Εν Πλω (En Plo)

06 Feb

en-plo3A friend of mine showed up one day with the LP of the Greek band En Plo in his hands.

He payed 600 euros to buy it.

When I told the story to Stratos Alimonos – keyboard player of En Plo, he went crazy.

He went crazy this band received a legendary status during the years and their album is sold in very high prices within the collectors’s circles.

They only gave two gigs, (one of them supporting the band Green on Red), simply because they believed

that their message was within their music and gigs or interviews had nothing to do with it.


ceb5cebd-cf80cebbcf892They were formed in 1985 in Athens by Ntinos Sadikis and Dimos Zamanos.

After recording a demo tape that was given for free to their friends, they were signed to Penguin Records.

Their vinyl album, simply titled En Plo, had 9 tracks of pure alternative rock with Greek lyrics that influenced a lot of other

Greek rock musicians.

It was pressed in 1000 copies and never had a good promotion propably because the band was not interested in promoting it.

These 1000 albums are very rare today and collectors are spending a fortune to get them.

It comes in a carton box…


Members of the band, like bass player Dimitris Kafousias and Stratos Alimonos, formed later the band Clandestinos (they released

one full length album on CD during the early 00’s).

Horis Kanona (No rule)


Ntinos Sadikis followed a solo carrier and after the suicide of Dimos Zamanos in December 1998, any chance for the band

to reform was vanished.


Their music had a lot of Greek music influences, especialy rembetiko style and was unique.


en_ploThe fanzine “Stis Skies tou B23” released a 7″ single of the band with its 3rd issue.

It has a cover version of the Vamvakaris’s classic rembetiko song “Antilaloun oi fylakes” (engl. The prisons are echoing ελλ. Αντιλαλουν οι φυλακες)

The single was coming with a black sleeve (only the name of the band was stated and the code Fragmenta III)

no informations at all and an all black label.


Rumors about the release of a 12″ with five songs that they recorded sometime in the past were spread during the 90’s.

Nothing ever happened.


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4 responses to “Εν Πλω (En Plo)

  1. panagiotis

    February 7, 2009 at 1:53 am

    En Plo! RESPECT! It is at least sad that they have not gained the attention which they deserved. I think that aggelakas is clearly influenced by the wonderful music of En Plo. I had read an interesting interview of Sadikis in a fanzine. I think that it can be found on the net too. I also like his personal works, especially the “Molivenies Istories” album.

  2. tapesgoneloose

    February 7, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    Panagioti, the Sadikis interview that you read must have been the one in Horis Kanona fanzine. The 7″ was also released with the same fanzine, not with Stis Skies Tou B23; at least that’s how I got it.

    Both the Horis Kanona issue & the 7″ will appear in my blog at some point (as will all 4 issues of the fanzine).

  3. Panagiotis

    June 16, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    The 7′ most definitely was sold as a freebie with “Stis Skies Tou B23” & I know because I was helping the guys put it in the envelopes a day or two prior to its release

  4. panole8riambos

    June 20, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    Thank you for your comment Panagiotis.


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