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Compilation nr. 5

Issue 13 of the fanzine “Stis Skies tou B23” came with a free vinyl compilation. 

Fragmenta IIWhen the 7″ compilation  “Fragmenta II” came out, all four of the bands were unknowns.

On the B side of this record, Erevos and Lost Bodies were coupled together and by some weird coincidence, Michalis Galaios, guitar player of Erevos, would much later become the bass player of Lost Bodies…

This was the first vinyl release for the band Sarka (engl. Flesh ελλ. Σαρκα).

Sarka was a 3 piece band formed in 1989 by singer/guitar player Dimitris Polyhronakis, Bass player Manolis Sfakianakis and Costas “Punk” Sfakianakis on the drums.  The main problem of the band was that Polyhronakis and Sfakianakis were living in the island of Crete while their drumer was living in Athens.

sarkaThey released a demo casstte in 1989, titled “Oneiro Vafis Hilion” and made some gigs in Heraklion (Crete) and Athens.  Their song “Trella” was featured in “Fragmenta II”.  In 1991 they recorded the “Banana Cassette“.  Actually, the band covered all the songs of the debut album of The Velvet Underground & Nico, and this is why it is titled “Banana Cassette”.

When the record label Fifth Dimmension Records, which was based in the city of Kiato, asked them to participate in the video compilation “The Opticoacousthc Bomb“, Sarka offered the tracks “Hrima” (engl. Money ελλ. Χρήμα) and “Pop Koritsia” (engl. Pop girls ελλ. Ποπ Κορίτσια)

Elfish Records would release their first album, “Esoterikotita sto Agrio Exo” in 1993.

I guess things slowed down as their next release was the song, “Ihitiki Neotita“, which was featured in the compilation, “The Thing From Another World Supernerdmobile!“, and was released in 1996 by the fanzine “The Thing”.

Their last CD album was titled “Politis tou Kosmou” and was released in 1999.  Some of the songs of this album were used on the soundtrack of the short movie “Nobody’s Rose“.

petunia_pigUnfortunately for the band Petunia Pig, this was the only official release they ever had.  Three young ladies and a young lad from the city of Patras formed this band in the late 80s to play their punk rock tracks.  Guitar player Ioanna, Bass player Anda, singer Kerasia and drummer Nikos were well known for their high energy live performances.

In “Fragmenta II” they participated with their track “A Dream So Grey”.  Thankfully, the blog Tape Recorder recently posted demo tracks of the band here.

The Lost Bodies were always an anarchist parody rock band, basically consisting of the duo Thanos and Antonis.  Even the band’s name is a Greek expression which is used for lazy people or people who did nothing in their lives.  They are another act where one member (Antonis) was living on the island of Rhodes while his singer (Thanos) was living 24 hours away, meaning…Athens.

Once again, in “Stretch Reflex“, they were having a good time, banging stuff while a friend of theirs played the acoustic guitar and a lady continuously repeated the line…”Stretch Reflex”…

Their first release was on cassette in 1988 and they kept on releasing this way until 1997 when they signed to Virgin – Greece…and gave their first gig.  They had never performed live before…

Since 1997, the band had become very well known in Greece with a big fan base and several album releases.

erebos flyerAs I mentioned above, Michalis Galaios joined the Lost Bodies in 2002.  Prior to that he was playing with Erevos.

I can’t remember if this song here, titled “Erevos”, was their first release.  For sure this is the best track of this compilation.  It is well structured and well performed psychedelia with Greek lyrics.

rearAnother thing I have to point out here: 

The cartoon cover of this 7″ was made by other record covers.  They probably saved money by getting permision to use the inner side of wrong-printed record covers.

They printed on the unprinted side…


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