Red Mist

17 Feb

red mistFor most of the musicians there is a middle phase between their first band and the band they
would form later.

Red Mist falls in that category as guitar player Takis Barbagalas formed them after leaving
the band Lefki Symfonia.

red-mistAlong with the formed singer of the heavy metal band Selefice, Miltos Tzalogiannis, they
formed the Red Mist, which combined Tzalogiannis’s vocals (close to Metallica’s James Hetfield)
and Barbagalas’s new wave guitars.
Bass player Sotiris Tsironis joined in, along with Nikos Manousopoulos on the drums.

Apart from Barbagalas who had a few releases with Lefki Symfonia, Tzalogiannis also released
the album “Where is the Heaven” with his former band, Selefice.

seleficeSelefice were formed in 1990 and by the year 1994 they split leaving their mark behind by this
9 track album.

Both Red Mist releases, their album which was simply titled “Red Mist” as well as their 7″ single “Empire of All/ The Witch” were produced by Barbagalas and released in 1994.
The band made a few gigs before they split.

red-mist-lpBarbagalas and Manousopoulos formed the psychedelic band Will O The Wisp to release a string of albums.
Manousopoulos also replaced Petros Tsolis on the drums to record for the second album of the Greek pop/rock band
Matisse that was titled “Toys Up” and was released in 2007.

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