Last Drive – Underworld Shakedown

15 Jan

The Last Drive was one of those bands that influenced other underground Greek musicians to play rock ‘n’ roll.
They were formed in Athens in 1983 by singer/bass player Alex K. guitarist Nick  “Pop Mind” and the drummer Chris B.I.
Soon,George “B. George Bop” Kranikolas would join the band on guitars.

Last Drive

They started rehearsing in a small studio, in a basement in the Kallithea district along with other bands like The Flowers Of Romance and the first mark of a band that would become later well known in Greece by the name Endelehia.

Midnight hop

Midnight hop

Their first release was the single “Midnight Hop” in 1985.
It came out through the Art Nouveau label (a small record shop near Exarchia square, owned by Nikos Kontogouris who was writing for the music mag Pop & Rock and later would manage the band of No Man’s Land).

Last Drive were playing a 50’s and 60’s garage revival rock and soon would have a strong fan base.
In 1985 their tracks  “Poison”, “Right by my Side” and  ” Midnight Hop”. were featured in the cassete compilation “Live sto Kyttaro” (along with Anti Tropeau Council-check past posting).

Underworld Shakedown

Underworld Shakedown

Their first album titled, Underworld Shakedown was released in 1986 by Hitch Hyke records and changed the face of the Greek underground.
Many garage bands were formed in Greece following the example of Last Drive’s and a 60’s garage revival broke out in Greece.

The album had classic covers such as Richard Rodgers’s and Lorenz Hart’s “Blue Moon”, Michalis Patrino’s 1927 classic rebetiko “Misirlou” aa well as a cover on “The Night Of The Phantom” by the Fuzztones.

“Underworld Shakedown” is considered to be as one of the 50 best Greek rock albums of all times.

Track listing: 1. Me ‘n’ My Wings  2. Valley Of Death  3. Poison 4. Misirlou 5. This Fire Inside 6. Blue Moon 7. Sidewalk Stroll 8. The Shade Of Fever  9. Every Night                                                                                                       
10. The Night Of The Phantom 11. Repulsion       

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