Ding An Sich – And… / Wandering 7″

28 Nov

inner sleeve

inner sleeve

I think it was sometime in the late 80s when I first saw Ding An Sich playing live in An Club.

ding-1They were playing Post Punk at its finest while on their gigs the band created an atmosphere full of mystery.

Their 7″ single “And… / Wandering” was their only release by that time, so I bought it as it was a limited edition.

I saw them again, with more or less the same line-up, supporting the Damned.
Since 1989 when this single was released, things changed a lot for Ding An Sich.
Ding An Sich took shape in 1987, in Athens and they released this single as well as the album “Old As Forever.New As Tomorrow
in the very early 90s with the following line up: Panagiotis Merekos on vocals, Nick Sarikostas on bass , George Polizos on the drums , and the guitarist Dimitris Papalakis.

The band recorded the single at “111 studios“, a place that recorded a lot of Greek rock albums during the 80s (although I can’t consider it as a high quality studio…)

back cover

back cover

People came in and out of this formation but the band is still active today with a number of album releases that I am not
going to deal with right now as I wanna focus on this 7″ single.

inner sleeve 2

inner sleeve 2

As I am aware of how rare this single is, I am posting here a couple of lyrics sheet etc.
One more thing I gotta point out: Ding An Sich were not very “camera friendly” so it is very difficult to find any band photos.

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