FMQ – The Mystery Of A Dying Species

23 Feb

When the mini album “The Mystery Of A Dying Species” was released in 1983, the phase of the
electronic post punk era started for the Greek underground scene.

fmqWhen bass player George Makridis and singer Takis Polyhronopoulos decided to leave the Parthenogenesis
in 1981 to form the band, Forward Music Quintet.
Natasha “Streuberg” Syreggela took over the keyboards, Elle on the guitars and Von Braun on the drums.
They opened for the New Order when they played in Sporting in 1982 and went on a number of gigs around Greece with
the Greek new wave band TVC.

Side A
Make Sure
For The Quiet Life

Side B
I Will Not Apologise
Nocturnal Horror

fmq2“The Mystery Of A Dying Species” was a selfreleased 6 track mini album that sometimes was close to Gary Newman’s
early releases (in songs such as “Make Sure“) and sometimes becoming dark and atmospheric (“Wait” and “Waiting“).
Songs like “For the Quiet Life” and “I will not Apologise” make obvious of their influences by the english band, Magazine.
Nocturnal Horror” that closes the album, is an experimental track.

The band would release in 1985 the album “Glory and Betrayal” and in 1991, their last album came out, titled “Vanishing Soldiers
with only two members remaining from the original line up, George Makridis and Natasha “Streuberg” Syreggela.

Their last gig, as far as I know, was at Rodon Club – Athens sometime during 1991.

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