Baby steps to a new era vol. IX

19 Feb

During the early 80’s, there was a place called “Dragon Fly” on Zoodohou Pigis avenue (Athens center – very close to Exarhia district).
“Dragon Fly” was a kind of cafeteria thing where punks could go and watch the latest videos of the english and american
punk rock bands.
Every Saturday, one could watch “The Great Rock’n’Roll swindle” or the Clash on the “White Riot Tour” or even some Plasmatics live.
On the first floor of the building there was a video store so access to music videos was easy (“Dragon Fly” was owned by
the video store owner…)
adieksodoThat was the place were guitar player Dimitris Spyropoulos met the singer Sotiris Theoharis in 1983 and agreed to form a punk rock band
called Adiexodo.
Soon, the drummer Stathis Papandreou and bass player Mimis Alibrantis joined in.
Adiexodo was a short lived band and had a few releases but most of the members would form other bands or join other bands in the future.
They had a very close relationship to the band Genia Tou Chaous, released a split cassette with them through Art Nouveau
(a small record store in Exarhia) titled “kali Orexi” and also shared two members with them.
Adiexodo had their first gig in a movie theater called “Anemoni” during October 1983 supporting Genia tou Chaous.
Both bands also had a string of gigs together, in some other Greek cities.
Going through several line up changes, they participated in the Greek punk compilation “Diataraxi Kinis Isixias
(engl. Disruption of public peace ελλ.Διατάραξη Kοινής Hσυχίας) in 1984.

Since their first gig, Papandreou and Alibrantis had left the band.
He was replaced by the 14 years old Maria Vassilaki who soon was replaced by Nikos Zoumperis. who was replaced also
by Nikos “Tsouloufis” Charalampopoulos.
Papandreou was replaced by the formed Genia Tou Chaous drummer, Yannis Venardis.

38xilWith this line up, they recorded the tracks “Efialtis” (engl. Nightmare ελλ. Εφιάλτης)
and “Apomonosi” (engl. Isolation ελλ. Απομόνωση) that were featured in the compilation “Diataraxi Kinis Isixias”.
With the same line up they released their one and only album “38 hiliosta” (engl. 38 millimeters ελλ.38 Χιλιοστά) in 1986 mostly dedicated to Michalis Kaltezas who was killed by the police.
A little later in 1986 the band split after a gig in Kallithea Theater.

The year before that, friend of the band recorded a rehearsal of theirs with 7 tracks.
These songs were released in a split cassette with the band “Apognosi“.
One more tape was released with the band on stage, sharing the two sides with Genia Tou Chaous from a concert in the city of Agrinio.
and titled…”Live at Agrinio”.
They also participated in the compilation “Lasta EP II” of the record label, ST Records, from Finland.

Adiexodo’s founding member, Dimitris Spyropoulos, formed later the band Deus X Machina and Nikos “Tsouloufis” Charalampopoulos
followed him a little later but this time as the singer of the band.
Sotiris Theoharis became the singer of the band Spyridoula and joined later the band Ihoglykaimia (a s/t album released).
Charalampopoulos would form later the band “Tilt“.



Nikos Zoumperis joined the band Echo Tatoo while Maria Vassilaki along with former singer/guitarist of the band Hamena Idanika,
Makis Dedes formed the heavy metal band Despise in 1986.
They released the  “State of Brutality” in 1993 and “Indefinite Force” in 2006.
Stathis Papandreou played the drums for Split Image.
Yannis Venardis joined the band Lefki Symfonia during the early 90’s.

We have to take in consideration that all the band members were a lot younger than 18 back in those days…

Without a doubt, Deus Ex Machina survived a lot of problems and several setbacks.
Car accidents and line up changes gave a hard time to the band.

Three years after the Adiexodo disbanded, Dimitris Spyropoulos and bass player Dimitris Manthos formed this new band with the formed
Adiexodo members,drummer Yiannis Venardis and Nikos “Tsouloufis” Charalambopoulos.

Deus Ex Machina featuring Sotiris Theoharis

The new band, used english lyrics and gave hundreds of gigs building a reputation of a predominantly kicking live band in spite of their limited discography.

I am quoting from their myspace profile the following: 

deus“Deus Ex Machina played for the anti-Bosnian war concerts in Skopje, FYROM in 1994.
In 1995, on the height of the Bosnian war, they toured Serbia and appeared in major festivals in the cause of peace in the Balkans.
They performed live at the Biennale 2000 in Torino, Italy and supported acts such as “The Dubrovniks“, “New Model Army“, “Madball“, “Public Enemy” and “The Buzzcocks“.

During the years they performed in a large number of events promoting social consciousness, something which is reflected on the lyrics and the overall attitude of the band.

execute-deusAs active supporters of the peace movement, they participated in several protest activities against the war in IRAQ.
Suffice to say that this last war came as if anticipated by the band’s grimly prophetic “Iraq & Roll“.
The song was written back in 1991 inspired by the first Gulf War.”

During 1990, the band recorded their first album, “Motorpsycho“.
An 8 track punk album that would be followed by the single “Execute” in 1992 featuring their hit track “Iraq & Roll”.
In 1993 they released the album “Worlds apart” in the same musical spirit.
They were featured in the Greek compilation “Toxic babies in a rock ‘n’ roll land” with their track “Deus“.
This release which was followed by two singles:
No silence” in 1995 and “Different?” in 1997.
worlds-apart-deus1During 1995 their album “False Promises” was on the Greek compilation “Act Up-Εν τούτω νίκα “.
That compilation had a weird “gathering for Greek bands such as: Stereo Nova, En Plo, Make Believe, Trypes and others.
Their following album was a bit different, with more…”hard” music elements and it was titled “Signs“.
It was released in 2003 and about that year…maybe a year later, I saw them playing live at “AN” club.
It was a great show, the band’s evolved to an even more “sophisticated” sound, sometimes reminding me of Red Hot Chili Peppers
Their last release is the last year’s album “Time expires“.

Deus Ex Machina are still alive and kicking and it is one of the best live bands of Greece.
Don’t miss their gigs.



One response to “Baby steps to a new era vol. IX

  1. panagiotis

    February 21, 2009 at 2:37 pm

    You can see my face on the video with Sotiris Theoxaris… Great gig there, and “38 xiliosta” was the more suitable song for the occasion.


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