Socos & The Live Project Band – Kafka

04 Feb

socos1Sometimes you can’t put an album into a pigeonhole.
You can say “I like it” or “I don’t like it” but you can’t define the style.
But…honestly, styles don’t count.
Anybody can tell a masterpiece and honestly, I believe that the album “Kafka” is one.

The album was released during 2007 and was the second album of the band Socos & The Live Project Band.
Its far more different from their first one, “Dakria Tou Onirou” (engl. Tears of The Dream ελλ. Δάκρυα Του Ονείρου) that was
released in 2004.
Socos, who is a guitar virtuoso and 4 more musicians (two dancers are also performing on stage next to them) recorded this double CD album
covering a vast music spectre from industrial to prog-rock and from classic rock to experimental music, influenced
by Franz Kafka.

The album is so unique that the Greek lyrics won’t bother any foreigner.

It wouldn’t be fair to start talking about each track separately.
Each track has a touch of magic that can travel the listener to an other world.
Its not a happy world.
Its a world of pain, cold and lonelyness…

sopcos3Great additional vocals by Maria Lantsinou who worked in the past with Christos Alexopoulos (his label, Puzzlemusic released
the album).
Alexopoulos is also playing the piano parts.
Excellent programming by George Priniotakis (former member of the band Wasteland and is lately playing some guitar part
on stage with the band Common Sense).

But there is a third disc in this wonderful album. (I like the “sick my duck sound and vision” idea)
Its a dvd that sometimes gives an other perspective to the sound of the band (close enough to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of The Moon“)
Touches the psychedelic 60’s and jumps forward to the 00’s.
Sometimes its here and other times its everywhere.

The band recorded their gig of the 3rd of June 2006 and Socos himself directed the videos.
The thrill

Once I am describing the visual part of “Kafka” I have to point out that the album comes with a huge booklet 21
wonderful photos by Panagiotis Lambrou that capture everyday moments.

21 more b/w briliant artworks of Alkistis Skarlatou follow the photos.

socos4I wonder what the major labels can say about this album.
Cause their cheap covers look like…(add here whatever word you like) compared to this album that comes from an indie label
with limited financial means…

Listen to “Kafka” at least once, just to have an opinion.
For me, it is a must…

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