Postblue – Landing on Mars

16 Jan

Landing On Mars

Landing On Mars

In 2003, Postblue were landing on Mars.
At least that was the title of the CDr they produced.
The 5th CDr according to their discography as it is stated on their myspace profile.

“Landing On Mars” features 3 tracks: 1. Awake Away 2. Turbulance and 3. Island Falls.
The sound is ranging from post rock to grunge and I find it very interesting.

The line up of the band on that release: Panagiotis Poulos on vocals and guitars, bass player Aris Stathis and
Yiannis Karagiorgas on the drums.

The band was very active and had a lot of gigs.
They even had a participation on the VCD “Live Vol.1: Kozani University” back in 2004.

Their only official release was a track on the CD compilation CIVIL CINDER REGALIA.

Since then…I heard nothing about them.

You can check them here
As far as I know, this is the last time that Postblue released something,
although they’ve been around since the late 90s. I don’t know if they are disbanded.

back cover

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