Whispering in Past Perfect

21 Oct

The four piece band, Past Perfect were formed in Athens during December 2000 initialy by the singer B-Abyss

Past Perfect (promo pic 2002)

Past Perfect (promo pic 2002)

 (Babis Diakoumeas) and guitar player E-Raptor (Elias Raptis).
The band went through several line-up changes as the two members were trying to find the right musicians to work with.
They started playing cover versions of bands such as Joy Division, Dead Can Dance, The Sisters of Mercy,
Flowers Of Romance and Nick Cave.
Pretty soon it was obvious that they needed to play their own original material so after many gigs in Athens,
they recorded their first 12 tracks.

They released a 6 track demo CD recorded live in 2002 simply titled “Past Perfect” and participated to the “Rock News” CD compilation by the same year.
They reached a cult status thanks to their stage-sound that evolved into a unique dark epic atmosphere,
with loops and sound effects, backed by projections.
On April 2002, the band released their first studio album through Cyberdelia Records
giving us a fresh dark wave sound.
Their theatrical point of view gave a new breath to what we knew so far as greek Gothic Rock
as their debut album, “Whispers of Souls In Silence” was flirting with dark wave and psychedelic music
and the band was soon on the front covers of the Greek music magazines.
They succeeded the radio-hit “If” and gained very nice reviews from the foreign press too (you can read a review of the album in english, here.
“If” found a place in the hearts of the Greek audience and turned out to be the highlight of the band’s live performances.

In 2003, the greek music mag “Rock & Roll” included their song “Land of Trydoubt” (which was recorded live) to its monthly CD compilation.
Past Perfect finaly came closer to the legends of their youth by supporting the english goth band The Mission on April the 18th in Athens.
Right after the show, the band was reached in the backstage by an other legend, this time of the

Whispers of Souls In Silence

Whispers of Souls In Silence

 60s, Sky Saxon
(of the american garage band The Seeds) who asked them to join him for some concerts.
While Past Perfect were still recording their second album, they played live on Syros Island during 2007 and by the same year
they performed live on Playhouse Gotique #2 in Athens.
Both B-Abyss and E-Raptor are also members of the band New Zero God while Past Perfect are still active and ready to release a new album.

You can find more here

Official web site here

You can buy their album here


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4 responses to “Whispering in Past Perfect

  1. angelab23

    October 22, 2008 at 8:15 am

    Τους past perfect τους ειδα πριν πολλα χρονια οταν ειχα παει ενα βραδυ στο αν, παιζανε πολλα ελληνικα συγκροτηματα και οι τελευταιοι ηταν αυτοι. Hταν ηδη πολυ αργα αλλα προλαβα να τους ακουσω σε ενα κομματι που παιζαν απο joy division,πρεπει να ηταν νομιζω το transmission.Θυμαμαι εντονα την καταπληκτικη ερμηνεια του τραγουδιστη.Φοραγα και μια μπλουζα (!) θυμαμαι με σταμπα savage republic που την ειχα και πολυ καμαρι(εδω γελανε).Επισης θυμαμαι οτι ειχε απεξω στην πορτα ενα τερας-ροκα για πορτιερη με κατι μουσια,που οσο τρομερος φαινονταν τοσο ευγενικος τελικα αποδειχτηκε και μας καλως ορισε για μεσα.
    τι θυμηθηκα….

  2. panole8riambos

    October 23, 2008 at 11:24 am

    Νομίζω πως λές για ένα “φεστιβάλ” που είχε διοργανώσει το avopolis για φιλανθρωπικο σκοπο.

  3. past perfect

    October 31, 2008 at 7:51 am

    ευχαριστουμε πολυ,για την παρουσιαση του συγκροτηματος μας,στο blog…
    επισης,αισθανομαστε την αναγκη να ευχαριστησουμε την Cyberdelia records(thanks Mike!),η οποια βρεθηκε στον δρομο μας,την στιγμη που πραγματικα επρεπε…
    αγαπητη φιλη angela23,μας θυμισες μια πολυ ιδιαιτερη στιγμη απο τις εμφανισεις μας…
    το τραγουδι που ειχαμε παιξει τοτε ηταν το New Dawn Fades…
    be well…

  4. angelab23

    December 1, 2008 at 9:29 am

    ναι ,ηταν κατι σαν φεστιβαλ αλλα δε θυμαμαι ακριβως.φταιει το αλτςχαιμερ.το μονο που θυμαμαι ειναι οτι παιζανε πολλα συγκροτηματα.

    past perfect ,να στε καλα παιδια.


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