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The Last Drive – Heatwave

 Heatwave line upHeatwave” hit the Greek market during 1988.
The album was produced by Peter Zaremba of the Fleshtones.
Within the two years since the release of their debut album “Underworld Shakedown“, Last Drive opened for Watermelon Men,
in Athens creating sensation that night when the singer of the Aussie band, Lime Spiders, Mike Blood went on stage to perform three classic covers “Five years ahead of my time“, “Have love will travel” and “You ‘re gonna miss me“. 

In the Spring of 1987 they toured with the Fuzztones, the Creeps and others in Germany, France, Italy and Holland.
That was the last tour of Panos “P.E.P.P.” Kasiaris with them.

the20last20drive20910-5-0820press_html_m54d1d090Songs of the band are featured in the American compilation albums “Battle of the Garages vol.4” and “Sounds of Now
of the labels Voxx and Dionysus respectively.
Voxx also released the “Blue Moon/Sidewalk Stroll/Εvery Night” 7″ single.

Finishing the recording sessions of the new album, Last Drive performed live with Peter Zaremba as the main
singer for one night at Rodon Club and appeared on a documentary of the Greek national tv channel about the Greek rock scene.

heatwave“Heatwave” continues dealing a 60’s garage-punk revival album smae like their debut but with a little touch of surf.
Tracks such as “I love Cindy“, “Devil may care“, “Gone gone gone” and “It’s all over now baby blue” established their
name within the European underground garage scene.

Devil May Care

Soon, the album was re-released through the german garage record label Music Maniac to be the first underground Greek rock
album to be re-released by a foreign label.
Because of that, the door of Music Maniac opened also for an other Greek band, the Sound Explosion.

The German release of “Heatwave” has a different album cover.

By the same year, film director, Thodoros Aggelopoulos oicked their tracks “Night of the Phantom” and “Every Night
for his movie “Topio stin Omixli“.

In 1989 the band flew to Germany for the “Berlin Independence Days” with American Music Club and while being there they recorded an EP titled “Time“.
They also released “Was A Teenage Zombie” with the Fleshtones as “The Pleasure Hustlers“.

The sound of Last Drive became harder after the release of the album “Heatwave” and the “Time” EP.
They moved to a more “stoner rock” sound but by that time, their fan base became larger and their album sales hit the top.
It was the peak of the Greek garage revival bands and the whole underground scene of the country was dancing to their beat.

“Black Limo” (from “Time” EP) – City of Arta live 1990

“Heatwave” Tracklisting: 1.  I love Cindy 2.  Heatwave ’88 3.  Joe Esposito’s gun 4.  Devil may care 5.  Gone gone gone
6.  It’s all over now baby blue 7.  Blue city shores 8.  Whisper her name 9.  Baby it’s real


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The Shape Of Things To Come-The Rarities


The Shape Of Things To Come-The Rarities” is about to take place on Thursday the 5th of March
at Underworld Genesis Club – Athens, Ippokratous 56.
Actualy its a punk/post punk party which covers the era of the European and American scene
of the years 1976-1984.
Till now, two “The Shape Of Things To Come” parties were hosted in two different clubs,
both of them with great success.

Members of two Greek bands (New Zero God and Ding An Sich) will be behind the decks of the Underworld Genesis Club that night.
and we were adviced that their play list will feature also some Greek bands of that era, such as
Headleaders, Villa 21, Yell O Yell and even more.

This time, the party was subtitled “The Rarities” as the djs intend to include also rare
punk and post punk tracks apart from the “well known” ones.

Tribe4mian is sponsoring this event and hope to see you all there that night.
Well, we mean at least our local readers…:)

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Underground Orbit – Υπόγεια Τροχιά

ypogeia_troxiaFar away from Athens and a long way from the city of Thessaloniki, one more band showed up.
In the city of Ptolemaida, in Northern Greece, Ipogeia Trohia (engl. Underground Orbit
ελλ. Υπογεια Τροχια) were formed in 1984.

