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Rock Management Festival-Thessaloniki 1993

On May 21 and 22 1993, Rock Management organised a two days festival with some of the top Greek groups of that era.

Last Drive, The Flowers Of Romance and Deus Ex Machina on Friday May 21 and Panx Romana, The Flowers Of Romance and Last
Drive on Saturday May 22.
Rock Management was an alter ego of the indie fanzine “In Rock” that was published in the city of Thessaloniki and reached a circulation of about 10.000 copies given for free in record shops, coffee shops and bars in most of the cities in Greece.

The open air festival took place in the “Theatro Kipou” (Garden Theater) in the center of Thessaloniki and it was widely promoted
as one of the “big events of the year” (for the city…)

Radio interviews of The Flowers Of Romance and The Last Drive, as well as radio advertisements of this two days event
were uploaded a couple of weeks ago by Tapes Gone Loose here.
So, anyone that might be interested to listen, they are available.

As both days it didn’t stop raining, everybody started being afraid that there wouldn’t be any festival.
Its obvious how slippery and wet is the stage on the following vids.
The audience was waiting pationtly for the rain to stop.

Deus Ex Machina started first on the first day, playing most of the songs from their 1991 album “Motorpsycho
and their single “Execute” that was released in 1992.

Deus X Machina – Theatro Kipou 1993

The Flowers Of Romance appeared with the line up of their forthcoming second album, “Pleasure & the Pain” that would be
released during November 1993.
They also played two cover versions, David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” and Sound’s “Winning”. Their line up that night was : Mike Pougounas – vocals, Haris “Harry” Stavrakas – Bass, Dimitris “Bay J.” Beis – guitar, Michalis “Jabar” Tzavaras – drums.

The Flowers Of Romance – Theatro Kipou 1993

Last Drive had a new album out, a few months ago, titled “FuckHead Entropy” which was their fourth and possibly
the most different from what they did so far. Their line up that night was : Alexis Kalofolias (Alex K.) – bass, vocals, Giorgos Karanikolas (B.George Bop) – lead guitar, vocals
Christos Michalatos (Chris B.I.) – drums, Thanos Amorginos (T.H. Lime) – guitar.

Last Drive – Theatro Kipou 1993

On May 22, Panx Romana replaced Deus Ex Machina while the Flowers Of Romance and Last Drive remained on the set list.
The rain stoped only for the time that the bands went on stage until half the set of Last Drive who performed
while it was raining (there was nothing above their heads to protect the bands and instruments from getting wet…ofcourse…)

As years went by, Rock Management changed to more mainstream acts.
By the early 00’s, the guys started working with the top Greek Hip Hop act, Going Through.
“In Rock” stopped  being published during the early 00’s.
Last Drive would release their last album about a year after this festival while the following album of the Flowers Of Romance
would be their first reprinted album in Germany.
Deus X Machina are still active releasing albums and doing gigs.

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