Super Stereo Nova

07 Nov

In 1992 the release of an electro-dance album rocked the boat of the greek underground.
Stereo Nova, an Athenian duet formed by Konstantinos Vita (Kbhta) who was born in Melbourn and moved to Athens where he met Michalis Delta, released their debut album simply titled “Stereo Nova”.

Stereo Nova: Ilithia Astia (engl. Stupid Jokes)

Later on, a third member will join them, Antonis Pi.
As the independent record label that distributed their selfproduced album didn’t realise the power of this release, soon the band signed to FM Records (a bigger independed label) and the most successful electro group in Greece.

Formed in the early 90s by the name Bobby Blast, to change it a little later to Stereo Nova, the band that was highly influenced the Detroit’s techno sound and rock bands, were playing simple acid house and techno music with Greek rap lyrics and spoken word.
Their first release for FM records was the 12” EP titled “To pazl ston Aera” (engl. Puzzle in the air gr. Το Παζλ Στον Αέρα).

Stereo Nova – To Pazl Ston Aera (engl. Puzzle in the Air)

“To pazl ston Aera” was promoting the release of their very successful album “Discolata”.

Stereo Nova: Mikro Agori (engl. Little Boy)

Soon they released the CD single “New Life” with a video that was also broadcasted by MTV.
Their next step was the release of the album “Asyrmatos Kosmos” (engl. Wireless World gr. Ασύρματος Κόσμος)
The record label thought that this would be the right time to release “The Drone Compilation” that featured mainly the instrumental songs of the first 3 albums of Stereo Nova and was mostly distributed abroad.
In 1994 the 12” EP “Tekno” was released.
“Kyklotron” (engl. Cyclotron gr Κύκλοτρον) was a video cassette release, featuring interviews of the band, some of their videos, 4 unreleased tracks plus two more tracks of Coti K. (full name: Coti Kyriakou ex member of Film Noir – read about them in older post)
It might not be well know but actualy Coti K. was kinda the 4rth member of the band, mixing, re-mixing and producing the Stereo Nova tracks.
He was also the sound engineer for the bands : Tuxedomoon, Raining Pleasure, The Flowers Of Romance and lots more as well as he has also his own solo releases too.
Stereo Nova released the EP “Ligotero Ap’Afto” (engl. Less than this gr. Λιγότερο απ’Αυτό) with Avaton’s singer Natacha Karvouni on the vocals (check past post for Avaton).
The electronic experimental double CD album “Telson” ment to be Alfa Pi’s last release with the band.
He left Stereo Nova to release later the two solo albums, “Alfa Pi” and “Supermarket” both under indie record labels.
“Telson” gave us the drum & bass CD single “Mathima-Onoma” (engl. Lesson-Name gr. Μάθημα-Ονομα).
After that, the duo started working with old female singers of the 60s and 70s and the first work was with Popi Asteriadi on their CD single “Taxidi stin Gi” (engl Trip to the Earth gr. Ταξίδι στην Γή) which would be the start for many cooperations to follow in the future, either for Stereo Nova or in their solo projects.
Here is the live version of the song from K. Vita’s solo career
K.Vita: taxidi stin Gi

The next album was full of guest appearances.
It was titled “Vitamina Tek” and had again Popi Asteriadi as a guest as well as Tania Tsanaklidou, Jenny Vanou and Christina Tot.
This opened the door to a new audience for the duo of Vita and Delta as the veterans Asteriadi, Tsanaklidou and Vanou were well known to the greek audience.
Their last album was titled “Ofelimo Fortio” (engl. Net Cargo gr. Ωφέλιμο Φορτίο) with Stamatis Kraounakis and by this way they completely changed into a mainstream act.
The single “Nohi” (engl. Yesno gr Noχι) followed and the record label released the live album Skazi after the band disbanded for the two members to pursue a solo career.
Konstantinos Vita has composed music for the documentaries, movies, and the theatre, and received international attention for his contribution to the Opening Ceremony of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.
His Official site
Mikael Delta , is also commercially successful creating techno funky house and has several releases through Scottish and French dance labels.
His Official site:
Stereo Nova – 1994 TV  interview

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