Compilation nr. 4

29 Dec

Filled Me With Fantastic Terrors

Filled Me With Fantastic Terrors

Here is a compilation release that was featuring both Greek and foreign artists.
The vinyl album “Filled Me With Fantastic Terrors – The Dark Side Of Electronica 3” was released in 500 copies
during 2002 by CAPP records. Now, for those who have no idea, CAPP records is a label releasing mostly experimental electronic music but
has also released albums by the bands Ding An Sich (gothic rock) Morticians (ebm) Slow Motion (medieval) Alfa P. (ex
member of Stereo Nova – check previous posting) and others.
The label has a very impressive catalogue of about 80 releases but one can clearly understand that the interest
of the label owners is focused on the releases of the artists: Viridian Grin, Dark Runner and Glaufx.
This is not a coincidence.
The owners of the label are focused on these artists because these artists are all one: Stefanos Koukoulomatis.
Who is none other but the label owner.

Koukoulomatis appears on “Filled Me With Fantastic Terrors – The Dark Side Of Electronica 3” with all three different
projects either as a musician or as a remixer.

The tracklist of the album:

Side A:
01 Intro
02 Viridian Grin – I Speak Not Thy Name (poem by lord Byron)
03 Transmitted Terrorpulse – Foretoken (remixed by Glaufx)
04 Nexus – Born In Razors (remixed by Dark Runner)
05 Dark Runner – Your Hate Or Your Love Is Snowflakes In My Heart (poem by E.M.Fadul)
06 Stefania Dimmen – Eternal Light (remixed by Alpha P.)

Side B:
07 Aesma Daeva – Darkness
08 My Magic Armchair – Doubts (remastered by Glaufx)
09 Morticians – Goodbye (remastered by Glaufx)
10 Glaufx – Love And Faith (Dark Runner mix)
11 Albatross – Idiosyncrasy
12 Dodo Bird – Sadglad

The compilation deals with synthpop, EBM and industrial music styles.
Transmitted Terrorpulse, on the first side, were from the island of Crete and this was their only release.
They changed their name later to PreEmptive Strike to release the album “Lethal Defence Systems” in 2006 through
the German label Infacted Recordings and the album “Extinction Reprogrammed” for the american label COP International
during 2008.
Aesma Daeva formed out of the early collaboration of Nick Copernicus (production) and John Prassas (guitars, composition)
in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, circa 1998. They worked together on a remix of an original work, “Darkness“, for COP International
compilation disc Diva-X-Machina II.
Its the opening track of side B.
Aesma Daeva – Ancient Verses

Nexus appear here with “Born In Razors” a track from their album “Wrapped In Cellophane” that here is remixed by Dark Runner
in a haunted industrial version (check previous post about Nexus).
Morticians were Swedish and they released their album “Private Void” through CAPP records.
Youtube holds a video of their song “Goodbye” on a David Lynch Fan Video.
The Morticians – Goodbye

They would also release the double CD album “Mutilation Recreation” in 2005.

Ome more swedish band participates in the compilation, My Magic Armchair with their song “Doubts” (remastered by Glaufx).
As far as I know they haven’t got any full length album releases so far.

A mystery covers the project Albatross for which I know nothing about.

Dodo Bird is a one man band, that comes from Tel-Aviv and is very influenced by Syd Barrett.

You can download his four albums for free from his home page.

Stefania Dimmen that closes the first side with her track Eternal Light (remixed by Alpha P.) has only this official release.

back sleeve

back sleeve

By the name Viridian Green one can find several releases like the album ΗΩ or participations in compilations.
By the name Viridian Grin you can find the album “I Had A Dream Which Was Not All A Dream” on CAPP records 2001 as well
as this song here, on this compilation.
Now, things could confuse you a lot here when it comes to Glaufx Garland which is the same person and released in 1999
the album “The 7 Gates Of Punishment – 1st Gate – There Is No Love“.
And we come to the industrial project Dark Runner (which is the same person again) and released the albums “Unknown Master Save Us They Are Evil” (CAPP 2000)
Gently Sin” (CAPP-2002) and “Awaken All Myths” for Pandaimonium Records in 2003.

“Filled Me With Fantastic Terrors – The Dark Side Of Electronica 3” might be a compilation album released a few years ago but
it is little known and hard to find.

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  1. The Priestess

    December 31, 2008 at 10:59 am

    I definitely NEED this one!


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