Playhouse Gotique #4 – a live review

03 Dec

new zero god

new zero god

Playhouse Gotique #4

took place at 8 Dytika club on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th of
November 2008.
A well produced festival of Darkedelic Sounds that has always something new to offer.
This time they presented 6 Greek bands, video projections, a dancing show by Venus Shrine and the short black and white movie “Vlad the Demon“.

Entering the “dungeon” of 8 Dytika, we found The Venus Shrine on the decks.
Gothic music and candle lights electrofied the atmosphere until the 8 piece band of
Christabel Etheriel got on stage.

Marilou’s band, Christabel Etheriel, consisted by drums, bass, guitars, chello and violins,
have realy nice songs.
I already knew some of them, just a couple, from Marilou’s former band, Drama Queen.
You can give’em a listen here:

Its been a long time since I last saw live the band of Herouvim.
They’ve been around since 1994 and their sound is influenced by the dark electronic bands
of the 80s.




The stage was full of their singer Evagelos Vagenas’s energy on that Friday night.
Spiting  the Greek lyrics from all three albums of theirs, like deadly bullets.
To listen to this excellent band click here: 


Midnight Toys

Midnight Toys

The night ended with The Midnight Toys, a new Athenian band formed during 2006.
Their sound is pure, raw rock’n’roll that will make you move your feet to the rythm.
They haven’t release anything yet so you better check them here: Midnight Toys

3 more bands came on stage on Saturday.
New Zero God gave us their gothic/punk stuff as they record it now for their forthcoming
debut album.
The band was formed on 2006 but the band members are well experienced as the singer  was the
former singer of The Flowers of Romance and Nexus, the drummer was playing with The Drops
and Nexus while the bass player and the guitarist are also members of the band Past Perfect.
New Zero God also played a few Flowers Of Romance classic tracks too.
Their myspace profile:

Absent Without Leave

Absent Without Leave

The duo of Absent Without Leave messmerized everyone with their melancholic sound.
This solo project of George Mastrokostas was the opening act for like piano magic,
god is an astronaut, manyfingers and others.
To have a listen to the soundscape of a person living in Athens click here:

George Skordilis’s band, Split Image, are active again since last year.
George is very experienced (check about the Split Image in past article) and
formed a great group of musicians to give the the real essence of his gloomy songs.
Old and new matterial of theirs with a great performance, were the last experiences
I had from this festival.
You can check them here:

A jam followed (the Dark Rehearsal Experiments) but the booze drove us out of the club and back to our house long before
the musicians got on stage (sorryyyyyyyy…)
Hope somebody else will give us some details of what happened…

It was a great festival and we are all anxiously waiting for the next one.


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3 responses to “Playhouse Gotique #4 – a live review

  1. The Venus Shrine

    December 5, 2008 at 11:45 am

    It was brilliant! We enjoyed playing on both nights and being a part of this exceptional cultural event.

    And… you missed the best part… but no worries, video captures of the Dark Rehearsal Experiment will soon be uploaded, photos as well 😉

  2. panagiotis

    December 16, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    I was there too (the first day)! Herouvim is one of my fav’s and I surely enjoyed seeing them live.

  3. ADateZ Inc.

    December 25, 2008 at 5:57 am

    I was there too!!


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