French May / Greek December

12 Dec

“The vast majority of the protesters espoused left-wing causes, but the established leftist political institutions and labor unions distanced themselves from the movement.  Many saw the events as an opportunity to shake up the ‘old society’ and traditional morality, focusing especially on the education system and employment.”

This snip is taken from the Wikipedia site.
Its not written about Greece.  Its written about May 1968 in France.

May 1968

May 1968

We are not talking about spoiled brats.  We are talking about school kids who grew up seeing their parents on their knees because of bank loans, mortgages and political scandals.

Guilty people remain unpunished in Greece for years.  Guilty politicians, guilty police officers, and lately, even guilty priests.

Police brutality ?
No sorries?
You name it!

This is taken from “The Economist”– December 11 2008:

“…The government is also facing mounting criticism over a string of financial scandals.  Even as protesters rampaged, a parliamentary committee was taking evidence in a scandal over an illegal government land swap carried out with Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos.  Senior ministers are said to have diddled taxpayers out of some €100m while handsomely lining their own pockets.  Two have resigned already:  George Voulgarakis, the merchant-marine minister, whose wife acted as a
notary for the deal, and Theodoros Roussopoulos, the government’s spokesman.”


“…The feel-good factor allowed the conservatives to ignore the pressing case for social reform, particularly in education, health, and policing.  But as the global slowdown takes effect, young Greeks see their parents struggling to pay the bills. 

If they cannot afford to study abroad, they get lousy tuition at a Greek university and, unless their family can pull strings, few chances of a good job.  The unemployment rate for young graduates is 21%, compared with 8% for the population as a whole.”

What Greek media are talking about, such as “anarchists” and “kids with covered faces”…come on…take another look.

December 2008 (Photo from The Guardian).jpg

December 2008 (Photo from The Guardian).jpg

Do you realy believe there would be hundreds of thousands of anarchists in Greece ?

Oh, and look closer…the protesters are not covering their faces this time.

Technology is something the kids of the new generation are very well aware of. 
And they use it.
Who are we to damn these kids?
Look at their future by any point of view.
Does it look good to you?
Would you like to be 17 right now?
Check all the given opportunities and think again.

1968 or 2008?

1968 or 2008?

The future is theirs.
The creation of misery is ours.

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