Don’t Fall Into Oblivion

07 Sep

The first day I was in Germany, this german friend that I was visiting, took me to his record collection.
He pulled out a vinyl album and proudly hand it over to me.
““666” by Aphrodite’s Child” he said and his eyes shined.
Although I was never a fan of Vangelis and Demis Rousos, the whole thing made me feel kinda proud.
Ofcourse this album was released about 20 years before that day but I had this guy from Germany, a country with a rich rock’n’roll history, being proud for having an album of a greek band when most of the greeks were simply not interested to know about it.
For some reason (which was strange to me until the day I found out why) Greece was not interested in exporting greek bands.
The major record labels were exporting only the traditional pop bouzouki music mostly to greeks that lived abroad and fans of ethnic music while local rock bands, from every rock genre, were trying their best to release their work, get some fame or make the dream of making a living out of their own music, somehow come true.
To make a long story short, greek independent labels were found during the 80s that released singles and albums of greek bands and the problem was partially solved.
Greek fanzines were printed, promoting the bands and occasionally one could find a radio show specialized in all these musicians or in the early 90s a show on national tv network.
Thousands of bands existed through out these 4 decades.
Hard rock, heavy metal, punk rock, gothic rock, new wave, you name it.
And as the financial ability of their indie record labels was limited, most of their releases became collectors items all over the world, cause they were printed in 500 or 1000 copies the most.
Only a few bands sold thousands of copies, signed to foreign labels or rereleased their albums through them and a number is still touring the world building a great name in the world of rock’n’roll.
For example, Greece has a very good name when it comes to black metal bands.
Weird, you might say, but true.
The trademark of the old man on the donkey, is just a tourist attraction and doesn’t give the exact, clear picture of Greece anymore.

Septic Flesh live in Europe
On this blog we will also try to present this point of view among other stuff, in order to pay tribute to all these greek musicians that had the minimum of help from their own country but carried on thanks to their love on music.
Falling into oblivion is the worst thing that can happen to someone.


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3 responses to “Don’t Fall Into Oblivion

  1. M.Birke

    September 7, 2008 at 7:25 pm

    Growing up in the States its still true that the only awareness most American people have of Greece is ancient history. Being a musician over the last 20 I learned that Greeks like many other foreign nations also have a vital music scene that is in no way diminished through lack of press and TV coverage seen over here in the west. In fact I look for it constantly , cause lets face it, Americans don’t want originality, they want mediocrity . Gold is never under your feet , you must go to it and dig !



  2. David Alucard

    September 9, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    A well put together web site – some great and interesting items – music is the language of the world love and peace D.A.

  3. panole8riambos

    September 11, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    There are some words, some feelings, some actions that we should never forget. We should never forget people either. Not some people but ALL people. Each and one of us leaves some traces behind that should not be forgoten. Same goes for musicians too. And I feel like music is making words become more powerfull. Simple words by known or unknown songs, uniting all the people around the world.
    Small words with a simple but true meaning.
    Just like this song:
    Love is real, real is love
    Love is feeling, feeling love
    Love is wanting to be loved
    Love is touch, touch is love
    Love is reaching, reaching love
    Love is asking to be loved

    Love is you
    You and me
    Love is knowing
    We can be

    Love is free, free is love
    Love is living, living love
    Love is needing to be loved
    (John Lennon)


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