‘Homeless’ EP, also released upon launching his previous UK tour supporting Kristin Hersh. Ahead of the EP release, he presents the lead track ‘Firefly’.

Best known as former bass player for the influential art-punk band Throwing Muses and Grammy-nominated alt-rock band Belly, Abong has been immersed in academia for the last eight years or so, completing a Ph.D. in Humanities and working as an adjunct professor in the Religious Studies, Philosophy, and English Departments at various universities.

“it was inspired by life and life events. You can fill in the blanks here to your satisfaction – relationships, loss, death, ecstasy, identity, longing, transformation, frustration, desire, love, hate, etc.,” says Fred Abong.

“Songs are only one possible manifestation of the inspiration that informs existence; and if that’s true, then maybe focusing less on the specifics of the inspiration behind someone’s songs and more on the pervasiveness of inspiration in each of our lives would be of more benefit and utility. Your own life, in other words, is just one song after another. You should listen to those first. If you want some company after that, then by all means give the songs on Pulsing a listen.”

Prior to being in Throwing Muses and Belly, Fred was active as a drummer and bass player in numerous bands centered on the Newport, RI hardcore punk scene, which gave rise to bands like Vicious Circleand Verbal Assault. Partly because of these DIY roots, Fred left the music ‘business’ after the release of Belly’s ‘Star’ in 1992, choosing instead to quietly and independently pursue his own music.

Abong’s music has been described as cross between “ragged Replacements and lyric-driven Bob Dylan,” and as “Elliott Smith with balls”.

Most recently, Fred contributed bass on Kristin Hersh’s new ‘Possible Dust Clouds’ album, released in late 2018 via Fire Recordings, as well as working with Rhode Island-Boston collective The Pull of Autumn, for which he contributed ‘Vanishing Spell’.

Earlier, he worked with Tanya Donelly, former bandmate in both Throwing Muses and Belly, on the song ‘Snow Goose and Me’ for her 2016 ‘Swan Song’ series, a track that ABC News dubbed “a moody, expressive bit of songwriting that will demand repeat listens”.

Fred Abong’s album will be released digitally via Bandcamp, with CDs to be available exclusively at shows during his UK tour. Show and ticket info for all shows can be found at

1. Footprints
2. Firefly
3. Pulsing
4. Sum
5. Meet Me
6. The Wire

8th Mar: Engine Rooms, Southhampton, UK
9th Mar: West End Centre, Aldershot, UK
10th Mar: Bush Hall, London, UK
12th Mar: Bush Hall, London UK
13th Mar: Sub89, Reading, UK
15th Mar: Holywell Music Room, Oxford UK
16th Mar: Philharmonic, Liverpool, UK
17th Mar: Cluny, Newcastle, UK
18th Mar: Perth Theatre, Perth, UK
19th Mar: Mono, Glasgow, UK
20th Mar: Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, UK
21st Mar: Left Bank, Leeds, UK
22nd Mar: St Phillips Church, Salford, UK
23rd Mar: Hare & Hounds, Birmingham, UK
24th Mar: Glee Club, Nottingham, UK
26th Mar: Tramshed, Cardiff, UK
27th Mar: Phoenix, Exeter, UK
28th Mar: The Fleece, Bristol, UK
29th Mar: Arts Centre, Colchester, UK
30th Mar: St Paul’s, Worthing, UK
31st Mar: Quarterhouse, Folkestone, UK
1st April: Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, UK

Keep up with Fred Abong
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Bromide – Magic Coins (Scratchy Records 26 April 2019)

London-based indie rockers Bromide announce new ‘Magic Coins’ single

British noise pop outfit Bromide have announced their new single ‘Magic Coins’, an infectious track accompanied by ‘Always Now’ as its b-side. ‘Magic Coins’ is an unexpected rhythm track that is seemingly drum and bass-inspired, written collectively by all three band members.

Bromide are Simon Berridge on vocals and guitar, Ed Lush on drums, and Hugo Wilkinson on bass.? These songbirds worship at the altars of Husker Du, Teenage Fanclub, The Replacements, Guided By Voices, Dinosaur Jr., The Only Ones, Buffalo Tom and other melodic rockers equally obsessed by songs, songwriting and the euphoria associated with playing music through amplified electronic equipment.

Hailing from London, their sound has been described as “Grant Hart fronting Sebadoh” and “Elvis Costello fronting Dinosaur Jr.” Vive Le Rock noted that they mix “the best bits of The Lemonheads and Dinosaur Jr. replete with melancholic melodies and J Mascis-ish guitar lines”.

“Magic Coins is a good example of how being in a band can take things off in directions you’d never expect. I’d been trawling youtube one night and on my travels come across Susan Boyle’s gobsmacking debut performance on ‘X Factor’ and a thumping AC/DC gig from Oakland Coliseum, California in ’79. Both had made me think about the nature of performance and invisible energy release and so I put this into a new song I was writing “I wanna stand in their shoes. Tell me what it is I have to do,” says Simon Berridge.

“When we next got to practise, we hadn’t played together for a while and I remember starting playing the riff and Ed literally running to get behind the drum kit. He started playing this frenetic almost drum and bass beat and the song exploded. It ended up totally not where I was expecting.”

This single follows the album ‘I Woke Up’, released in the summer of 2018, and the ‘I Remember’ album previous to that. In that time, they have won over news fans including Gideon Coe at BBC 6 Music, who has called their music ‘Fantastic’ and says their latest single ‘Two Song Slot’ is ‘a mighty fine tune’, playing these tracks numerous times over several months.

Legendary producer, Brian O’Shaughnessy (Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine) recorded, mixed and produced these tracks at Bark Studios in Walthamstow, London. Seamlessly welding their pop onto their rock, together they achieved Bromide’s sublime college-rock sound. The band also wrote some of the music in the studio while recording, including the confessional album opener ‘Tale To Tell’ while album closer ‘I Woke Up’ sees them begin to stretch their wings a bit as a Glenn Branca / Krautrock groove builds to an an epic conclusion complete with thunder, rain, autoharp and anything else lying round the studio.

“We’ve recorded the most recent two Bromide albums with Brian because he knows how to make you focus on what you’re trying to achieve, plus he knows how to make it sound great,” says Simon Berridge.

The ‘Magic Coins’ single will be released digitally and plans also include a 7″ on limited edition vinyl. The ‘I Woke Up’ album is available across online stores and streaming platorms, as well as on limited edition vinyl and CD. It can be obtained from Scratchy Records through Cargo Records.

Lyrics by Simon Berridge

‘Magic Coins’ written by Simon Berridge, Ed Lush, Hugo Wilkinson
‘Always Now’ written by Ed Lush
Simon Berridge – guitar, vocals

Ed Lush – drums
Hugo Wilkinson – bass
Recorded, mixed and produced by Brian O’Shaughnessy at Bark Studios in Walthamstow, London
Mastered by Jerome Schmitt at AirLab

Cover artwork by Jobsworth


Saturday 23rd March – Scratchstock at The Birds Nest, Deptford
Saturday 13th April – Records Store Day alldayer at Sister Midnight Records, Deptford
Saurday 25th May – Scratchstock at The Birds Nest, Deptford
more dates TBA

Keep up with Bromide
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