Compilation nr. 3

17 Dec

Fragmenta V

Fragmenta V

In 1992, the fanzine “Stis skies tou B-23” released the vinyl compilation “Fragmenta V“.
The album was given free with the issue (can’t remember on which one was that) and today is very rare.

11 songs from 5 Greek indie bands.
Every band participated with two track except from the alternative pop band Pillow who
appear here with their song “For The Love She Could Not Feel” on the A side.

Pillow appeared also on the CD compilation “Pop Secrets …From The Greek Underground Scene
with the acoustic version of the song “My Music” and a special mix of their track
Rebecca Deruvo“.

This compilation was released in 1997 by Voice magazine and was compiled by Dimitris
(who was the co-owner of the fanzine “Stis Skies tou B-23”).
Checking the tracklist of the “Pop Secrets…” compilation, one can spot also a couple of other bands
that are featured in “Fragmenta V” such as the band Ding An Sich and the electro/funk/pop Greek pioneers,
Groove Machine.

Old As Forever

Old As Forever

The two Ding An Sich tracks “Our Name Is Melancholy” and “A Hollow Image Of Fulfilled Desire
of “Fragmenta V” can also be found on their CD album “Old As Forever…New As Tomorrow” that was released by Capp
records in 2000. You can listen to the song “A Hollow Image Of Fulfilled Desire” here
In “Fragmenta V”, the Groove Machine appear with two tracks: “Nowdays” and “In those days“.

Destroy The Presence Of This World

Destroy The Presence Of This World

A different version of “Nowdays” can also be found on their full length album “Destroy The Presence Of This World” that was
released in 1993, a wonderful album.
More infos about their album can be found here.

Back in those days, the experimental/noise band of Psygeio Psygeio (engl. Refrigerator-Refrigerator gr. Ψυγείο Ψυγείο) were
often visiting Athens, travelling far away from their hometown, the city of Ioannina, to perform live.

Ψυγείο Ψυγείο

Ψυγείο Ψυγείο

This quartet participated here with two tracks, “Skotose me, me ta kerata sou” and “Me Aftaparnisi“.
With this line-up: Vana Grammeniatis – vocals+keyboards, Michalis Kilakos – guitar, Costas Stamatis – Guitar and Alexis
– drums, they released two full length albums titled “To Psygeio Psygeio” in 1990 and “Empistosyni” in 1993.
The Hidden Diaries blog will help you a bit more about them, here

The most famous band of the compilation, is the band that opens the first side, Lefki Symfonia.

Λευκή Συμφωνία

Λευκή Συμφωνία

They also do have two tracks here, “Thelo Enan Kalytero Kosmo” (engl. I want a better world gr. Θελω εναν καλύτερο κόσμο)
and “Sti diki mou Poli” (engl. In My City gr. Στη Δική μου πόλη) both to be released on their 1993 album titled
“Lefki Symfonia”.
I guess the band wasn’t under contract with any label by that time as the above mentioned album was released
by WEA-Greece later.
Lefki Symfonia sound here heavily influenced by rock bands such as the Cult.

Fragmenta V (back)

Fragmenta V (back)

So, “Fragmenta V” gave the chance to 5 completely different bands to release their songs.
I am not sure if Pillow ever released a full lenght album (I am sure that somebody will let me know if they did so) but
it is very obvious that these kind of compilations (which had no mechanical or broadcasting royalties becoming easier
for the fanzine to release them) were help the Greek underground rock scene to breathe.

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One response to “Compilation nr. 3

  1. Yannis Koromilas

    May 11, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    pillow did not released a full album. Their only official release was pure ep by hitch hyke records


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