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22 Jan

What it Means to me

What it Means to me

Headleaders was an Athenian post punk group that was formed in 1981.
They released the 7″ single “Voices” for Creep records and soon was followed by their album
which was titled “What it Means to me” .
Their music had a touch of pop style that made them sound a bit different from the rest bands of
Creep’s roster but their relations were very close to them thanks to bass player Spyros Faros.

farosSpyros Faros was sometimes playing with the Yell o Yell and with the band Rehearsed Dreams.
Later he would be the partner of Giannis Papaioannou in Elfish Records and the band Raw.

 Spider’s Web was one more of his personal music vehicle sbut he also released two albums and one EP with the electronic band This Fluid and worked with the act Spy F + the Zakoulas.

You don't wanna...

You don't wanna...

He released a solo album titled “You Don’t Wanna” in 2008 in a development to his experiments on electronic music using tribal rythms in dark soundscapes. Check his myspace profile.

Headleaders’s drummer Joseph Baselie, would join the band Next to Nothing and would release with them an album with 7 songs, titled “Long Way to the Sun”.
This album was more in an Australian rock style and soon after that they would split.

Long Way To The Sun

Long Way To The Sun

After they split, some members of Next To Nothing released by the name Tango, a dance cover of the rembetiko song “Anapse to tsigaro”
produced by Costas Sokialis.
I don’t remember Baselie participating to that band (and I am almost sure that I am mispelling
his name as french language is not my cup of tea…)
Instead, he opened a record shop in Monastiraki flee market simply naming it after his name…
I have no idea what happened to the other two members of the Headleaders, guitar player Dakis Halkiopoulos
and singer Frank Vakoulas.

Now, for something different:
I know a lot of Greek vinyl lovers buy records from Joseph’s record shop.


This reminded me of an other musician who’s coffee/bar is a meeting point in Athens.
“Stavlos” is a very well known place in the aerea of Thision.
George Orfanoudakis is one of the owners of the place.
Orfanoudakis was the drummer of the garage band Brush who released the album “Bristel” in 1989.
They did a very nice cover on this album on Terry Jacks’s “Seasons in the Sun” and the band
also appeared on the Greek national tv channel which was hosted by Michalis Koumbios.
This album was their only release.


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3 responses to “Headleaders plus…

  1. tapesgoneloose

    January 23, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    Good work, thanks for all the info – I’ll visit the Orfanoudakis bar next time I’m in Athens! Just let me add here that The Brush also contributed a track to Wipe Out’s ‘Double Shot’ comp. (unfortunately, I didn’t rip that one – but I did rip The Brush’s album, so expect to be able to download it soon).

  2. panole8riambos

    January 23, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    Thanks once again.
    There was a funny story about the Brush though.
    On the day their album was out, they were interviewed by Greg Vaios on his radio show.
    The band mentioned, on air, that the material on this album is old and that these songs were not “expressing” them anymore so they were working on new stuff.
    Imagine the surprise on Vaios’s face, as he was also the co-owner of their record label….
    The band never released any other album or single…

    …and my dear Tapes Gone loose…you also owe us a Flowers of Romance bootleg.
    We don’t forget that easy:)))

  3. tapesgoneloose

    January 25, 2009 at 12:36 am

    Just uploaded it, dear, thanks for the kick in the ass :). The sound quality sucks, but it contains an unreleased track so… I spent the whole day preparing the new post – argh, I wanted to spend it studying instead… Enjoy!


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