Don’t Forget This Happy Feeling

25 Nov

Label logo

Label logo

In the beginning of the 90s, In Those Days and Little Charmer, two Greek fanzines dealing mostly with the Athenian indiepop scene  introduced to the Greek audience the sound of early Creation and Sarah Records.
Pretty soon “Innocent Label”, a Greek indie-pop label was found to release tapes of Greek indie-pop bands.

The first Innocent Label release was One Night Suzan’s tape, in 1992, titled “Autumn Falls” and  featuring 6 tracks of the band.
Other bands close (can’t write “signed to” for a tape label) to Innocent Label, were
Next Time Passions who released  “Sleepy Hollow Lane” in 50 copies, Groove Machine and Sound Devise (not to be spelled as “device”).

In 1993, the members of One Night Suzan & Next Time Passions, Zissimos “Crooner” and Makis “Skychild”  P. set up their owns record label, This Happy Feeling.

Their first release was the single “Angel Flower” by Next Time Passions.
They  released a split 7’ single in 1994 for the Spanish label Elephant Records.

next time passions

next time passions

Next Time Passions on A side and Impossible Tymes on B side (actually Impossible Tymes were formed by members of Next Time Passions and One Night Suzan).
Next Time Passions would appear again on the compilations: “Pop Secrets From the Greek Underground Scene” in 1997, “See Dee” in 1998, “Try A Little Sunshine” in 1999.
In the year 2000 were featured in the compilation You Make Me Smile (A Shelflife Records Collection) of the American label Shelflife.


one night suzan

one night suzan

One Night Suzan released their limited 7” single  “Don’t Let Them Kill Our Taste” for This Happy Feeling in 1994.
Their best song, “Until” was on the side A.
This band appeared on the same compilations as Next Time Passions did, plus one more for Shelflife Records: “Picnic Basket (A Shelflife International Pop Compilation)”.

1994 was the year for This Happy Feeling to release also the 7” single “Only Lust” by the Kissamatic Lovebubbles.
They appeared with their unreleased track “Total Hangover” five years later on the compilation “Try A Little Sunshine” and with the same song during 2001 on “Picnic Basket (A Shelflife International Pop Compilation)”.

next time passions/impossible tymes

next time passions/impossible tymes

The last release of this Athenian indie-pop label was Crooner’s 7” single “Sounds From the Valley Of Love” in 1994.
Crooner was the collaboration of Zissimos “Crooner” and Makis “Skychild”  P. and in 1998 they released the album “Heaven Airlines”.
The album was released in  the U.S.  through Shelflife Records, Japan through Victor Entertainment and Philippines through Universal Records.
During 2001, Crooner released the album “Soft Escape” for the Japanese label, Tone Vendor.
Tracks of the band were featured in compilations worldwide till 2003.

the Crooner – concord baby

The label This Happy Feeling stopped operating in 1996.

Makis P. & Crooner are nowdays exploring more electronic areas under their new name : Hyplar.

Hyplar – Fssst Boeing (747 Mix)

For of This Happy Feeling click here
For more Hyplar click here

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