The main core of the band were Mikos Tripsanis on bass and sax, Sakis Tsiggenis on the vocals and drummer Costas Nikolaides.
Several people passed from the position of the guitar player, Haris Gagas, Minas Ginos, Dimitris Plakas.
Their sound was post punk with Greek lyrics close enough to Birthday Party’s one.

troxeia 1Initialy they released a cassette in 1988 but their debut album was released in 1990 titled
“Ipogeia Trohia” throught Nate Starkman & Son.
The band started performing live in Thessaloniki and Athens, creating a number of followers
before they leave to play live in a school for deaf children in Bordeaux-France for a charity festival.
They also started releasing a very nice fanzine titled “Vromia” (engl. Dirt ελλ. Βρωμιά)
with news from the american and the Yugoslavian underground rock scene.
(One of them was studying in Yugoslavia…)
During 1991, Fifth Dimmension Records (the record label that released the Dirty Saints matterial) released
a compilation video cassette with Greek bands, titled “The Opticoacousthc Bomb” featuring
also Ipogeia Trohia.
Ipogeia Trohia participated also in two more vinyl compilations, during 1994, “Magiko Votani” and “Kato apo ton Porfiro Ilio”.
troxia 2Their next release was the CD album “Simadia Ton Keron” (engl. Sign of Times ελλ. Σημάδια Των Καιρών)
during 1995, with Stavros Tsiggenis on the keyboards as a slight line up change.
Their fanzine kept on getting published and helping bands from the area of Balkans to distribute
their releases through the mail order of “Vromia”.
“Katantia” (from the “Simadia Ton Keron” album) was featured in the compilation of Pop & Rock Magazine “Underground 97”.
troxia_3With the release of their last album in 1998, titled “Ke pali emis” (engl. Its us again ελλ. Και Πάλι Εμείς) they appeared
also for the last time in one more Pop & Rock mag. compilation, “Underground 98”.

Ipogeia Trohia didn’t manage only to have all these releases coming out, something difficult for a band
coming from such a small town, but also worked through their fanzine to help others too.
I never heared if they split but I asume, more than 10 years have passed since their last release, so the band must, unfortunately, be active no more.


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FMQ – The Mystery Of A Dying Species

When the mini album “The Mystery Of A Dying Species” was released in 1983, the phase of the
electronic post punk era started for the Greek underground scene.

fmqWhen bass player George Makridis and singer Takis Polyhronopoulos decided to leave the Parthenogenesis
in 1981 to form the band, Forward Music Quintet.
Natasha “Streuberg” Syreggela took over the keyboards, Elle on the guitars and Von Braun on the drums.
They opened for the New Order when they played in Sporting in 1982 and went on a number of gigs around Greece with
the Greek new wave band TVC.

Side A
Make Sure
For The Quiet Life

Side B
I Will Not Apologise
Nocturnal Horror

fmq2“The Mystery Of A Dying Species” was a selfreleased 6 track mini album that sometimes was close to Gary Newman’s
early releases (in songs such as “Make Sure“) and sometimes becoming dark and atmospheric (“Wait” and “Waiting“).
Songs like “For the Quiet Life” and “I will not Apologise” make obvious of their influences by the english band, Magazine.
Nocturnal Horror” that closes the album, is an experimental track.

The band would release in 1985 the album “Glory and Betrayal” and in 1991, their last album came out, titled “Vanishing Soldiers
with only two members remaining from the original line up, George Makridis and Natasha “Streuberg” Syreggela.

Their last gig, as far as I know, was at Rodon Club – Athens sometime during 1991.

