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Dirty Saints



Although Athens was always the center of the Greek rock scene, other Greek cities were very active also.

Thessaloniki offered a lot of rock bands, with Trypes being the most commercially successful band in Greece.

The town of Ioannina is a located on the north-western part of Greece that had some great bands during the last 20 years:  Chapter 24, Metallaktiki, Psygeio-Psygeio, Fuzzy Nerds and Dirty Saints, to name but a few. 

Live clubs in Ioannina like Palladio, Mantzato, Ozon, Irida were often having some live gig.  Each band was focused on different genres and left their mark on the rock map of the country.

The garage band of the Dirty Saints was formed in 1988 by the singer and guitar player Costas Grammeniatis (brother of Vana Grammeniatis – singer of the experimental/noise band Psygeio-Psygeio – released 2 LPs), bass player Fanis Zaimis, guitar player Theodoris Tsoumanis, keyboard player Babis Ikonomou and Stavros Bilis on the drums.  They were signed to “Fifth Dimension”, a record label from the city of Patras who in 1990 released a 7″ EP titled “Hi”.  The band toured Greece to promote it.



While some members of the band worked with members of the band Psygeio-Psygeio on an experimental side project called “Panic Machine” during 1991-1992, Stavros Bilis was replaced by Jimi Papadimitriou on the drums.

Two years later, in 1992, Dirty Saints released their last LP, “Elf”, for the same record label.

They split in 1994.


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