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17 Sep



What about the new Greek bands then ?

Well, there are several new bands coming up like mushrooms all around the country.  Rock’n’roll is not a sin nor a crime anymore but…

My personal opinion is that because of things rapidly changing in the music
industry during the last years, the musicians are left a little behind.  Meaning that the new generation is still dreaming of big deals with record labels instead of searching for new ways to publish their music in this vast world of the internet.

The vinyl format and the CD format are getting out of the way.  They have been replaced with ‘downloads’ and this is something everyone has to deal with.

But that’s a different story…

So, like everywhere around the world, there are good bands and… not that good ones.  It always depends on how you define the word “good” when it comes to music.  According to my tastes, the following band, Elysion, is a great one.

I first saw Elysion playing live during 2007, at the Playhouse Gotique Festival in Athens, where they immediately caught my attention.  Their sound is fresh with catchy melodies and very nice gothic/metal songs.

Maxi Nil - Backstage

Maxi Nil - Backstage

Although the band members are in their early 20s, they are already very experienced and possess a powerful sound with a charismatic female singer.  (Sometimes they remind me of Evanescence…)  Their music can move your feet even if you’re not a fan of that genre and it’s a shame there is no video out there to give you an idea of how cool or wild they are on stage, with the guys headbanging and jumping in the air while Miss Maxi Nil gives you angry looks.

Elysion was formed in 2003 and since then they’ve been on a string of gigs, they won a few contests, and they were one of the 3 bands that Klaus Meine picked to support the Scorpions in Athens.  Supporting the Dutch band “The Gathering” was another highlight in their thusfar short career.  The band has an album ready and waiting for a lucky record label to offer them a deal to make their dreams come true.

You can listen to their music and find more about them by clicking here:

You will certainly find something you like, cause … man, these guys are ready…

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