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11 Dec

Live 1979

Live 1979

A few years before Litis turned into the new wave sound, he joined forces with Izoldi to play his own compositions. 
The duet Litis & Izoldi was focused on a ballad style, a style that they named “Medieval ballads”. 
It had nothing to do with medieval music though.
They toured Greece extensively along with bands such as Schmetterling (a prog rock band) and the new wavers, Sharp Ties.
the single

the single

They released their single “O Drakos tou Parkou” (engl. The Dragon (rapist) of the Park gr. Ο Δράκος του Παρκου) in 1981 through Happening Records.

A few details about the single:

– John Alex produced the single.  He would also release a 7″ single through Happening Records with the Vavoura Band.

– John Alex later became well-known as Johnny Vavouras where he often starred on a funny TV show…saying jokes.
– Dimitris Dimitrakas was on drums and met fame a few years later with the punk rock band Panx Romana.
Back in 1981, Dimitrakas played with the bands Aiolos and Schmetterling.  Schmetterling was a prog rock band in the spirit of the English group Genesis and they released one 7″ single as well as an album also titled “Feeling Funny” (a self-released album that came out long after the band had split).
back sleeve

back sleeve

One member of the band Lernea Hydra who played the violin on the b side was Iraklis Triantafyllidis

The song was titled “I Vrohi” (engl. The rain; gr. Η βροχή) and was quite strange since Iraklis was a piano player but bass player Johnny Alex appeared on this track playing the piano…

In any case, I find this song the most interesting on that single.

Vavoura band, Aiolos and Litis & Izoldi were all featured in the compilation “Happening 82” in 1982.  In 1983 Litis would leave the duet to form the new wave band Litis Tryk that would be signed to EMI Records.
Litis – Live in the city of Arta – 1987
For more information, click here.
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