13 Sep

The following is a translated repost from ακυβερνητες πολιτείες (Click the link to read in Greek):

“I said sit properly in your seat and fasten your seatbelt, you wicked child.”

“But Ma, it’s uncomfortably tight and this popcorn is stale.”

With a heavy sigh she proceeds, “I damn the day your father told me to cut a ticket to come with you on this educational interplanetary excursion.  In the old days, everything was easier by just going to the planetarium.”

Standing at the front of the ship, one could hear the voice of the schoolmistress proceeding with the tour: 

“… and we continue our tour through the wondrous solar system, past the monstrous red planet and her magnificently hot sun. 

The black hole you see in front of you was once a blue planet overwhelmed with tense life and movement.  We tried so many times to make contact with this planet’s most advanced form of life, the ones who called themselves “humans”, but either their phone was busy or they would hang up on us.  Our agents informed us that one warm day in September of their year 2008, for some unexplainable reason, they decided to press the button that goes BANG …”

“… Miss, Miss … I see some spaceships moving close to us …”

With that, they all moved to the left side of the spaceship to have a closer look.

“These”, their teacher explained, “are the ones remaining from these lovely creatures, the ones with a huge curiosity, with weird religions, and with suicidal tendencies.  Look at them now … the ones who survived have a moon base where they farm turnips.”

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