Nova Flares – Gut Splinter (9 March 2018)

Nova Flares announces intense yet dreamy debut single ‘Gut Splinter’ 

Alternative rock shoegaze artist Nova Flares has announced his debut single ‘Gut Splinter’, which is set to release on March 9. This is the first offering from his forthcoming debut album, expected by mid-2018.
Nova Flares is the solo project of Jason Wagers, whose music as a solo artist cleverly combines shoegaze with neo-psychedelic and surf rock. Nova Flares is the solo project of Jason Wagers, whose music as a solo artist cleverly combines shoegaze with neo-psychedelic and surf rock. The result is mighty fine bedroom jangly surf pop packed with flowing dreamy harmony and charming, lo-fi goodness. This hypnotic guitar shimmer packs the magic punch intended.
Hailing from Berea, Kentucky, he moved to Louisville at 18 with his previous band The CorridorsFour years later, they finally released their debut album on CD, only to be crushed by a British record label claiming to represent a band by the same name and ordering the band cease using this name. By that time, Wagers was eager to start a solo project in a completely new direction. While The Corridors played eclectic rock, Wagers wanted to create a very specific atmosphere in his new compositions.
This music is heavily influenced by neo-psychedelic bands of the 90’s through to those currently active, such as Black Market Karma, Mystic Braves, Holy Wave and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
Jason Wagers has dubbed his sound “surfgaze”, the style borrowing gazey elements that can be traced back to My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Beach Fossils and The Jesus and Mary Chain, while also being influenced by surf and beach-goth-psych bands like The Growlers, La LuzThe Warlocks and the Allah-Las.
The bright, reactive sound of this music inspired the project’s name ‘Nova Flares’. A nova is an astronomical event causing the sudden appearance of a bright, apparently ‘new’ star that slowly fades from view. This involves an interaction between two stars and cause a flare up, which is perceived as a new entity that is much brighter than the stars involved. Ironically, this new project was also born from the destruction of The Corridors.
“The songs I create through Nova Flares are supposed to be very cinematic and capture memories and feelings from situations I’d experienced in my childhood and adult life, but these songs are also meant to be left open ended so that the listener could have their own personal sensory experience as well,” says Jason Wagers.
Playing in bands and writing music since the age of 14, he eventually learned enough in the music sphere to start producing his own records, appreciative of the freedom and ability to record his own songs and release his own records. Growing beyond guitar to also bass guitar, drums and piano and also dabbling with vocals over the years. His Nova Flares project provided the perfect opportunity to develop his skills even further.
“Nova Flares is my next step up as a project. I am more excited than ever to share my new music with the world! These songs are past experiences expressed through sound. Each song is applicable as a personal sonic memoir to the listener,” explains Wagers. “I imagined video sequences while recording every song for this project and, as a result, all of the songs sound very cinematic and picturesque.”
While ‘Gut Splinter’ will be released on March 9 via online stores and streaming platforms, it is already available for pre-order via Bandcamp at

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Deep Imagination – New video “Underneath The Waves” | New EP out in March 2018

At the end of DEEP IMAGINATION’s “Carefully Kept Secrets” is the atmospheric “Underneath The Waves“.

It is the only instrumental on the album.

With long, wave-shaped synthesizer sounds and pianos that sound almost as if under water, Thorsten Sudler-Mainz creates a dream-like atmosphere to which saxophonist Stefan Höllering sets fascinating, deep-sounding notes with jazzy tones.

And with the gong dipped in water, elements such as metal and water are literally melted together musically.

This is made visible with the artfully staged video “Underneath The Waves”, which was shot in the ‘Galerie Artlantis‘ in Bad Homburg/Germany. ( |

The new EP by DEEP IMAGINATION will be released on March 9th 2018

On the album “Carefully Kept Secrets” appeared the 17-minutes long track “Wings To Fly“.

In the press and radio the song was widely praised as the soul of the work.

With the EP “Wings To Fly”, DEEP IMAGINATION will release the single version of the popular longtrack.

Like all releases by DEEP IMAGINATION, the new 4-track EP will be released on the renowned German label BSC Music/Prudence.

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The Drowning Season – At War with Heaven EP (2018)

(by Fondas Sumerson)

Being a big Goth Rock fan for over 20 years, I was mostly addicted to the European scene, mainly UK, German and Swedish acts.

