The Last Drive – Heatwave

27 Feb

 Heatwave line upHeatwave” hit the Greek market during 1988.
The album was produced by Peter Zaremba of the Fleshtones.
Within the two years since the release of their debut album “Underworld Shakedown“, Last Drive opened for Watermelon Men,
in Athens creating sensation that night when the singer of the Aussie band, Lime Spiders, Mike Blood went on stage to perform three classic covers “Five years ahead of my time“, “Have love will travel” and “You ‘re gonna miss me“. 

In the Spring of 1987 they toured with the Fuzztones, the Creeps and others in Germany, France, Italy and Holland.
That was the last tour of Panos “P.E.P.P.” Kasiaris with them.

the20last20drive20910-5-0820press_html_m54d1d090Songs of the band are featured in the American compilation albums “Battle of the Garages vol.4” and “Sounds of Now
of the labels Voxx and Dionysus respectively.
Voxx also released the “Blue Moon/Sidewalk Stroll/Εvery Night” 7″ single.

Finishing the recording sessions of the new album, Last Drive performed live with Peter Zaremba as the main
singer for one night at Rodon Club and appeared on a documentary of the Greek national tv channel about the Greek rock scene.

heatwave“Heatwave” continues dealing a 60’s garage-punk revival album smae like their debut but with a little touch of surf.
Tracks such as “I love Cindy“, “Devil may care“, “Gone gone gone” and “It’s all over now baby blue” established their
name within the European underground garage scene.

Devil May Care

Soon, the album was re-released through the german garage record label Music Maniac to be the first underground Greek rock
album to be re-released by a foreign label.
Because of that, the door of Music Maniac opened also for an other Greek band, the Sound Explosion.

The German release of “Heatwave” has a different album cover.

By the same year, film director, Thodoros Aggelopoulos oicked their tracks “Night of the Phantom” and “Every Night
for his movie “Topio stin Omixli“.

In 1989 the band flew to Germany for the “Berlin Independence Days” with American Music Club and while being there they recorded an EP titled “Time“.
They also released “Was A Teenage Zombie” with the Fleshtones as “The Pleasure Hustlers“.

The sound of Last Drive became harder after the release of the album “Heatwave” and the “Time” EP.
They moved to a more “stoner rock” sound but by that time, their fan base became larger and their album sales hit the top.
It was the peak of the Greek garage revival bands and the whole underground scene of the country was dancing to their beat.

“Black Limo” (from “Time” EP) – City of Arta live 1990

“Heatwave” Tracklisting: 1.  I love Cindy 2.  Heatwave ’88 3.  Joe Esposito’s gun 4.  Devil may care 5.  Gone gone gone
6.  It’s all over now baby blue 7.  Blue city shores 8.  Whisper her name 9.  Baby it’s real


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