Happy Birthday Puzzlemusik

03 Nov

The most trustfull people in the Greek music underground are the musicians.

Puzzlemusik was made two years ago by an excellent musician, Christos Alexopoulos,  who’s been a member of the Athenian band Common Sense during the 90s and later on had many solo releases before creating his own record label and felt the need to give the chance to other fellow musicians to be exposed to the public eye.

The following is selfexplanatory:

“Puzzlemusik is an independent label based in Athens, Greece.
The aim of Puzzlemusik is to include in its roster artists who have their own, personal, recognizable, distinctive, hopefully unique “voice”. Whatever the genre or the crossover of genres they choose to embody in their musik.
Hence, Puzzlemusik has not a specific collective sound. This is not a simply “alternative”, “post-rock”, “jazz”, “electronic’, “contemporary classical”, “experimental”, “free improvisation” label.
The sound of Puzzlemusik is the summing up of the personalities of its artists; each artist being a piece of the puzzle that holds the picture of the independent, individual creativity of the beginning of the 21st century.

The myspace page, is the official web page of Puzzlemusik. There is no Puzzlemusik site available. We currently believe that there is no need for one.

e-mail address: ,
tel. & fax number: ++30 – 210 – 5316496
mail address: 3 Evrota street, 124 61, Haidari, Athens, Greece.

G. Kontrafouris Baby Trio – Five to Seven

New Releases

Christos Alexopoulos – Vouveau (PIECE 007)
Nov. 10, 2008

Christos Alexopoulos 5th album is his first all-instrumental album. There is no human voice whatsoever. A combination of electronica background and acoustic instruments (viola, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, glockenspiel, guitars). This album may have no lyrics, but it still is a political album…

Various Artists – First steps: 2 years of Puzzlemusik (piece C01)
Nov. 10, 2008

A Puzzlemusik compilation that celebrates our second birthday. All tracks featured are exclusive for this compilation.
1. Baby Trio – Baby Face
2. Yiannis Kassetas & The Funk Wizards feat. Loukia Palaiologou – Last Melody
3. Christos Alexopoulos – Forgot to tell
4. Sotiris Debonos – Tango of the lost mates
5. Babis Papadopoulos – Misirlou
6. Misuse – dear Hunter,
7. Socos & The Live Project Band – Gaia
8. The 3rd Man Element – Performance I, Impro 3
9. Poly Quartet – Vassilikos
10. Felizol feat. madame bouche – This Long Goodbuy

Duo Choriambus – Dialogues (pieceW02)
Nov. 10, 2008

Nikos Nikopoulos (flute) and Georgia Xagara (harp) form this duo. They perform works of Greek and French composers (Theodore Antoniou, Nestor Taylor, Apostolos Darlas, Claude Debussy, Camille Saint-Saens, Pierre Octave Ferroud). Dialogues beetween the flute and the harp – Greek and French composers – works of the begining of our century and of the century past.

Puzzlemusik other 2008 releases:

Sotiris Debonos – Film Musik ep (piece X02)
June 19, 2008

This is a 10″ vinyl-only release coming out in 500 numbered copies (and 25 numbered promo copies). It also includes a cd-r with the tracks in mp3 format and a video art inspired by the Film Musik tracks. The video art is captured and edited by Socos (of Socos & The Live Project Band). This is the musik for a film that was never shot. Cinematic, minimal, improvisation – call it what you may. It transforms every time that you hear it. And although classical guitar, violin and viola, nei, and percussion are the key instruments, you could swear that what you hear is… electronica. Anyway… Who cares about a description when you can hear the real thing…
This is a limited edition release – an instant collector’s item. Film Musik will never be released again in this format.

Baby Trio – A New Snack ep (piece L01)
May 15, 2008

Baby Trio is the new George Kontrafouris organ project featuring Alexandros Vichos on guitar and Vangelis Kotzabassis on drums. A New Snack is their debut release, a three-track limited edition EP coming out in 777 numbered copies. George Kontrafouris says about this project: “Baby Trio was created so as to convey the naivety, the teenage enthusiasm and all the things that electrify a young musician when he is only starting out to play music with a group where its members are his friends. To put it all in a phrase the Baby Trio comprises all the “non-realistic expectations” that arise before “normal life” begins.” This cd is sold only on Baby Trio live gigs, through and through
Misuse – Misuse (PIECE 006)
April 7, 2008

This five-piece post-heavy rock band has already formed a fan base well before the release of their debut album. Their claim to fame includes the fact that Mogwai chose them as a support act for their live date in Greece back in 2003. No plug-ins were used in this vintage-instruments-only explosive debut that features Hammond organ, Obberheim synth, electroacoustic piano, celesta, vibraphone, violin, viola and cello. One cannot help but wonder what’s next….

Poly Quartet – Perfumed Dreams (PIECE 005)
April 7, 2008

Four Greek musicians meet each other in Holland…They work with various “multi-ethnic” groups for about 3 years until they form the Poly Quartet centered on the Perfumed Dreams compositions of Andreas Polyzogopoulos. Nine compositions inspired by Mediterranean aromas and the sound-colours of Northern Europe. Trumpet is the key instrument here and although jazz is only the starting point in this debut, “Colores Feliz” could very well be a jazz standard.

Socos – Sub Breath, Outer Speech (piece Q01)
March 15, 2008

Socos (of the Socos & The Live Project Band) composed, arranged, performed and recorded Sub Breath, Outer Speech in his Ducky Studios home studio. This is the music for the theatre play “Merry Freeze-mass & A Happy New World” written by Eugenia Maragou and directed on its first production by Esther Andre Gonzales. This sounds quite different from a Socos & The Live Project Band album, but it is equally challenging. Its combination of lyrical guitar passages and electronic and/or minimal compositions defies description. The Puzzlemusik ‘Q series’ consists of music written for theatre plays. You can find the ‘Q series’ cds only in the theatre, in
and you can order it on

Babis Papadopoulos – Skines apo ena taxidi (PIECE 004)
February 27, 2008

Debut solo album for the highly acclaimed guitarist. Babis (former member of the group Trypes and recent collaborator of Thanassis Papakonstantinou) presents an instrumental album that travels through genres. Rock, jazz-electronic, ambient, organized improvisation as pieces of a puzzle that form a solid, original picture.

The Hellenic Trio – Works of Greek Composers I (piece W01)
February 27, 2008

Puzzlemusik is introducing the new W series consisting of works of Contemporary Classical music. This flute, viola and guitar trio performs works of Greek composers: Kydionatis, Constantinides, Diamantis, Kokkoris, Kanas.

For BACK CATALOGUE info please see the Back Catalogue blog on the myspace profile.”

You can buy Puzzlemusik CDs in the following addresses.

More to listen here:

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