Genetic Variation – Reset Your Imagination

13 Feb

genetic-varEBM has a great number of followers in Greece.
There is a number of bands releasing EBM albums every year.
The peak of this genre in Greece was in the early 00’s when one more band  was formed by the name Genetic Variation.

They were formed during 2001 in Athens by two members, Morrigan De Veil and Aram.

In 2003, Aram left the band and Morrigan De Veil carried on alone, mixing dreamy electro
soundscapes with aggressive industrial electrobeats.
genvar2By the same year,  Genetic Variation released the album, “Reset Your Imagination” and performed their one
and only gig
fronted by Morrigan De Veil and with the help of B-Abyss on the bass and E-Raptor on guitars as session musicians
(both member of the band Past Perfect).

They performed for the first Playhouse Gotique festival.

“Reset Your Imagination” is a melancholic EBM album.

14 tracks of melodic and a bit scary atmosphere, creepy vocals and lyrics about the fear of mankind
about the clones.

With this album, Genetic Variation reached the 12th position in the DAC (German Alternative Charts)
and found distribution in Europe.

Nothing else was released by this act as they/he mysteriously vanished from the music scene ever since…

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