American bands -also dear to me- always represented the “lighter” and more romantic/atmospheric side of Goth (London After Midnight, The Last Dance, Faith & the Muse, Autumn, Lycia to name but a few ), apart from The Wake, who always were a category by themselves and one of my all time favourite goth bands. This would change ten years ago, when a band from Maryland came to “stir the waters” and prove that the US goth rock scene has a harder, more aggressive (and still melodious) side!

We are talking about the mighty “The Drowning Season“. The band is around since 2000 and has released 3 full length albums and 3 Eps so far. They now return in 2018 with a new 3-track Ep called “at war with Heaven” and a brand new lineup.

Matt, the founder and mastermind of the band has recruited a very talented guitarist (Jason) who shared the same vision with him for this band.

Together they composed 2 new songs, influenced mainly from the UK goth scene of the 90’s and bands like “Rosetta Stone“, and the Germans “The Merry Thoughts” and “Still Patient?” , as well as the raw sound of NFD or Fields of the Nephilim (mainly in the vocals). They use a powerful rythmic drum muchine that took me back to the glorious old days and old-school goth rock guitar riffs from the 90’s that i’ve missed so much! You can dance to their songs, bang your head to them or just let their beautiful, almost epic, melodies carry you away. These songs are full of emotions and are a great treat for those of us who like their goth music, spelled with a G capital, if you know what I mean…

Last but not least, in this Ep you can find a new edition of their all time classic “Hollow” in a version with extra layers of keyboards and a new more aggressive vocal approach by Matt. It sounds so fresh and yet traditional goth rock at the same time! What more could a goth rock fan ask?

Concluding I would like to thanks these guys for hanging around all these years and for staying faithful to their values and their beloved music genre, without compromising.

Long Live Goth Rock …Long Live THE DROWNING SEASON!

Buy it from HERE

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Duran Duran – Girls on Film 1979 Demo (Cleopatra Records 29 December 2017)

Cleopatra Records releases early Duran Duran ‘Girls on Film’ demo EP with Andy Wickett
Cleopatra Records has released Duran Duran ‘Girls on Film 1979 Demo’ EP featuring Andy Wickett on vocals. These are rare debut recordings, which include the original version of the smash hit ‘Girls on Film’ and ‘See Me Repeat Me’, which would later be transformed into‘Rio’, as well as other songs that the group shopped around to various labels before eventually signing with EMI.
Recorded in 1979, these historic previously-unreleased demo recordings by ‘80s new wave icons Duran Duran feature the group’s early frontman Andy Wickett (a.k.a. Fane), alongside Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor. They were recorded at Bob Lamb’s studio (home of the band UB40) in Moseley, Birmingham.

Originally formed in Birmingham by Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy in 1978 as an art school band, Duffy left Duran Duran in early 1979. After TV Eye vocalist Andy Wickett left that band, Stephen Duffy took his place. Soon afterwards, Andy was enlisted by Nick Rhodes and John Taylor to front Duran Duran.According to Andy Taylor’s autobiography, Andy Wickett had a major part in the writing of ‘Girls on Film’ during his tenure with the band. Wicket explains that, unlike the sexy imagery depicted in the video for this song, the lyrics were actually inspired by the lives of the stars of old black and white movies.

“It is important for people to understand the true origins of the song ‘Girls on Film’ and to hear the edgy sound that Duran Duran had in the beginning,” says Andy Wickett. “This song was inspired by the dark side of the glitz and glamour, where these perfect idols suffered tragedy and addiction. The film ‘Sunset Boulevard’ was also a big influence with its tale of a fading movie star.”

Andy Taylor confirms that Wickett co-wrote an early version of the song that eventually came to be known as ‘Rio’. Indeed, ‘See Me Repeat Me’ was taken from ‘Stevie’s Radio Station’, a song written by TV Eye when Wickett was their vocalist. A favourite of Nick and John, it was incorporated into Duran Duran live sets during Wickett’s tenure.

Duran Duran eventually released ‘Girls on Film’ in July 1981 and it became a Top 10 breakthrough in the UK Singles Chart, peaking at Number 5 that month. The song ‘Rio’ was released worldwide in October 1982 and became a Top 10 hit in the UK Singles Chart, peaking at #9 in December 1982.

