Villa 21- the last interview

12 Feb

1. I see No / The Dream 7″ 1982
2. Move / Last Chance 7″ 1983
3. A Ghost On The Move LP 1983
4. Too Much Nothing (World Class Punk Compilation-ROIR) 1984
5. Men Of Clay LP 1986
6. Electric Poison (limited LP with a 7″ single) 1987
7. Six Feet In the Ground/Take you Down (Cicadas compilation) 1987
8. Hey Hey My MY (“12 Raw Greek Groups” compilation) 1988
9. Real Cool Time “Straight To Hellas” compilation) 1989
10.We Still Got A Long Way to Go (Dance Hall Favorites Vol. 3″ Munster) 1990
11.Hellucinations LP 1990
12.The Opticoaccoustic Bomb Video compilation 1991
13.Return of The Creeps-The Singles (compilation) 1995
14.The synthpop Avenue Vol. 3 CD compilation 2004
15.Πανδαιμονια nr9 Creeping Memories CD 2006

Costas “Fever” Pothoulakis became a legendary figure of the underground Greek rock scene.
He got killed in a car accident on 1993.
He pulled aside to stop two guys who were having a fight and a track hit him right when he came out of his car.
The cause of his death wasn’t the drugs as was wrongly stated in some other blog.

His last interview Part 1


He started playing the guitar for the punk rock band Parthenogenesis in late 1977.
They never released an album or a single but some parts of a tape that they recorded during one of their rehearsals can be traced
on the net.
When Parthenogenesis decided to split, Pothoulakis formed a short lived new wave band called Homicide.
By the end of 1981 he founded Villa 21, initialy as a duo with guitarist/keyboardist Ada Lambara.
(Ada learned playing music while in the band)

Part 2




Besides that, Pothoulakis was also singing and playing the guitar for the band Reporters.
Along with the bass player of Villa 21, Solon Stathopoulos,drumer Giorgos Roumanis , keyboard player Chrysostomos Mouratoglou and Paraskevas Karamikes on guitar.
They released the single “Computer world/I wanna know” in 1982 and the album “Bare hands” both through Creep Records.

villa213Creep‘s boss, Babis Dalidis, joined the band on the drums in 1982 right after the release of the
band’s first 7″ single “I see No / The Dream” where they were using a drum machine.
Villa 21 would have a string of great releases for the next years to come.
The also participated in an american compilation and they were the reason for Jello Biafra to get in touch with Creep Records.

As Dalidis stated in an interview for the fanzine “In Rock” a few years later: “Two months after the release of “A Ghost On The Move” in 1983
I recieved a letter from an american label called “Roir” (“Reach-Out International Records”)
They were mostly releasing cassettes having a very good distribution.
In their letter they mentioned that they got somehow the Villa 21 album and they would like to have a track for their forthcoming compilation,
which would be titled “World Class Punk”.
We accepted and sent them the song “Too Much Nothing”.
“Roar” treated us very nice, always sending us a check of the compilation’s sales.
Jello Biafra heared of Villa 21 thanks to this compilationand sent me a letter saying that “Dudes, I don’t know you
but I’ve heard of you track on the compilation and I am shocked. I haven’t heard of such power not even here, in the States.
I’s like you to send me anything you release…”
I sent him our records and he sent back a letter saying that they are great and made a few suggestions”.
Since then, Creep kept sending the new releases to Jello Biafra…

Part 3


As years went by, the sound of Villa 21 was becoming more and more aggresive.
In 1984 they opened for Nick Cave and during 1987 they supported  Membranes in Kyttaro Club
and Wipers at club 22.
A little before Creep stoped existing, their second album was released.
They would support again the Wipers and also the Naked Pray and Opal.

In the LP “Electric Poison” their sound was already far away from their first release.

For reasons that are not known to me,their last album, “Hellucinations” came out too late.
I mean that it took almost two years to the record label to release it (they were signed to Penguin Records back then) while
everybody knew the album was ready all this time.

After this release they decided to split.
Pothoulakis and Dalidis joined the band Headquake and Lambara joined the Nonmandol.


merlins7In 1991, Costas Pothoulakis gave his last interview.
It was publiced by the fanzine Merlin’s Music Box – issue 7, May 1991.

The published pages above are from this issue.


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3 responses to “Villa 21- the last interview

  1. Robert

    January 8, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    Hallo my athens Friends from Villa 21 und DROP manufacture (Costas, Tanassi, Akhmed…)! Summer 1988, my first visit behind the wall. Best regards!
    Robert, Poland…

  2. Scott

    January 10, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    Thank you so much for this article and discography. I always loved this band and of course the music of Costas.


  3. panole8riambos

    January 11, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Thank you for your comment.
    Best wishes


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