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Anti Troppau Council

Anti Troppau Council

Anti Troppau Council

Psychomafia” was an Athenian post punk band with close relations to the bands
South Of No North and Ex Humans (check past postings).
When the band split in 1984, the singer/guitar player Giannis Drenogiannis and the bassist
Tolis Maragos formed the Anti Troppau Council along with the singer Vasilis Tzavaras and the
drummer Takis Kanellos.

A great number of gigs took place in the Exarchia live clubs “Pigasos” and “Point” but their
performance at Kyttaro club on the February of 1985 was the one to be remembered as there was
a compilation tape released titled “Live at Kyttaro” in 1985.

By the same year, Anti Troppau Council participated in the LP compilation “Outsiders” with two of
their songs.
A Way Out

A Way Out

Their album titled “A Way Out” was released through “Pegasus Records” (same owners of the above mentioned club)
and instantly became an underground “hit”.
Their track “I believe” was already the highlight in their gigs (a song paying a tribute to Roky Erickson).
The album gives a good idea about the band’s energy as well as their love for the post punk.
Last track on side B, a punk cover of  the gospel hymn “When the Saints Go Marching In” titled “When the Saints Go”.

While the band was about to record a second album, in 1987, they unexpectedly disbanded.
The reason is not known but during the same year, Pegasus Records released the compilation “Cicadas” with two more tracks of the band.

Anti Troppau Council-Shine

In the early days of Anti Troppau Council, Giannis Drenogiannis joined also for a while the electronic/experimental
band Horis Peridereo.
Horis Peridereo released one single in 1983 and one LP in 1985.
(myspace profile:

When Anti Troppau Council called it a day, Drenogiannis formed the band Yeah ! and released the album “Yeah !” in 1989 and “Festival
in 1992.
The other members where the guitarist Vassilis Spyropoulos (member of the band Spyridoula) bass player Hryssa Pantazi and
drummer Takis Giannoutsos.
By the split of this band Drenogiannis turned into journalism and today he writes articles about new cars and mottorbikes.
Takis Giannoutsous became a well known radio persona after hosting a morning tv show for a while.

Ok, I am not that sure about them spliting cause during 2005 they covered the Depeche Mode track “Policy of Truth” which was
released on the compilation “A Greek Tribute To Depeche Mode“.

YEAH! Policy of truth


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