Civil Cinder Regalia – the AKOI series

11 Nov


By the end of 2004 a new CD compilation was released by 7 Athenian bands who joined forces to let the world know about their music.
The master mind behind this compilation is the producer Stylianos Tziritas, member of the band Trypanosoma (former member of the band Kopsokefali – gr. Κοψωκέφαλοι).

Actualy, Tziritas gathered all these bands and convinced them to record their songs for this album and tried to keep the CD price as low as possible.


The tracklist:


1.  Civil Cinder Overlay I

2.  Bad Mathematics – Hell Hole

3.  Postblue – Blood Madonna

4.  Absent Mindead – Proza(c)k

5.  The Stereo Shortcuts – Chaingang

6.  Civil Cinder Overlay II

7.  Modrec – 3armed man

8.  Misuse – Locked In A Bar

9.  Postblue – Guttershite

10.  Trypanosoma – mov I Koller, mov II The Ethiopian, mov III Urbinek

11.  Civil Cinder Overlay III

12.  Modrec – Refri

13.  Bad Mathematics – At Last

14.  Absent Mindead – This Is The Song

15.  The Stereo Shortcuts – Big Momma

16.  Civil Cinder Overlay IIII


 Absent Mindead, were originaly formed in 2002 in Athens but didn’t stop changing their line-up until March of 2005. Musically their sound ranges from post-punk to alternative rock with a distinct grunge influence. They played live in numerous shows , sharing stage with bands such as: organ(ca), zounds(uk),trypanosoma, stereo shortcuts, matisse, mary and the boy, modrec, sugah galore, mindwaltz , dementia praecox , cube , velvoids , the Dive , anima , misuse and raining pleasure.

After the CCR compilation they participated for a Spinalonga records collection titled “In the junkyard vol.1” receiving many positive reviews. (the infos come from Spinalonga’s site).


Absent Mindead – Proza(c)k


Bad Mathematics  copied and pasted all their informations from their myspace profile  to a blog here:  so you should better visit their blog for informations and their myspace profile for their sound.

Their official site here:


Misuse are an Athenian band focused on playing instrumental post rock music.

Their debut album, “Misuse” is now out in stores all around Greece. International availability through and  

Here is their myspace profile:


Misuse: live and interview on greek national tv



Modrec is a 4 piece alternative band that I know nothing about.  You can listen to their music here:


Modrec at Kyttaro club – 18.03.2008


As far as I know, this is the last time that Postblue released something, although they’ve been around since the late 90s. I dont know if they are disbanded.

You can check them here:

During the period of 1999-2005, they released a lot of CDRs.


The Stereo Shortcuts appear here with two tracks that were featured in their demo cd The only thing I know about them is that they participated in the soundtrack THE APPROACHING OF THE HOUR (one Modrec track was also featured in this soundtrack) with the song “Dark Side Of The Road”.


Trypanosoma was Stylianos Tziritass personal musical vehicle. He found them along with Makis Papasimakopoulos in 2004 and they supported Lydia Lunch on December 2004 in Athens.

An avant garde act redefining the greek soundscapes .

It might be very interesting for to check Tziritas’s solo album, “Ktiriologia” which was released by the same year, right before the release of this compilation.


Four interludes written by Mecha/Orga titled “Civil Cinder Overlay”.


It wasn’t possible for me to find vids or sites for all the musicians of this compilation but…I hope you get an idea.

Any additional  informations are very welcome.


Civil Cinder Regalia

Civil Cinder Regalia

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