The Sound Explosion

18 Nov

In the mid 80s, the garage punk sound of the 60s became the new hype in Greece.
Several Greek bands that were influenced by all those American garage bands started flourishing here and there.
The most succesfull where the Last Drive who split in 1995 and came back for a few sold out gig during 2007.
But there was one more band that split in early 1997 and came back just like the Last Drive.
Their name: The Sound Explosion.

Sound Explosion – My baby went away with the midnight train

This Athenian band, were formed in 1991 to play garage punk, having great live shows reviving the lost party days of the mid 60’s.
Thanks to their releases through foreign labels they encountered fans in several countries all over the planet.
Their one and only LP was released through the German label Music Maniac Records in 1994 and it was titled “The Sound Explosion – Teen Trash vol. 14 from Athens-Greece” on the label’s Teen trash Series.
The album received great reviews and lots of airplays on radio shows but the band would never have an other album release.
It was in 1993  when the Sound Explosion came up with the release of their debut 7” single “Hangover Baby/Some Other Guy”.
Their next single release came through an American label, Dionysus Records in 1995.
“I’ll Shake The Universe” was on the “a” side with “Why Can’t You See” on the “b” side.
They supported several foreign bands such as he Fuzztones, Dead Moon, the Marshmallow Overcoat and the Others and in 1995,
a third single was released: “Another Lie/Misirlou The Greek”.

the sound explosion-misirlou

Three years later, during the year 2000, To Diskadiko released the EP “The Last Recordings”.
The band returned in 2007 ready to party again.
Having gigs in Athens, Salonica and Italy there might be a chance for their fans to get a new release.
Lets hope so.

Teen Trash vol. 14 from Athens-Greece

Teen Trash vol. 14 from Athens-Greece

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