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28 Jan



Today, I was listening to “Die Siele” which is a classic Slow Motion track (and a classic for the Greek goth scene).
Slow Motion was an Athenian act that singer/keyboard player Thodoros Samoladas formed in 1985 and is still active today.
Many of his friends and schoolmates remember him having his first gigs in the living room of his house in Nea Smyrni,
that he had turned into a personal stage for his live performances.

Slow Motion – Dragging anchors (Live 1987)

During the years many musicians joined the band.
Bass players Teo Botinis and Giannis Barouxis, the drummers George Fotis and (ex-Parthenogennesis member) Albert Levis
and a long list of even more people that had the pleasure to contribute in Samoladas’s
musical expression.

Exponential Symphony...

Exponential Symphony...

The rumor has it, that Samoladas, who is a professional airplane pilot, is usualy flying to
some small isolated Greek island to write his music.

Videos of strange ceremonial land, sea and sky matings have been presented in some festivals
where the band played live.

Fire and water, darkness and light.
This is the gothic atmosphere of Slow Motion’s that use both english and German lyrics.
A unique musical style that first came out on their debut album, simply titled “This”.
Since 1988 when this album came out, “Die Siele” remains a classic goth track to the Greek
dancefloors of this genre.


Their second album, “Viaticum”, was released in 1992.
The songs are in the same spirit of the first one.
Slow Motion very rarely perform live but they have a number of devoted followers and
it is a pity that this band is not widely known over the Greek borders.

Samoladas’s voice covers a vast range of notes creating tense with the sound and the
mystic atmosphere of candle lights during their concerts.

Blind Transmissions

Blind Transmissions

They participated with one of their tracks to the compilation “Crash” that was released
in 1993 by Elfish records and during 1998 their 3rd full length album
came out, titled “Blind transmissions”.

During 2001 the album ‘An Exponential Symphony In An Entity That Wasn’t’ was released, in the same
neoclassical, electronic style.

For more sound, click here.

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