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Baby steps to a new era vol. IX

During the early 80’s, there was a place called “Dragon Fly” on Zoodohou Pigis avenue (Athens center – very close to Exarhia district).
“Dragon Fly” was a kind of cafeteria thing where punks could go and watch the latest videos of the english and american
punk rock bands.
Every Saturday, one could watch “The Great Rock’n’Roll swindle” or the Clash on the “White Riot Tour” or even some Plasmatics live.
On the first floor of the building there was a video store so access to music videos was easy (“Dragon Fly” was owned by
the video store owner…)
adieksodoThat was the place were guitar player Dimitris Spyropoulos met the singer Sotiris Theoharis in 1983 and agreed to form a punk rock band
called Adiexodo.
Soon, the drummer Stathis Papandreou and bass player Mimis Alibrantis joined in.
Adiexodo was a short lived band and had a few releases but most of the members would form other bands or join other bands in the future.
They had a very close relationship to the band Genia Tou Chaous, released a split cassette with them through Art Nouveau
(a small record store in Exarhia) titled “kali Orexi” and also shared two members with them.
Adiexodo had their first gig in a movie theater called “Anemoni” during October 1983 supporting Genia tou Chaous.
Both bands also had a string of gigs together, in some other Greek cities.
Going through several line up changes, they participated in the Greek punk compilation “Diataraxi Kinis Isixias
(engl. Disruption of public peace ελλ.Διατάραξη Kοινής Hσυχίας) in 1984.

Since their first gig, Papandreou and Alibrantis had left the band.
He was replaced by the 14 years old Maria Vassilaki who soon was replaced by Nikos Zoumperis. who was replaced also
by Nikos “Tsouloufis” Charalampopoulos.
Papandreou was replaced by the formed Genia Tou Chaous drummer, Yannis Venardis.

38xilWith this line up, they recorded the tracks “Efialtis” (engl. Nightmare ελλ. Εφιάλτης)
and “Apomonosi” (engl. Isolation ελλ. Απομόνωση) that were featured in the compilation “Diataraxi Kinis Isixias”.
With the same line up they released their one and only album “38 hiliosta” (engl. 38 millimeters ελλ.38 Χιλιοστά) in 1986 mostly dedicated to Michalis Kaltezas who was killed by the police.
A little later in 1986 the band split after a gig in Kallithea Theater.

The year before that, friend of the band recorded a rehearsal of theirs with 7 tracks.
These songs were released in a split cassette with the band “Apognosi“.
One more tape was released with the band on stage, sharing the two sides with Genia Tou Chaous from a concert in the city of Agrinio.
and titled…”Live at Agrinio”.
They also participated in the compilation “Lasta EP II” of the record label, ST Records, from Finland.

Adiexodo’s founding member, Dimitris Spyropoulos, formed later the band Deus X Machina and Nikos “Tsouloufis” Charalampopoulos
followed him a little later but this time as the singer of the band.
Sotiris Theoharis became the singer of the band Spyridoula and joined later the band Ihoglykaimia (a s/t album released).
Charalampopoulos would form later the band “Tilt“.



Nikos Zoumperis joined the band Echo Tatoo while Maria Vassilaki along with former singer/guitarist of the band Hamena Idanika,
Makis Dedes formed the heavy metal band Despise in 1986.
They released the  “State of Brutality” in 1993 and “Indefinite Force” in 2006.
Stathis Papandreou played the drums for Split Image.
Yannis Venardis joined the band Lefki Symfonia during the early 90’s.

We have to take in consideration that all the band members were a lot younger than 18 back in those days…

Without a doubt, Deus Ex Machina survived a lot of problems and several setbacks.
Car accidents and line up changes gave a hard time to the band.

Three years after the Adiexodo disbanded, Dimitris Spyropoulos and bass player Dimitris Manthos formed this new band with the formed
Adiexodo members,drummer Yiannis Venardis and Nikos “Tsouloufis” Charalambopoulos.

Deus Ex Machina featuring Sotiris Theoharis

The new band, used english lyrics and gave hundreds of gigs building a reputation of a predominantly kicking live band in spite of their limited discography.

