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Stis Skies Tou B23

scan0019Some of the compilations that we posted in the past were released by the Greek fanzine “Stis skies tou B23”.
We also mentioned the importance of the Greek underground press during the late 80’s/early 90’s and how they
effected the sellings of the Greek mainstream music press.
So, it is time to post something for no other but the fanzine we mentioned above: “Stis skies tou B23”.

scan0020The two publishers were Yiannis Kolovos and Dimitris Argyropoulos, two young passionate music lovers.
Kolovos was also the drummer of the Greek hardcore band “Koinonika Apovlita”.
They started publishing the fanzine during 1990 using a typewritter to fill up 80 pages with music news,
interviews, reviews etc.

b23By their second issue they released a 7″ compilation EP.
It was titled Fragmenta I and was featuring the bands: Panx Romana, Anti, Viridian Green
and R.R. Hearse.
For sure it was interesting to know that the “Stis skies tou B23” which will reach a number of 2000 copies by
every new issue, would offer to the Greek audience music for free every now and then.

A new issue was coming out every 3 months and there were more and more news about the Greek rock bands.

fragmenta II

fragmenta II

Fragmenta II was released again duriing 1990 but it was coming in a Gatefold cardboard sleeve.
This 7″ EP was covering a range of Alternative Rock, New Wave, Lo-Fi and Punk featuring the bands:  Sarka, Petunia Pig, Erevos, Lost Bodies.

Fragmenta III came out with the 5th issue of the fanzine on November 1991 but this time it wasn’t a compilation.
It was a 7″ black single of the Greek band En Plo and today is considered to be a collector’s item.

scan0021Fragmenta IV was released in 1992. It was an LP with 11 tracks from 11 Greek bands from Alternative Rock to Grindcore and Electro.

By the same year, Fragmenta V was released too.
It was a vinyl LP compilation again and would be the last release of the fanzine.

During the years of its existance, “Stis Skies Tou B23” changed shape, it grew
bigger and became one of the most important publications of the Greek underground scene.

Soon after the last compilation, the publication was put on hold and other fanzines took its place.

scan0022What is left from this fanzine, is the wonderful collection of its publishers’ releases helping all these bands
to remain in light and never to fall into oblivion.

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Postblue – Landing on Mars

Landing On Mars

Landing On Mars

In 2003, Postblue were landing on Mars.
At least that was the title of the CDr they produced.
The 5th CDr according to their discography as it is stated on their myspace profile.

“Landing On Mars” features 3 tracks: 1. Awake Away 2. Turbulance and 3. Island Falls.
The sound is ranging from post rock to grunge and I find it very interesting.

The line up of the band on that release: Panagiotis Poulos on vocals and guitars, bass player Aris Stathis and
Yiannis Karagiorgas on the drums.

The band was very active and had a lot of gigs.
They even had a participation on the VCD “Live Vol.1: Kozani University” back in 2004.

Their only official release was a track on the CD compilation CIVIL CINDER REGALIA.

Since then…I heard nothing about them.

You can check them here
As far as I know, this is the last time that Postblue released something,
although they’ve been around since the late 90s. I don’t know if they are disbanded.

back cover

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Αυτά που δεν θα δείς

Αυτά που δεν θα δείς

Little you may know abt a band called Adis that comes from Kavala.
I was given their CD back in 2003 and the only thing I know is that it is a selfproduced
album with Greek lyrics titled “Afta Pou Den Tha Dis” (Engl. What you won’t see Ελλ. Αυτά που δεν θα δείς).
Unfortunately I don’t think this album had a national distribution.
I am guite sure that they were selling it through their own record store in that northern Greek

There are no credits about the line up of the group, no label code or anything that could
be usefull to trace them down although this is an official release and not a CDr.

The album has 11 songs covering a range from dark wave to gothic rock.

Ny favorite track is the opening one, “Esostrefis erotas”, which is close enough to the atmospheric black metal with
a strong touch of gothic rock.
Its a great song, and its a pity they remained focused to the local scene of their city
as this could find lots of fans to the rest of the world.
I also like the dark wave mood of the song “Otan nihtoni” and the nice feeling of the track “Stigmes Thanatou”.

The guitar work on the track “I Ikona tou Spileou” reminds me of the guitars of the band Into The Abyss.

There is a thing coming up to my mind listening to this album.
I believe that people who like bands such as London After Midnight of Type O Negative would like it a lot.
Although the singer is keeping his voice on low notes and is , sometimes, difficult to hear what he is singing



In general, “Afta Pou Den Tha Dis” of the band Adis (Αδης) is a nice album.
As I know there are lots of fans of bands with Greek lyrics, I would say that this is a must buy.
(Although I don’t know if the band is still around).

If somebody out there could give me any information that could help people buy this album, it would be wonderful.

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