Baby steps to a new era vol. VI

20 Jan

Life plays strange games sometimes.
People change during time in unexpected ways.
Things change as we grow up and that is not bad.
Michalis Koumbios is a Greek composer with lots of releases.
He released several albums of Greek bouzouki music and worked with popular Greek musicians such as:
Giorgos Dalaras, Elias Klonaridis, Dimitra Papiou and others.
He also sings.
Michalis Koumbios has also been the chief of staff of the Greek mainstream music magazine “Difono” for a while.
“Difono” is a magazine dealing with Greek music, not exactly the “well known” bouzouki kind but…close enough.

Michalis Koumbios was also hosting a tv show on the Greek national tv channel during 1990, presenting Greek rock bands (One Night Suzan was one I can remember of…).

And going even more back, Michalis Koumbios released the first punk rock 7″ single with Greek lyrics.
Who would expect it huh ?
When I last met him sometime during 1992-93 he told me that he discovered “the magic of Greek music” so he became a Greek music composer…
Fair enough.
But, long before that, when this kind of magic wasn’t that obvious to him, his band, Koumbotripes A.E. (engl. Buttonholes S.A. ελλ.
Κουμπότρυπες Α.Ε.) released the single “Kainourgia Epanastasi/Kathimerines Katastaseis” (engl. New Revolution/Everyday situations
ελλ. Καινουργια Επανάσταση/Καθημερινες Καταστάσεις).

Koumbotripes A.E. were rehearsing in the same studio with the h/c punk band Birth Ward 82 (they released the first Greek punk rock single with english lyrics) in Tambouria-Piraeus.
koump1aThe band Koumbotripes A.E. was playing a wonderful post punk style and the lyrics were political and sarcastic.
Their single was released through Happening Records in 1983 and they had their first radio interview the same year
with Argiris Zilos on national broadcasting.

“Kainourgia Epanastasi”  is an excelent song.
As the production was in the spirit of DIY, it sounds exactly as it should.
I believe that if by some chance, the whole outcome would sound better, the feeling would be lost.
But what we got here, to me, is a post punk masterpiece.

“Kathimerines Katastaseis” gives me the impression that Koumbotripes were influenced a bit by Birth Ward 82 cause it sounds
more to the Athenian punk sound.

Later they would have a couple of more releases (a tape, they would participate to a compilation and one more 7″ single) and they would split in 1986 to reform again for one more album that I never
listened of, in 1998.

In any case, Koumbotripes A.E. released the first punk rock single with Greek lyrics.



2 responses to “Baby steps to a new era vol. VI

  1. panagiotis

    January 22, 2009 at 10:14 am

    The song “Simvola” (which can be found at the compilation “Sintagi Anti Thanatou”) is also one of my favourites! In general, Koumbotripes is one of the most respected bands!

    The album “Eixame Prothesi” (We had intention) war released in 1999 (by Wipe Out Records), and it sounds a lot different from their previous works. Suppose, I can say that is almost “Balkan ethnic” with some touches of rock n roll sounds (as in the song “Punkarola”), greek traditional music (“I Chameni Adia”, “Himonas”, “Tou polemou kai tis mporas”), or even “gypsy punk” sounds as in the last song. Anyway, the overall result is a little bit confusing, and I think that this album should be considered as an experimental album of Koumbios, and not as a Koumbotripes A.E. album. The lyrics are quite interesting though.

  2. panole8riambos

    January 23, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    Thanks for noticing Panagiotis.
    I never heard of this album so, its good to know.


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