I am quoting from their myspace profile the following: 

deus“Deus Ex Machina played for the anti-Bosnian war concerts in Skopje, FYROM in 1994.
In 1995, on the height of the Bosnian war, they toured Serbia and appeared in major festivals in the cause of peace in the Balkans.
They performed live at the Biennale 2000 in Torino, Italy and supported acts such as “The Dubrovniks“, “New Model Army“, “Madball“, “Public Enemy” and “The Buzzcocks“.

During the years they performed in a large number of events promoting social consciousness, something which is reflected on the lyrics and the overall attitude of the band.

execute-deusAs active supporters of the peace movement, they participated in several protest activities against the war in IRAQ.
Suffice to say that this last war came as if anticipated by the band’s grimly prophetic “Iraq & Roll“.
The song was written back in 1991 inspired by the first Gulf War.”

During 1990, the band recorded their first album, “Motorpsycho“.
An 8 track punk album that would be followed by the single “Execute” in 1992 featuring their hit track “Iraq & Roll”.
In 1993 they released the album “Worlds apart” in the same musical spirit.
They were featured in the Greek compilation “Toxic babies in a rock ‘n’ roll land” with their track “Deus“.
This release which was followed by two singles:
No silence” in 1995 and “Different?” in 1997.
worlds-apart-deus1During 1995 their album “False Promises” was on the Greek compilation “Act Up-Εν τούτω νίκα “.
That compilation had a weird “gathering for Greek bands such as: Stereo Nova, En Plo, Make Believe, Trypes and others.
Their following album was a bit different, with more…”hard” music elements and it was titled “Signs“.
It was released in 2003 and about that year…maybe a year later, I saw them playing live at “AN” club.
It was a great show, the band’s evolved to an even more “sophisticated” sound, sometimes reminding me of Red Hot Chili Peppers
Their last release is the last year’s album “Time expires“.

Deus Ex Machina are still alive and kicking and it is one of the best live bands of Greece.
Don’t miss their gigs.



Homo Iratus are back for more…

...Greece is well know for the local metal bands that…sign to foreign labels.
Homo Iratus is one of them.
They split in 2007 and reformed again in 2009.

Their name is the latin translation for “Angry Human”.
The band was formed in Thessaloniki in 1998 and released a demo titled “Absence of Progress” playing
death metal/grindcore combining the likes of Obituary, Carcass, Naplam Death and Sepultura.

humanThe band signed to the american record label Arctic Music Group and released their debut album “Human Consumes Human
during 2001 forcing the Greek Metal Hammer to announce them as the “best deathcore band” of the year.

They supported Napalm Death and although suffering personnel changes they started recording their second release.

homoiratus-knowledgetheirenThe four track EP “Knowledge… Their Enemy” was released during 2002 through the Arctic Music Group again
It features a cover version on Sepultura’s “Roots Bloody Roots” as well as “Tomahawk Cruise Messiah” and “Homo Sapiens
from their debut album.
Opening track, “Protection Through Surveillance” which defines a political statement of the band as most of their lyrics.

During 2004, the band went on a European tour with the Danish band, Konkhra and appeared on the “Fuck The Commerce” festival.

homo_apocalyBy the same year, “Apocalypse” was released with the singer Thomas Bairaktaris leaving the group.
Slowly, the band moved towards an end.
During the years of their existance they played with bands such as: Cannibal Corpse, Rotting Christ, Napalm Death,
Malevolent Creation, Obituary and many more.

Now, they announced they’re back.

Lets wait and see how “Angry” they are…

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Red Mist

red mistFor most of the musicians there is a middle phase between their first band and the band they
would form later.

Red Mist falls in that category as guitar player Takis Barbagalas formed them after leaving
the band Lefki Symfonia.

red-mistAlong with the formed singer of the heavy metal band Selefice, Miltos Tzalogiannis, they
formed the Red Mist, which combined Tzalogiannis’s vocals (close to Metallica’s James Hetfield)
and Barbagalas’s new wave guitars.
Bass player Sotiris Tsironis joined in, along with Nikos Manousopoulos on the drums.

