Homo Iratus are back for more…

18 Feb

...Greece is well know for the local metal bands that…sign to foreign labels.
Homo Iratus is one of them.
They split in 2007 and reformed again in 2009.

Their name is the latin translation for “Angry Human”.
The band was formed in Thessaloniki in 1998 and released a demo titled “Absence of Progress” playing
death metal/grindcore combining the likes of Obituary, Carcass, Naplam Death and Sepultura.

humanThe band signed to the american record label Arctic Music Group and released their debut album “Human Consumes Human
during 2001 forcing the Greek Metal Hammer to announce them as the “best deathcore band” of the year.

They supported Napalm Death and although suffering personnel changes they started recording their second release.

homoiratus-knowledgetheirenThe four track EP “Knowledge… Their Enemy” was released during 2002 through the Arctic Music Group again
It features a cover version on Sepultura’s “Roots Bloody Roots” as well as “Tomahawk Cruise Messiah” and “Homo Sapiens
from their debut album.
Opening track, “Protection Through Surveillance” which defines a political statement of the band as most of their lyrics.

During 2004, the band went on a European tour with the Danish band, Konkhra and appeared on the “Fuck The Commerce” festival.

homo_apocalyBy the same year, “Apocalypse” was released with the singer Thomas Bairaktaris leaving the group.
Slowly, the band moved towards an end.
During the years of their existance they played with bands such as: Cannibal Corpse, Rotting Christ, Napalm Death,
Malevolent Creation, Obituary and many more.

Now, they announced they’re back.

Lets wait and see how “Angry” they are…

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