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Will-o-the Wisp – Second Sight

Second Sight

Second Sight

I wanna make something clear: I should start writing about the first album of this band to follow
all four album releases of theirs BUT I was listening to this album today while driving my car.
“Second Sight” was the second album of Will-o-the Wisp.
Takis Barbagalas, former guitar player of Lefki Symfonia and founder of the band Red Mist
(released the single “Empire of All” and the album “Red Mist” both in 1994) decided to
form a psychedelic band in 1997.

Will-o-the Wisp released their first self titled album in January 1999, both on vinyl and CD format.
With the same line up: Takis Barbagalas – quitars, Costas PagonaTs – bass, Dina Nassi – keyborads, Nikos Manousopoulos – drums,
Nikos Halkias – flute and Angelo Gerakitis – vocals, they recorded their second album “Second Sight”.

It came out on January 2001 both on vinyl and CD format again (someone loves vinyl in this band…)

The 8 songs of “Second Sight” would guide the listener to the dream world of Will-o-the Wisp for 38 minutes.
Psychedelic/prog rock soundscapes, flowing male/female vocals excellent drumwork and flutes help you
discover their fairyland.

Alan Lee and Brian Froud made a wonderful artwork.
You should also check their website, created by Melani, and be sure you will be mesmerised.


Track Listing:
1. The Passage 2. Internal Journey 3. Queen Of Dreams 4. Ropedancer 5. Rings Of Time 6. Water-Lily’s Land 7. The Message
8. S.T.3

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