Apart from Barbagalas who had a few releases with Lefki Symfonia, Tzalogiannis also released
the album “Where is the Heaven” with his former band, Selefice.

seleficeSelefice were formed in 1990 and by the year 1994 they split leaving their mark behind by this
9 track album.

Both Red Mist releases, their album which was simply titled “Red Mist” as well as their 7″ single “Empire of All/ The Witch” were produced by Barbagalas and released in 1994.
The band made a few gigs before they split.

red-mist-lpBarbagalas and Manousopoulos formed the psychedelic band Will O The Wisp to release a string of albums.
Manousopoulos also replaced Petros Tsolis on the drums to record for the second album of the Greek pop/rock band
Matisse that was titled “Toys Up” and was released in 2007.

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Baby steps to a new era vol. VIII

rollinAthens wasn’t the only city in Greece that moved forward the Greek underground scene.
In 1985, a fanzine saw the light of day.
It was titled “Rollin Under” and it was published by a small record store in the center of
The name of the record store was “Rollin Under” too.
Babis Argyriou who tried his best to bring the fanzine on a high level status, initialy started
with xerox copied b/w issues written with a typewriter, that would promote the tape releases of his record store.
As “Rollin Under”, the store, became also the basis of a record label named “Lazy Dog“,
this fanzine was the best way to give informations about the releases of the label and even more.

This might have been the first Greek music fanzine, I am not sure about that.
I think the rest of the zines came all after that.

underIssue by issue, it became an official publication with a circulation in most parts of Greece,
covering issues about the american h/c punk scene and later on, almost anything about the underground.
It stoped being active by the early 90’s.
The following is a funny story:
The rumor has it that the Athenian indie record labels sent a shovel, as a gift, to the editors of “Rollin’ Under”
fanzine cause they were giving very bad reviews to their releases… (A joke, meaning that “Rollin Under” was “burying” the Athenian releases …)

colorThe second tentacle of the record shop, the alternative record “Lazy Dog”, kept on releasing
albums for a few more years.
The label was either releasing matterial from Greek bands or was licensed to re-release
foreign bands for the Greek market.

Releases of Lazy Dog Records:

Γκούλαγκ – Είσοδος Κινδύνου (LP) 1987
Ορα Μηδέν – Μόνα Λίζα (7″)  1989
Γκούλαγκ – Στην Αυλή Των Θεαμάτων (LP, Album)  1990
Ziggy Was – Here (LP, Album)  1994
Γκούλαγκ – Η Άλλη Πλευρά (7″, Single)  1994
Middle Fingers – Middle Fingers (7″, Single)  1994
Εκτός Ελέγχου – Εκτός Ελέγχου (LP, Album)  1994
Patrik Fitzgerald Group – Pillow Tension (CD)  1995
Bokomolech – Xero (LP)  1995
Ziggy Was – Two Turns To One (Vinyl, MiniAlbum, S/S)  1995
Ροδάμα – Κάτω Απ’ Το Δέρμα (LP)  1995
Raining Pleasure – Memory Comes Back (LP) 1996
Γκούλαγκ – Πάτα Γερά (LP, Album)  1996
Lost Bodies – Ζωή (CD, Album)  1997
Τα Ρόδα Της Ερήμου – Ταξίδι Σα Ψέμα (LP)  1997
Raining Pleasure -Nostalgia (LP) 1998
Πράκτορες Του Χάους – Τρανσατλάντικα (CD)  1999
Various – In Dog We Trust (CD, Comp)                                                                      Deep Freeze Mice – The Saw A Ranch House Burning Last Night (LP, Ltd)  1995
The Astronauts – It’s All Done By Mirrors (CD, Album)  1995
17 Pygmies – Jedda By The Sea (CD)  1995
The Astronauts –  Peter Pan Hits The Suburbs (CD, Album)  1994

