Greek Riots, Part II — An Outsider’s Perspective

11 Dec

alexandros-grigoropoulosFor many days now I’ve held my silence over the senseless killing of a child and the events which have encompassed all of us in global proportions.  This is certainly not an event I ever imagined being witness to, nor one which I thought would take place when I visited my beloved land of the gods.

As a mother, it’s so hard to imagine the pain and anguish young Alexi’s mother felt while making her journey to the hospital.  A million questions overpowering her very being as she wondered what happened to her son.  A million more questions will remain for not one soul bothered to contact her to inform her of the tragedy at the hands of the very people protecting us. 

Why wasn’t there a police escort to the hospital?

Can one country be so different from another when it comes to compassion for the victim’s family?

I know there have been years of turmoil in Greece — that the civilian population abhors the political structure and infrastructure of the nation — that there is corruption on every level and lots of dirty deeds going unpunished.  This overwhelming final straw that has brought children to the streets in the hopes of change.

But I see no change in sight.

The blame from the guilty being counterthrust onto a child whose actions could not have commanded a death sentence without judge nor jury.  A child whose only apprant crime was to be out with his friends in a neighborhood I have frequently visited during my short stay here. 

He wasn’t the first to fall silently, but the cries of his brothers and sisters as they unite will echo for generations to come. 

I’m a peaceful person by nature .., and I weigh my decisions carefully as I try to find a balance between two sides of any issue. 

But this time there is no fair balance.  Greece is in shambles.  I’m ashamed by the actions of those in power.  I’m downright humiliated that this once great land has been overtaken by potholes which are not only on the city streets, but are also in the very core of humanity.

I bow my head in sorrow as I watch all these actions on tv.  I stood proudly along the sidelines as I watched the children amassing on the streets while respectfully demonstrating their hatred and fears of what tomorrow will bring if no one stands up and shouts.

I’m amazed that the police stand in unison and do nothing as rocks are hurled and buildings are destroyed.  I’m brokenhearted that they do nothing to try to ease the pain and anguish, but rather, hurl teargas at the crowds.  Instead of working to find a solution, the adults (the politicians, the special forces, the “whatever you want to call them”) just draw their pistols and batons.

Photo by Kostas Tsironis - who was then fired by The Eleftheros Typos for "unauthorized publication" of his photo. (Special thanks to tapes gone loose for an interesting read:

Like senseless children … all of them.

So what do you do to rectify a terrible situation when the grown ups act just like children and the children act like the protectors of our future …

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