Playhouse Gotique #4 (in english)

07 Nov

Darkened… Playhouse Gotique

Playhouse Gotique #1

Playhouse Gotique #1

On December 12-13, 2003, Cyberdelia Records presented the label’s bands at the first Playgouse Gotique Festival, that took place at 8 Dytika Club.

Day 1: Past Perfect, Genetic Variation, Nexus
Day 2: Forkys, Tilbury on Cloves, Dark Runner, Slow Motion

Ancient tense… Playhouse Gotique N2

On September 21-22, 2007, Darkedelic Sounds presented Playhouse Gotique Ν2, at Ston Aera Club. The Greek bands that participated – Clouds by Night, Elysion, Drama Queen, Past Perfect, Urban Sadness Academy, New Zero God (x-Flowers of Romance,x-Nexus), covered all aspects of atmospheric, dark, and experimental music.

Past tense… Playhouse Gotique N3

Playhouse Gotique #3

Playhouse Gotique #3

On April 19, 2008, Darkedelic Sounds and presented Playhouse Gotique Ν3 at the venue where it all began, 8 Dytika Club (Athinon Ave., 387, Aigaleo-Athens).

The Venus Shrine presented “Danse Macabre I”, a dance-animation project based on Medieval music and images.

New Zero God played tracks from their upcoming debut album.

Split Image, a historical band, regrouped and enchanted the audience with their beautiful New Wave sound.

Present tense… Playhouse Gotique N4

November 28-29, 2008

Playhouse Gotique #4

Playhouse Gotique #4

Live Acts
Midnight Toys


Christabel Etheriel

New Zero God

Absent Without Leave

Split Image

Special DJ set /video projection:
The Venus Shrine

Film Projection
“Vlad The Demon”, by Michael Pougounas, awarded at the 10th International Panorama of Independent Film and Video Makers at Patras, 2008.

Dark Rehearsal Experiments
Members of the bands that have participated in Playhouse Gotique Festival, will join forces in an experimental jam, based on emblematic dark tracks.

Be there!

Darkedelic Sounds

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