Don’t Shoot the Piano Player

23 Dec

Some bands played a certain role in their areas, keeping the rock spirit alive or showing the way to the next generation.

mhn-pyrov-pic-1Min Pyrovolite Ton Pianista   (Engl. Don’t Shoot the Piano Player gr. Μην Πυροβολείτε τον πιανίστα) came from the same Athenian location (Nea Smyrni) with the legendary greek heavy metal band of the 80s, Spitfire (or Speedfire) as well as the Nightfall.
For the record, Spitfire’s British born drummer, Mark Cross, joined Nightfall , then he played with the German / American band Metalium and in 2000 sut behind the drumset of  the German band of Helloween.
He ended up with the American Power Metal band Winter’s Bane.

Min Pyrovolite Ton Pianista  and Spitfire were close friends and they were active in the same live clubs in the same era.

Min Pyrovolite Ton Pianista’s  history goes back in their school-days sometime in 1983 when Panos Economakis and Andreas Soutis put the band together to perform their favorite hard rock covers.



As a cover band, they performed in hundreds of clubs and open air festivals until they changed their minds and started writing their own material.
Armed with all the experience they gained and forced by their need to express themselves, the 5 piece band released their first album titled “Ainigma” (engl. Enigma gr. Αινιγμα) in 2000 through Cyberdelia Records.
The tracks remain in a hard rock spirit with a strong touch of prog rock.

Like many other Greek bands, here we have once more a group that lasted 17 years to release their first full length album but it took them less than 6 months to disband after this release.

During all these years, they worked with other musicians too.
Economakis played additional guitars on several albums of other bands and in 2005 he formed the cover band Vintage.

Soutis had the part of Christ on a local production of “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

The band is giving away the album for free here:

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