All Hallows Eve

31 Oct

Laurie Cabot - Official Witch of Salem, Massachusetts

Laurie Cabot – Official Witch of Salem, Massachusetts

The moon on this All Hallows Eve will most certainly appear a different hue as I reflect on the sights and sounds I have tasted over the past month.

Normally, this would be the night little goblins and fairies appeared on my doorstep in the hopes of gathering forbidden treats which are limitless on Halloween.  Instead, I shall have 13 cats and kittens sitting on my stoop in the hopes of acquiring a bellyful of leftovers.

I will miss the festivities of living next door to Salem, Massachusetts … the chill of the autumn air … the leaves falling into massive heaps of gold, red, and orange … and the moon … I’ll miss the chill quivering up my spine as I search for the moon in the sky above.

A full moon on this evening has always brought a little more drama to the flavor of the festivity.  Quick flashes of childhood fears with false images of witches beckoning spirits while hovering over a boiling cauldron of magic.

For the first time ever I won’t be “next door to Salem, home of the witches”.  I’ll be sitting in the land of the gods, gazing at the sky which covers my heritage with the Parthenon only steps away.

Instead of witches and thoughts of the hysteria which swept through the town three hundred years ago, I’ll be wondering how many great-minded philosophers, poets, statesmen, scientists, and mathematicians wandered these exact streets thousands of years ago.

Salem, Massachusetts - Witch Trial

Salem, Massachusetts – Witch Trial

It has been an amazing journey for me, thus far.  I saw not one but TWO shooting stars.  I saw a bat commit suicide as it dove into the sea.  I experienced the “thrill” of a hospital after getting stung by a bee (more on this in my next posting cuz I do have an ax to grind). I’ve also had the opportunity to experience things never imagined.  Within a time span of five days I:

  • attended the 10th International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers in Patras, where Vlad the Demon (directed by Michael Pougounas) won the top award in the short-film category.
Vlad the Demon (Directed by Mike Pougounas)

Vlad the Demon (Directed by Mike Pougounas)

  • sat in a recording studio watching the process involved in making a CD (a most amazing event for me — where I also managed to resist the temptation to touch the buttons on the console).
  • witnessed the creativity of much-adored artists as they tweaked and fine-tuned songs during rehearsals for an upcoming gig.

And most amazing of all has been the opportunity to finally meet with people I’ve grown to love from afar.  Each soul a true reflection of what I imagined … warmth and smiles overpowering me.

I guess this a good place to end this posting, for if I keep thinking back upon the past month’s events I’ll never get back out into the real world and will continue writing till the end of time.  (I’m beginning to miss my computer and reflections just a tad bit too much right now.)

Sending my wishes for a spectacular weekend to all … and if you happen to be in the neighborhood of Piraeus, be sure to stop in for a sizzling pizza at my favorite restaurant of all:


Further information:

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10th International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers in Patras:

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  1. costakisp

    December 6, 2008 at 2:16 pm

    καυτερη ανωμαλια…


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