September 11 .. The day my world changed forever

11 Sep

It’s hard to believe another year has passed since that day in time which will forever be etched into my memory.  Every moment, every fear, as raw as it was as the clock ticked by slowly.  It was this day that I truly understood the length of time of a second, of a minute, of an hour.  I think in that one brief hour I lived a thousand lifetimes.

I’m not sure how the rest of the world viewed the events of that day.  I’ve heard stories from completely opposite sides of the spectrum.  From sheer jubilation to utter dismay and worry for what will happen to their own country if the “mighty” giant could be brought to her knees.

I know for me it was the day the world stopped spinning and time stood still.  The day I would forever remove my rose-colored glasses and not see people of all walks of life in the same manner again.  The day I learned that there is pure hatred of one man for another, and the day I learned that I know nothing about anything of consequence.

It was a beautiful fall morning .. the sun was shining and there was a cool tinge to the air.  Summer seemed like a distant memory on this morning, and it was a welcomed relief to know it was behind us.  I was excited thinking the music awards would be on tv in just a day and I would see my newest “cool band” perform at the VMA Awards.  All in all, life was grand, even with the uncertain road my life was being driven into. 

Just out of the shower, a towel wrapped in my hair, I sat down on the sofa for a cup of coffee and a moment of peace before the day’s phone calls would begin.  Before the chaos and eruptions of panic as “pressing issues” unfolded during the workday.  Flicking on the TV to grab a few moments of the news, there was Katie Couric relaying that a report had just come in that a small plane had hit one of the World Trade Center towers.  Debating back and forth as to just how could a plane hit such a large object .. maybe a stroke?  .. or maybe a heart attack?   A crew was on it’s way to investigate but here’s some raw footage of things.

And as Katie giggled (I’ll never forget that) … time suddenly stopped existing.

Another plane.  Oh God.  It’s not an accident.

It was like being bitch-slapped out of no where.  A quick one-two punch as reality set in.

From that point on, nothing would ever be the same, and for the first time ever I felt the true effects of fear.  We’re under attack.  The reports were quick .. planes from Boston .. oh God .. it’s people I may know .. Unconfirmed reports of more planes hitting here and there .. the White House, the Pentagon, the Prudential maybe?  Quicker and quicker everything that was imaginable and unimaginable was thrown at us.   Manhunts were on in Boston and surrounding areas.  Terrorists were hiding here and there.  One of the hijackers was from Salem.  Salem???  I’m one minute away from where a person with a heart of stone had been?

Just randomness and panic everywhere.  Nothing substantiated.  Just report after report raising the level of fear.  F E A R.  That one simple word perfectly describing the weeks which were to come.  Pure FEAR. 

I looked like I was running the war room right from my home.  The computer churning quicker than lightening .. every TV in the house on a different news channel .. Telephones and Messenger and ICQ and Chatrooms and Emails and and and .. everything running .. trying to get the news from other countries as well as my own.

… Waking my daughter so she won’t miss this day in history. 

War-time helicopters flying overhead in the silent skies.  The day the “platoon” of them hovered above my home was another evening never to be forgotten.  A whole squardron of them in formation as they patrolled the skies which saw no aircraft.

The silence was deafening.  We’re fairly close to the airport and we constantly hear planes flying in from all the world’s lands.  But for a few days there was nothingness.  And that was the scariest sound of all.  The sound of silence.

A friend of my daughter ended up losing someone in these attacks.  Her doctor lost a few friends.  We remained unscathed, however.  We were of the lucky ones.  There were people from my little town and the surrounding communities lost during those moments.  Some as passengers on the planes.  Some as victims of buildings aflame and crumbling concrete … ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

So as I sit back and reflect on this day, I remember the innocence lost. 

We were told that these “attacks” were meant to open our eyes.  To awaken us.  They succeeded in that.  Just who is “they” remains uncertain to me.  I have so many questions regarding the portrayal of actions and persons responsible for bringing my nation to her knees.  I may never know the true answers, but I sure have learned alot while trying to find solice and understanding.

Please consider this my delayed “Welcome to our blog” … and I do hope you enjoy the ride as I discover the world I never knew existed until one soul took my hand and gave me varying tastes from afar. 

Forever gone are my rose-colored glasses.  But I’m thankful I can still spin under the stars.


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2 responses to “September 11 .. The day my world changed forever

  1. Trish

    September 11, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    Very eloquently put …

    It’s hard to believe that seven years have passed since the day I woke up to my mother screaming, “We’re under attack!” Seven years since I thanked my lucky stars that I wasn’t in NYC like I was supposed to be. Seven years since I realized how horrible I was for breathing a sigh of relief for my own fortune while so many others were stricken with grief.

    It’s truly amazing how much more realistic reality comes when things happen in your own backyard. War and death and attacks happen every day all over the world … But they had never happened like that. At least not here.

    September 11 indeed opened our eyes to things we never imagined — to pains we never understood. But it also brought us closer as people. Amidst the chaos and destrution, there were other emotions. Determination. Hope. Love. The will to fight for what we believed in.

    Now seven years later, we will finally be able to restir those feelings and continue that fight without physical fighting.

    Since that’s a topic for an entirely different blog, let me sum this up.

    Vote Obama.

    Keep reading this blog.

    And always remember the tragedy it took for us to realize we’re not invincible.

  2. sinnaa

    July 27, 2010 at 6:03 am

    Update – 27 July 2010:

    Well, maybe my memory isn’t as perfect as I thought it was. In all fairness to Katie Couric it’s my obligation to rectify a few errors to the events I thought back upon which are listed above.

    I suppose I could have mentally bundled up whatever I was catching as I rapidly scanned through the TV channels and filed it into my memory bank as one event.

    The fact of the matter is that there was no discussion regarding heart attacks or strokes coming from The Today Show. But I do vividly remember this conversation happening somewhere. Also, the “giggles” were not coming from Ms. Couric, but rather from an eyewitness who happened to be a producer of the show. Nervous giggles of fear as her own mind tried to process what led up to the second tower being struck.

    So, my apologies to one and all for a boggling of memories from different angles.

    Here’s an amazing link with everything imaginable from that fateful day in time, including the actual broadcast from The Today Show. (Minute 30:17 on the clock.)

    Be safe, be well … and may all your todays be peaceful.


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