Vavel 69

10 Mar

Vavel 69Most of the bands in Greece never had their own rehearsal room.  

Bands usually rent rooms by the hour.

Some of them started building their own studios, using it themselves and renting it to other bands to make money to cover their expenses.

One of these bands was the Athenian group Vavel 69 from the area of Galatsi.

As they stated in the past, Vavel 69 didn’t consider themselves part of the Greek underground scene.  They formed in 1986 and played a mixture of jazz, rock, and blues music with Greek lyrics.  They mostly aimed to escape from the known underground rock live clubs, although they appeared in most of them.

This way of viewing things was very common during the 80s by musicians who were perfectionists trying to jump on the train of a more mainstream wave.

But, by the late 80s, the underground scene was becoming very strong and lots of musicians became confused.

Vavel 69 was a four-piece band that played in Athens, Arta, Lamia, Patras, Samos island and Myconos island.  They released an album in 1992 titled “Yperano Ypopsias” through their own record label, Vitro Records.  Vitro was also the name of the rehearsing studio they owned.

With the line up of Antonis Intas (drums, vocals) Michalis Paris (vocals, guitar) Panos Bobolis (bass, vocals) and Nikos Giannakakis (guitar, vocals) they managed to release this limited edition album and probably a bit later they were signed to FM Records.

Their track “I teleftea mou epithimia” (engl. My last wish ελλ. Η τελευταία μου επιθυμία) was featured in the compilation CD album “Ihi tis Athinas” (engl. Sounds of Athens ελλ. Ήχοι Της Αθήνα) and was given for free with the major mag Klik.

I suppose the band split soon after that.

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