ceb3cebacebfcf85cebbceb1ceb3cebaI also have to mention here, Costas Apostolidis, the partner of Babis Argyriou.
Apostolidis was the guitar player of the h/c punk band Goulag who were formed in 1985.
The band released their first album, “Isodos Kindinou“, in 1987 and went off to tour Germany, Norway and Italy.
“Rollin Under” this tour by an extensive article tha you can read here (its in Greek).
part1, part2, part3, part4 and part5.
The German label, Wreck Age Records, released their single “Big Talk” in 1989 right before their second European tour.
The tour covered Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Italy.
In 1990 they released their second album, “Stin Avli ton Theamaton” and during December the made a mini tour in Germany.
By the same year, one more 7″ was released through the German label Weed Productions as a compilation
titled “16 guys against the rest of the world vol. 1” featuring also bands from USA, Germany and Switzerland.
On February 1994 they released the 7″ single “I alli plevra” and during 1995 they were featured in  the German
compilation “Lacmayer’s Island“.
In 1996, Lazy Dog released their album “Pata Gera” finding the group with a different line up and more heavy metal elements.

For more about the band press here .

During the early 2000, Lazy Dog stoped releasing albums too, so only the record store is still there today.

As it is obvious, this record shop became the main center of the underground scene in the city of Thessaloniki, helping
the bands release their music and also passing around news about the underground.

Some of the bands would be signed later to major labels, such as, The Lost Bodies and Raining Pleasure from the city of Athens and Patras respectively.

“Rollin’ Under”, the fanzine transformed into MIC and can be found today  here .


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Greek Rock Scene Documentary – 1988

Chrysa  made a great discovery.
She found and uploaded on youtube this documentary made by the Greek national tv about the
Greek rock scene.
It gives a nice idea about the conditions back in those days.
It is in Greek ofcourse but if you don’t speak Greek, you will watch some of the bands of
that era.

Part 1

The guy shaving his face is the legendary “uncle” of the Greek rock scene, Dimitris Poulikakos
former member of the MG’s that released a string of albums since the late 60’s when he went solo.
He is still active today at his late 60’s….
According to the documentary by the late 80’s there was the 6th Greek rock generation

Part 2

Poulikakos is attacking the major record labels from his toilet.
South of No North performing the song “Sha la la“.
Christos Daskalopoulos (can I call them radio dj ?) commenting also about the scene.

Creep Records is also mentioned as a good example of indie label.

Part 3

Daskalopoulos commenting on how hard it was for the Greek bands to work by themselves, with
no managers, no sound engineers or road crew.
Here we have Last Drive and Yell O Yell performing.

Part 4

Yeah! performing live at the end of part 4 and part 5 continues here with the band
Genia tou Chaous:

Part 5

Ofcourse, since 1988 things changed.
The Greek scene reached at a peak during the mid 90’s to fall apart by the early 00’s.


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Genetic Variation – Reset Your Imagination

genetic-varEBM has a great number of followers in Greece.
There is a number of bands releasing EBM albums every year.
The peak of this genre in Greece was in the early 00’s when one more band  was formed by the name Genetic Variation.

They were formed during 2001 in Athens by two members, Morrigan De Veil and Aram.

In 2003, Aram left the band and Morrigan De Veil carried on alone, mixing dreamy electro
soundscapes with aggressive industrial electrobeats.
genvar2By the same year,  Genetic Variation released the album, “Reset Your Imagination” and performed their one
and only gig
fronted by Morrigan De Veil and with the help of B-Abyss on the bass and E-Raptor on guitars as session musicians
(both member of the band Past Perfect).

They performed for the first Playhouse Gotique festival.

“Reset Your Imagination” is a melancholic EBM album.

14 tracks of melodic and a bit scary atmosphere, creepy vocals and lyrics about the fear of mankind
about the clones.

With this album, Genetic Variation reached the 12th position in the DAC (German Alternative Charts)
and found distribution in Europe.

Nothing else was released by this act as they/he mysteriously vanished from the music scene ever since…

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