Since these early days in his career, Andy Wickett has come to be known as one of the finest performers and songwriters in the Midlands, having gone on to also front The Xpertz and World Service. Apart from playing arenas and venues around the world, Andy has also produced videos for and co-written albums with world renowned artists such as Nusrat Ali Fateh Khan, Malkit Singh, Stereo Nation, Taz and DCS. Over the years, he’s supported The Clash, U2, Culture Club, Burning Spear, Orange Juice, in addition to opening on UK tours with Duran Duran and Gregory Isaacs.

Andy Wickett & World Service have also just released a full-length album ‘Creatures of Love’ digitally via Cleopatra Records, which will be officially released on CD on March 9, 2017 on that same label.

The ‘Girls on Film 1979 Demo’ EP is available digitally and on CD, as well as on stunning red and clear colored vinyl at
Andy Wickett (vocals, piano, lyrics)
John Taylor (guitars)
Roger Taylor (drums)
Nick Rhodes (keyboards)


1. See Me, Repeat Me (feat. Andy Wickett)  03:54
2. Reincarnation (feat. Andy Wickett)  02:56
3. Girls on Film (feat. Andy Wickett) [Demo Version]  03:02
4. Working the Steel (feat. Andy Wickett)  03:23

Keep up with Duran Duran
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Keep up with Andy Wickett 
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Keep up with Cleopatra Records
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Order your copy from HERE

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TC&I – Great Aspirations (15 November 2017)

XTC’s Colin Moulding and Terry Chambers present TC&I ‘Great Aspirations’ EP

Fans of XTC will be thrilled to know that bandmates Terry Chambersand drummer Colin Moulding, the rhythmic powerhouse behind the Swindon-based legends, have reunited to release new music under the tongue-in-cheek name of TC&I. Their new ‘Great Aspirations’ EP consists of features four new original recordings that allow us to fully appreciate Colin’s English pop vision.

On this debut offering as TC&I, Moulding and Chambers put their XTC history behind them to create some truly original music. Not only is this a new start, but also a thing apart from their musical past. This is also the first new material from Moulding in many years.

“I thought I’ve got to do something, you can’t just sit around and eat chocolate cake and then you get the inkling that you should start writing again and you start meddling and the next thing you know Terry’s on the door step,” says Colin Moulding.

Terry Chambers adds, “You’re only here once in your life and this felt a bit like unfinished business. When I left XTC it wasn’t the greatest set of circumstances and you can’t go through your life thinking ‘what if?’ so when Colin offered the opportunity I thought, yes lets do this again.”

The EP delivers XTC’s trademark qualities of melody, rhythm, variety, and idiosyncratic subject matter, mixed in with nostalgia fuelled by an understated political anger. In following with his songwriting history to date, Moulding shows an appreciation of the good things, such as friendship, landscape and longing. Here he again reminds us of what we stand to lose in the name of progress, looking at the rapidly changing world around him.The piano-charged lead track ‘Scatter Me’ explores mortality and the inevitability of returning to the mere building blocks of the universe while still remaining part of the landscape you spent your life in. The underlying message of the song is underlined by a tasteful video by Laima Bite. “When you get to 62 there’s melancholy all around and you have to try and beat it away with a stick. I think it is sort of a bitter sweet sensation, tinged with sadness but also upbeat as well,” says Moulding.

‘Comrades of Pop’ conveys words of warning to young musicians, while the more rocking ‘Kenny’ regrets children losing their playgrounds to urban development. On ‘Greatness’, Moulding fearlessly reveals still-burning apirations to reach the heights of Churchill, Hitchcock, Spielberg, Gershwin and McCartney.

XTC was founded in 1972, but it wasn’t until 1979 that XTC had their first UK charting single. Moulding had written the first three charting singles (‘Life Begins at the Hop’, ‘Making Plans for Nigel’, and ‘Generals and Majors’). Chambers left the lineup in the 1980s, while Moulding continued his partnership with frontman Andy Partridge through the group’s 2006 dissolution.
The TC&I release is well timed with the broadcast of the much anticipated eye-opening XTC documentary ‘This Is Pop’ about the history and legacy of the group, which looks at XTC and their journey from mercurial pop outsiders to full blown national treasures and one of Britain’s most influential yet unsung bands. Renewed interest in XTC is also due, in part, to a campaign that former bandmate Andy Partridgehas undertaken to reissue the bulk of their back catalog.
“I think the word is out. It’s taken a bloody long time, but I think people are catching up and appreciating what we did,” says Colin Moulding.

