Greek Riots, Part III

16 Dec

A group of young people stopped the evening news broadcast today at 3 o’clock by invading the studios of the Greek national television.  They brought up a sign clearly stating: “Stop watching, get out in the streets”. They also demanded that the people who were arrested during the incidents of the last days to be set free.

They remained on air for a few minutes until the commercials started.  After the commercials, the news carried on without any comments from the news presenters.

The revolution will not be televised

A very interesting BBC article about the Greek police brutality is

In the central square of Thessaloniki, young people replaced “Baby Jesus” in his basket, with a television.

On another level, the Prime Minister of Greece, Kostantinos Karamanlis, announced today that he wasn’t well-informed about the Vatopedio Monastery scandal.  He said that “the goverment should have better reflexes…”

Regarding the riots he said that “violence has no place in democracy”.

Today, the HQ of the riot police in Kesariani – Athens – was attacked by 50 people throwing molotov bombs and stones.  Two police officers were injured and four patrol cars were burned.  Students are squatting in several schools (more than 100).

Since the 6th of December more than 155 people were arrested, 57 of them are already in prison (50 of which are immigrants without translators).

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