Christos Alexopoulos – Vouveau

20 Nov

Is it possible for an instrumental album to be a political album?

Is it possible for an instrumental album to use different languages?

Well, what we have here is a guy who during the 90s was a member of the Greek alternative band Common Sense (they released a 7” single and an LP).  Common Sense was the opening act for Dodgy, Giant Sand and The Tindersticks.  After they split, Christos Alexopoulos started his solo career.

Additionally, Alexopoulos composed music for short films and theatre plays and also worked on television.  He composed contemporary classical music pieces which have been performed in Greece, Italy, and the Ukraine.

During 2006 the Athens Youth Symphony Orchestra (AYSO) twice performed his string orchestra piece, “Petite Fantasy“.

Since 1999 he teaches Music Theory and Harmony at the Orfion Conservatorium in Athens.



The new album of Christos Alexopoulos (his fifth, to be more precise) came out on November 10, 2008.  With 12 tracks trying to catch the moment, the mood, and the feeling while changing a sunny day into a rainy one and vice versa.  The song titles are written in several different languages in order to describe the soundscape of the surroundings of a citizen of the world.

This is a political album that leaves a taste of loneliness on the listener’s tongue.

The 12 instrumental melodies are mostly based on Alexopoulos’s piano, flirting with experimental music, minimal electronica, noise, world music and simple modern jazz.

Alexopoulos, who is also a founding member of the free-improvisation group The 3rd Man Element, gathered a lot of fine musicians for this album.

Vouveau back

Vouveau back

The trumpet player, Andreas Polyzogopoulos, has given concerts as a member of various bands in clubs and festivals in Greece, Holland and Italy playing jazz, world, free impro as well as his own compositions and is now a member of the band Poly Quartet.

The guitar player is Socos, of the experimental band Socos & The Live Project Band.

Costas Stergiou, who is a member of the band Misuse, is on keyboards, piano, and glockenspiel.

The one-time member of the 80s new wave band Art Of Parties, is virtuoso sax player Dimitris Vassilakis, who also released 3 jazz solo albums.  He has been collaborating with some of the best international jazz musicians such as:  Abdullah Ibrahim, Theodosii Spassov, Ralph Peterson, Marc Johnson, Andy Sheppard, David Liebman, Alfredo Rodriguez, Ed Schuller, and many more.   Also on trombone is the ex-member of Apurimac, Chistos Alexakis.

The album was engineered by George Priniotakis who was once a member of the band Wasteland, along with Alexis Boltasis.  Alexopoulos also appeared during the 90s as a session keyboard player on Wasteland’s live shows.

This is a Puzzlemusik release. (Alexopoulos is Puzzlemusik’s owner.)
More information and sound here

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