Released at the end of 2017, ‘Great Aspirations’ is available exclusively through Pledge Music and Burning Shed. Fans can choose between signed and unsigned copies on CD. Fans can expect a new video for ‘Greatness’ in the near future.


1. Scatter Me  (4:32)
2. Greatness (The Aspiration Song)  (3:53)
3. Kenny  (4:33)
4. Comrades of Pop  (2:23)
Drums, percussions and backing vocals: Terry Chambers
Guitars, basses, keyboards and lead vocals: Colin Moulding
Saxophone and trumpet on ‘Kenny’ and ‘Scatter Me’: Alan Bateman
Farfisa organ and ornate tinkling on ‘Scatter Me’: Mikey Rowe
Soprano voice on ‘Scatter Me’: Susannah Bevington
All songs written by Colin Moulding. Arrangements by TC&I.
Produced by TC&I. Mixed by Stuart Rowe. Recorded and engineered by TC&I.
Further recording of drums and horns at Earthworm Amber Studios, Swindon.
Engineered by Jon Bucket with the assistance of Pete Hewington. Mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering
Photography By Geoff Winn. Design by Andrew Swainson from a concept by TC&I.

Manufactured by Media Plant, Swindon, UK.

Keep up with TC&I
YouTube | Facebook | Soundcloud | Pledge Music | Burning Shed

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Richard James Simpson – Sweet Birds Of Youth (27 January 2017)

Featuring   such   notable   musicians   as Joey   Burns,  co-founder of Calexico, Dustin Boyer (John Cale) and Theo Welch  (Barry White), Sweet Birds Of Youth is the debut solo album of Richard James Simpson, formerly lead guitarist and vocalist  for  the band Teardrain (which included bass player and co-songwriter Jill Emery of such bands as HoleMazzy Star and Super  Heroines); and bassist for Invisible  Chains (featuring musician Carla Bozulich).

Sweet Birds of Youth has been described as a collection of songs that range from sexy and gritty to dreamy and reflective.

A very rich and complex sonic palette unfolds in the 18 songs, with an experimental and soulful sound reminiscent of such artist as Bowie, Iggy Pop, The Pixies, Soundgarden and many others.

Simpson proves to be capable of re-metabolizing such a wide range of in fluences into a consistent personal musical gestalt.

Formerly credited as Richard James, Richard James Simpson is the brother of the late Rock Halsey from the infamous L.A. punk band Rock Bottom and The Spys (which included Ygarr Ygarrist of Zolar X) and son of actress Renate Huy.

The album was mastered by punk icon Geza X (producer: Meredith Brooks, The Germs, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, etc.).

Boyer – who co-produced, played multiple instruments, and engineered several songs on the album – is a veteran of the L.A.  music scene.

He  is a  member of  Descanso,  and appeared on Macy Gray’s The Id album. He also toured with, and   plays   lead   guitar   for, John Cale.

Boyer, a longtime collaborator of the Welsh musician, appeared on Cale’s 2012 release Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood.

Welch has performed and recorded with a variety of musical acts, including Barry White and Evelyn “Champagne” King.

Joey Burns, of Calexico fame, makes an appearance on the album. He plays hauntingly beautiful cello on the track “You” and contributes to the rich  ensemble of vocal harmonies.

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New Zero God – The Flowers of Romance tribute @ Ilion Plus


For the first time in 20 years, The Flowers Of Romance are back as New Zero God take the stage in tribute to one of the great underground bands whose songs have stood the mighty test of time.

There’ll be some twist-ups and shake-ups as the original songs of Mike Pougounas are brought to new life with Akis Nikolaidis, John Psimopoulos, Michalis Semertzoglou, and Babis Efthimiou working his magic behind the scenes.

Dark En Ciel main man Iraklis Anastasiadis (Tresspass, Atria, GAD) and the electronic duet Incirrina ( George Katsanos and Irene Tiniakou) will join New Zero God on stage for a number of tunes.

Official Web Site



Big Sleep Acoustic (aka Stefan Schwerdtfeger) will open at  9.30 PM.


Doors open at 21:00

Ticket 6€

Full details at the event page

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