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18 Dec



For sure it was too difficult for a greek electro duo to survive in Greece during the 80s.
The Greeks were more… “guitar oriented” back in those days and bands such as the Depeche Mode, Clock DVA,
OMD etc were only known to the fans of the underground sound.

Out of this small number of people came Alex Macheras and Nikos Veliotis to form In Trance 95.

The duo released the 7″ single “Desire to Desire/Brazilia” in 1988.
It was produced by Kostas Sokialis, the guitar player of the band Film Noir (check previous posting)
and the recordings took place in Blue Moon studios (owned by Christos Manolitsis – check previous posting).


As there was an on-growing interest in Greece in the EBM and electronic music on the late 90’s/early 00’s
this single became a collectors’ item.
But this wasn’t the only release of In Trance 95.
That was only the begining.

Being real electro pioneers, the duo “filmed and edited on 35mm film
back in a period that it was almost impossible in Greece (high cost and lack of media)…”
in trance 95 – desire to desire

Dada Data / In Trance 95

Dada Data / In Trance 95

In 1989, they released the track “21st Century European Temptation” on a split 7″ EP with an other Greek electro band,
Dada Data (which was actualy a Coti K’s project).

During the year 1990 two releases would follow.
One of them was the release of their one and only album, titled “Code Of Obsession” in the same dance spirit

code of obsession

code of obsession

of the previous releases and the 12″ EP  In Trance 95 And Sonny E – So Sad 12″.

A year later, In Trance 95 were signed to Elfish records through which their Warm Nights Driving On Wet Streets 12″ vinyl
was released (engineered by Coti K. who was something like a shadow member for them as well as for many other bands).

Warm Nights Driving On Wet Streets

Warm Nights Driving On Wet Streets

The last time I heard of them by the name In Trance 95 was because their track “The Lesser Water Snake” was featured on the
compilation “Crash – A Tribute To James Graham Ballard” in 1993 among bands and artists such as the Clock DVA, Cotie K., Raw
, Slow Motion, Forward Music Quintet, Pankow and others.

In Trance 95 were active untill 1996 and since 2006 that they decided to make a come back by switching their name to ITeNeF.
George Geranios (who if I am not mistaken is the owner of Hysterica, the Depeche Mode fan club in Greece) replaced Nikos

Nikos Veliotis was initially trained as a pianist but he later devoted himself to the cello. Leaving In Trance 95,  participated in lots of releases
that you can check either on his web site:
or his myspace profile:

As for ITeNeF , they arel recording nowdays their first album.

You can check their myspcae profile here:

The first two tracks on the myspace music player on their profile are the ones of their very first 7″ single of 1988.

itenef – The Sound of Sexy Machines


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4 responses to “In Trance 95

  1. Alex Machairas

    January 6, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    This is finally somebody who knows the history of In Trance 95/itenef and I wish we had given the chance to release much more of the material we composed back then. Nik and I,in the period 88 to 92 we recorded enough material to release 6 albums. Only “Code of Obsession” and “Radio Telescope Mysteries” divided in few different releases,did see the light of day. Yes,George is the owner of Hysterika and the truth is In Trance 95 could have done much more if internet or an electronic scene existed back then. Still though I’m contant we released what we could,sometimes heroically as the cost in the studio was very high and even the fact we did filmed a videoclip when there was nowhere to watch it (!) is great because it is saved today as part of the history. Recently I discovered a lot of our old tapes and some TV performances. Nik and I plan to record together,while already we have enough material for a new album. Thank you for this very good detailed and correct info about the band.
    Best wishes, Alex Machairas

  2. panole8riambos

    January 7, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    Thank you for your comment and your kind words.
    Hope that days to come will give you more chances for your great music.

  3. annexe

    November 15, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    In Trance 95 reformed with original line up of Alex Machairas and Nikos Veliotis and return with a new album entitled “Abovearth” as well as a gig in Athens, the beginning of 2011.

  4. panole8riambos

    November 15, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    Thank you very much for the comment and the great news.


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