A new wave band to remember: T.V.C.

11 Mar

T.V.C. 1982From the ashes of the band Video, came a new wave band named T.V.C. (initials for the words Tender
Violent Century which later became Chords).
The band was formed in Athens in 1982 by singer/guitar player Andreas Koubaroulis, guitar player
Fanis Fotopoulos, bassist Panos Simeonidis, keyboard player Nikos Louizos and drummer Dimitris

They released their first 11 track album through Polygram, simply titled “T.V.C.” and featuring their hit tracks “Neutron Killer” and “With You“.

Their new wave sound was very close to the sound of the english band X.T.C. and the americans

T.V.C.Soon they started playing in Athenian punk and new wave clubs such as Aretousa, Mekka and Roxy
but they also appeared for a whole season at Kyttaro club supporting the Greek rocker Pavlos

Their next move was to tour Greece along with the band Forward Music Quintet, playing in
eight cities.

T.V.C.- Make me Up In 1983  T.V.C.  supported the band Infa Riot with Fanis Fotopoulos announcing that he is leaving
the band.
The four members of the band carried on and by the same year they released the album
“Make me Up” and an EP by the same title.

This time the band sounded more pop/rock and their sound became more commercial.

They moved to Toronto – Canada where they stayed for three months and after hard efforts
they returned to Greece and decided to split.

Fanis Fotopoulos formed a band named Groupies.
They participated in the compilation album “Wipe Out presents 12 Raw Greek Groups” while
Dimitris Dimitrakas joined the band Panx Romana and played with many other bands.

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