A Greek rock guide – 1965/1986

09 Feb

cebdcf84ceb5cf86ceb9By the end of 1986, the magazine “Ntefi” (engl. Tambourine ελλ. Ντέφι) released a “guide” to the greek rock releases from 1965 to 1986.

“Ntefi” was not an underground magazine. It was a mainstream publication dealing mostly with greek music.

I think the magazine stoped printing sometime by the late 80’s-early 90’s…

But lets see here these four pages that include everything that was considered as “rock” back then.

part one 1965-1975


part two 1976-1982


part three 1983-1984


part four 1985-1986


The list was written by Dimitris Dimitrakas, who played the drums for a lot of the bands that he mentions.

Although I don’t agree with him about some of the releases that he mentioned, I have to respect that this catalogue comes from the mid 80’s and this is how they considered “rock  ” to be…

There would follow thousands of rock releases…


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2 responses to “A Greek rock guide – 1965/1986

  1. Elias Tabakeas

    May 20, 2009 at 5:44 pm

    I wrote this in my facebook (linking, of course, here):

    It’s amazing what you find on the web… and how… I was doing research with the Google about Greek and EU politicians with the possibility of doing a cartoon or something about the forthcoming Euro-elections, when between Karamanlis and Barroso I found the cover I did for the Defi magazine’s special issue on Greek rock in the mid 80s… and in the “tribe4mian” blog I found this they even have some pages… and that was interesting too, for me, because I also was the Art Director of the magazine… young, ignorant but with an enormous appetite to experiment and learn… nothing adventurous, especially compared with the amazing stuff we see today… but it did not stop me feeling quite nostalgic…
    The cover scan is quite atrocious* you cannot see the Greek flag in the background and there is no mention of my name… still…
    *I will upload here a better scan sometime soon…

    But there is a hidden image that is quite visible (and obvious when you see it)!… let’s see who is going to find out what it is!…

  2. panole8riambos

    May 21, 2009 at 7:31 am

    Thank you for the comment mr. Tabakeas.

    Although we are not happy to see that people discover our blog while searching for EU politicians, please let us know when you upload a better scan of these pages and we can replace ours with your kind permission.

    About the “hidden image”…it’s difficult to say but in any case, thanks for linking us on your facebook.
    It’s always good to know that some of the stuff we mention here is interesting for people to read.

    Sorry for missing your name, it wasn’t mentioned on these pages.

    Yes, it is amazing what you find on the web…

    p.s. The atrocious scanner will be punished today


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